Saturday, September 5th, 2009

Got a question?  Now’s the time to ask it!

I’m taking your questions and answering them today. You can feel free to ask any question you’d like, beauty-related or unrelated.   Feel free to answer other readers’ questions, too :)  The more the merrier!

Go ahead, ask!

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217 thoughts on “Ask Temptalia Session #016

  1. Honey

    Whats the best way to get rid of puffy eyes and acne scars? PS Love this site!!

  2. Redhead

    Best drugstore leave-in conditioner?

  3. Mary

    What brush would you recommend for applying powder foundations eg studio fix powder.

  4. Cherie

    Yeahhh another Q&A session :) Thank you so much for doing this. I love this site!!!

    1) What are the best lipcolour combinations for this fall?

    2) I want to do a nice smokey grey eye – what colours do you recommend and would you use a dark base?

    3) What are the your top underrated eye shadows (MAC and otherwise)?

    4) What other websites are on your daily reads?

    • Hi Cherie,

      1.) Dark, vampy lips are in. Lots of wines, berries, burgundies, and even black weaved in are popular for this season.

      2.) If you want something very dark, then I’d go with a dark base, if you just want a more traditional gray smoky eye, then I wouldn’t (it’ll make it too dark). I like shades like MAC Print, Silver Ring, and Knight!

      3.) I think Benefit eyeshadows are highly underrated. They are amazing! Better than MAC I’d say, actually. As far as MAC goes, maybe Ricepaper gets passed over as a great highlighter too often… :)

      4.) I regularly visit WWD, Yahoo! News, and!

      • Cherie

        Awesome!!!! Thank you, thank you!
        I’m totally feeling the dark lips and smokey eyes this fall!
        I will have to check out Benefit next visit to Sephora :)

      • Chris

        OMG! Ricepaper was one of my first shades from MAC! I absolutely love it, it broke a few years ago and I forgot all about, but I recently fixed it. I forgot what a great shade this is. It would definitely be the highlight I would recommend to anyone. So many people love Shroom but this one is and always will be my favorite.

  5. aramis

    thanks i always enjoy reading my question is i have normal skin but a real oily nose. is there any primer that you recomend or should i try korres? lol my studio fix powder never stays on on my nose.

  6. Hi Christine, I love your site and have now started mine in the UK! I was wondering what plugin u use for ur polls?

  7. Jennifer

    hey girl, thanks for doing this again.

    1) Which Lorac products do you like (if any)? I think that that their shadows are awesome and underrrated. I also love their lipliners.

    2) do you think that the mineral craze in makeup is a bit gimmicky? (I do, lol)

    3) whens your birthday?

    4) which company makes the best brushes?

    • Hi Jennifer,

      1.) I actually haven’t tried much Lorac (I can’t even remember the last product I tried), especially not recently, so I am absolutely no help here! What shadows do you have?

      2.) I’m not really a fan of mineral makeup myself. I don’t like MAC’s mineralize line because a lot of breaks me out, so big nay from me on those, and I don’t find it as pigmented as powders. Other mineral makeup (more traditional MMU) tends to be really messy and I’ve always found mineral foundations to accentuate dryness… and I’ve tried dozens of different brands. I think most organic/natural/mineral/etc. things are a bit gimmicky — you really have to know what you’re looking for (or what *shouldn’t* be in a product) if you actually *want* those things. (Nothing wrong with that, I just find many labeling tactics to be just that, tactics!)

      3.) September 28th!

      4.) MAC. I think they have a very extensive brush line-up, and I love that you can see and feel *all* of them in store, too. Though some are pricey, some aren’t so bad, and they’ll last you a very long time.

  8. Iris

    Hey Christine, do you know of a dupe for MAC Cumulous? Doesn’t have to be MAC, but I’m hitting the pan and I need a backup!

  9. bubbles

    i have very stubborn acne in between my brows, and my pores on my nose are super huge :(
    can u suggest a way to cure them? :( :( :(
    thanks :)

    • Hi Bubbles,

      You can’t really cure your pores, but there are some things you can make sure you’re doing to minimize their appearance. Oily skin can be one factor in making your pores look super huge to you, so be sure you regularly cleanse, moisturize, and exfoliate your skin. Good skin care is a huge factor in making your pores look their best! Blackheads can also make pores look larger than they really are, so you want a regimen that helps to eliminate these and other bacteria.

      As for acne, what are you currently trying or using? What have you tried? I always use Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion on my acne spots.

  10. Darby

    Hey Christine thanks for doing another of these!

    1. What would you say is the best powder foundation especially for oily skin? Liquid is just too messy for
    me and right now i’m using MAC mineralize skinfinish natural and it’s just not keeping the oil at bay.
    2. What is a good dupe for MAC warming trend? I bought it at a CCO and now I’m almost out of it :(


    • Hi Darby,

      I’d actually recommend to use a primer and/or mattifying primer/cream before you apply foundation. That will really help to soak up/minimize oil throughout the day. You may also want to invest in blot powder, which you can pat on during the day, which will also soak up excess oil!

      I would say Patina is the closest MAC dupe to Warming Trend — it’s probably a little darker, but they’re in the same family!


  11. Michelle

    What waterproof foundations would you recommend?

    Thanks for being so helpful!

  12. hi,

    i always wanted to know this:
    1. how legal is it to embed videos from Youtube? especially the videos that are property or MAC, NARS etc (the cosmetic companies, not the gurus)
    2. Also, if i buy ur look book will that be legal if your eyes are re-printed on my blog wth due credit given?

    I just don’t understand the legal aspect of any of this stuff. (my blog is just a non-earning, fun blog)

    • Hi Samaya,

      Since I’m not a lawyer, I really can’t answer any of your questions definitively. I do believe that fair use for MAC, NARS, etc. videos that you’re embedding does apply, because you’re not claiming the video as your own nor reuploading it to your channel and profiting it from it that way. I’ve embedded MAC’s videos multiple times, and I know that MAC is OK with that. If they didn’t want you to embed their videos, I do believe they have the option of making the videos non-embeddable, too.

      As far as my book is concerned, you can have a preview image, as all of the looks are available on the website (you’d just have to find it), so long as you aren’t scanning or taking a screen shot of the pages of the book itself. Thank you for asking :)

  13. Pinky

    What are you thoughts on MSFN? Is it known to break people out like other MAC foundations? Thanks!

    • It breaks me out, unfortunately. When I used it (and I used it for months, actually), I didn’t really see what the big deal was. It didn’t make *my* skin look amazing/perfect/naturally glowy/etc. I know that it seems like a lot less people have broken out due to MSFN, but I did. I think MAC’s big culprit is Studio Fix Powder, BUT on the same token, a lot of people don’t realize they need to frequently wash and replace the sponge applicator… so I really don’t 100% believe Studio Fix is as bad as some say.

  14. geri~

    I have a serious problems with black heads on my nose and enlarged pores on the t-zone area. Tried scrubs, masks and gels but so far very little effect. Any other suggestions?

  15. heather

    Hi! I have a pretty flat (Asian) nose, what products do you recommend to contour it? MAC Sculpt & Shape? And what kind of brush? I have been using Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse and setting it with NYC Matte Bronzer along the sides of my nose, but it doesn’t look that great. I also use a highlighter down the bridge.


    • Hi Heather,

      I like MAC’s Sculpting line — Sculpt sculpting powder is my favorite (I think it’s very suitable for most skin tones, just not ones on the darker end of the spectrum, since it won’t show up). For nose, I like the 275 (an eye brush, yes!).

      • AMS

        Hi Christine,

        would accentuate and sculpt be good for NC42 skin? Will it show up, or is lightshade sweepster better?

        thank you.

      • Cherie

        Great question…. the upcoming D2 collection has Sculpt and Shape Powder Duos; what do you think would be best for NW15 – Bone Beige/ Emphasize or Accentuate/Sculpt??

  16. Jdias1123

    Hi Christine! My question is: what’s the best product to fill in the lines under my eyes? I have dark circles & my concealer always settles into the lines even if I set it with powder. Thanks!

    • Have you tried primer? You want a line plumper, line filler, or a primer — any products that like this will help minimize fine lines around the eyes. Also, make sure you layer concealer and less is more — too much and it will settle because there’s just too much product and nowhere for it to go but into the lines!

  17. Val

    Hey Christine! Thanks so much for doing this!!

    1. What’s a good powder foudation that looks natural and won’t break me out?

    2. Have you tried NARS powder foundation?

    Thank you!!!

  18. AbbyL

    Hi Christine! Thanks so much for answering questions – this is such a big help.

    My question is: What are your favorite pastel pink colored blushes? I love this look on my cheeks and I already own and am addicted to Well Dressed. Any other recs? (from any brand at all!)

  19. Melissa

    Hi, Christine!
    First question: What is the best bronzer you’ve ever used and what would you recommend for me? I really want one that is like an orange golden tone, but still looks natural. Very hard to find, haha.

    Second question: I have these thin laugh lines that are on both sides of my mouth and my makeup constantly sinks into them to where I’m wiping the sides of my mouth all day. I was wondering what line filler, i think they’re called, would be good to use?

    Third: And what great pore minimizer have you tried? My pores are huge, haha.

    Thanks! Love the site, thanks for all your help!

  20. Chynna

    Hi Christine,
    I really want to try MAC’s MSF Natural in Light, since I’ve heard so many great reviews about it. My skin is fair with yellow undertones, so how well will it match my skin?

  21. Crystal

    Hi Christine!
    I have so many questions. So, here I go!
    -What is your favorite blusher of all time that’s not MAC? Maybe from NARS, or any other high end brand.
    -What’s your favorite coral colored blush?
    -Are there any value kits you would suggest purchasing from Sephora? Like the Cargo 7 in 7 Kit, or anything else? Preferably a kit that has an easy to re-create look that would suit a non-makeup addict! :)
    -What’s an easy makeup look for those who are indifferent toward makeup (so, not a complicated routine), but would help them look better? Something that doesn’t require blending colors together and advanced skills.
    -Do you think that it is possible to make a women who is indifferent toward makeup and barely wears any, look better without professional makeup artist skills in only 15 minutes? How would you achieve this?
    -What is your favorite place to buy shoes and clothes?
    -What’s your favorite perfume? Do you like CK One Summer 2008? The one in the blue and yellow bottle.
    -Have you seen the Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume 2? Are you going to review it soon?
    -If you had around $30 more or less, what would you buy at Sephora?
    -The best powder foundation for you? For medium coverage that looks natural.


    • Hi Crystal,

      Oh, favorite blusher… hm! Dior Coral Riviera :) I adore that one! My favorite coral would be that same one, actually.

      Just browsing Sephora now, I like Laura Geller’s Bring on the Bronze Kit, LORAC’s Summer of Style Kit, Cargo’s Runway Palette, or the Cargo 7 in 7 kit you mentioned. I think those are all good kits for non-beauty addicts :)

      I’d say brown-black mascara and blush. Those are two quickly applied products that can really add a lot to the face. Mascara to open up eyes, while blush wakes up the face. If you want to go a few more steps, you can wear a champagne shade on the lid (and to get fancy, a darker brown in the crease to just emphasize the crease) and a semi-sheer gloss or tinted lip balm on lips.

      Yes, I do. Makeup should be fun, not hard. I think any and every woman can and should be able to put their best face forward in less than 15 minutes. I’d do what I mentioned above for a very minimal, but easy look. Using just a single shade (I love using Benefit’s Creaseless Cream Shadows for this) on the lid doesn’t require blending or much thinking at all, but it can make eyes appear bigger and more awake.

      I buy shoes from Nordstrom or Zappos… clothes, hm, everywhere really. No specific store! I shop at Old Navy, H&M, Nordstrom, Macy’s, etc. for clothes. I’m not too into clothes, so I don’t go clothing shopping that often :) I have managed to curb my shoe buying habit for sometime now, luckily!

      My favorite perfume is Burberry The Beat for day time. I love Dior Addict for evening. I also really love Vera Wang’s LOOK. CK One is nice, though it’s not in my regular rotation. (I don’t, as a habit, wear perfume, as I’m a bit sensitive to it all.)

      I have not seen it, and I don’t have any plans to review it in the immediate future, sorry! :(

      With $30, I’d probably buy a Guerlain KissKiss gloss! I think that pretty much eats up all $30!

      For powder foundation, I like Benefit’s Hello Flawless or Philosophy’s The Supernatural, but I don’t wear powder foundation myself (I prefer liquid).


  22. Sharon

    Hi Christine!
    Your site is amazing. I just wanted you to know that I honestly appreciate all the work you put into Temptalia. You go above and beyond with every post and it shows. My question is about this 131 brush I ran out and bought from the color craft collection. What exactly is it’s purpose? It seems to flat for blush and I’m not really into foundation. What good is it?

    • Hi Sharon,

      Thanks so much for your support! I am happy to have you here :) I hope you continue to enjoy the posts!

      Actually, you can apply many things with the 131! You can use it to apply mineralize blushes (I believe that was one of its original uses), but you can use it apply any super pigmented or glittery blush for a more subtle look. You can also use it to apply creamy products like cream blushes, and it gives a slightly softer application than using the 187.

  23. Tahnee

    Hi Christine, I have a question about under eye concealer. I was watching what not to wear yesterday, and when they did a womans makeup they used a concealer one shade darker for her skin tone.
    Is this the right technique to cove runder eye circles?
    Do you have any reccomendations for conceal for this or color correctors?

    • Hi Tahnee,

      Hmm, I really don’t know. Carmindy is usually a fab makeup artist, so I’d lean towards buying that, but I’ve never done it myself. I use the same shade as my face (and since concealers usually have less shade variety, I often end up with “medium,” whether it’s slightly lighter or darker than my actual skin). I do find that I like Eve Pearl’s Salmon Concealer quite a bit, because it covers and lasts all day.

  24. tehreem

    hello Christine..Good morning..
    I just wanted to ask u if u have ever tried Sephora brand eyeshadow. If so are they well pigmented and worth spending money on. Im not only referring to the single eyeshadows but the palettes as well..Thanks in advance for ur answer…LOVE THIS BLOG!!

    • Good morning, Tehreem!

      I have only tried them in-store, but I don’t think they’re bad. I do, however, think that they’re not as consistent across the board as I’d like. Some felt great, but others were a little sheerer and not as smooth. In my experience, the palettes are so-so, but sometimes they do come out with nice ones. There’s just a lot of hit and miss with Sephora’s brand of makeup :(

  25. Becky

    What is the best thing for clearing up acne you have tried? Also, what moisturiser would you reccomend that still moisturises dry skin well but isn’t too rich/heavy? Thanks! :)

    • Mario Badescu and Kate Somerville products have done my skin the best. The Clarisonic has also saved my skin numerous times!

      Kate Somerville’s Oil-Free Moisturizer is amazing on dry skin, even though it’s extremely light weight! I am also liking Korres’ Honey 24-Hour Moisturizer, too (I have dry to normal skin).

  26. Annie

    Hello! Like others have said before, thank you for posting these question blogs! They help out a ton! Here are my questions:
    -For the guest looks, what do you look for before you post them? Do you want extreme, new looks? Also, what is the best condition to shoot the pictures in? I’ve tried to take pictures of eye combos in the past and just can’t seem to take a picture that shows the true brightness of the colors.
    -What is the best coral-y pink eyeshadow from MAC?
    -What is the best light-medium purple eyeshadow from MAC?
    -What eyeshadow colors do you recommend for the winter season?
    I am starting to lean towards more matte colors, so if you have favorite mattes for these, let me know! But for the winter colors, I am open to lustre eyeshadows as well. Again, thank you so much for answering! :)

    • Hi Annie,

      How’s your weekend?

      I look for good photos. That’s really the biggest thing for me – I look for quality photos that show colors and the look accurately. Sometimes you can be amazing at blending, but if your photos are off, your makeup looks that way, too — trust me, the photos the day before I learned how to take good photos make me look like I blended with tar or something and suddenly the good photos? Skills appeared!

      You want an area that’s well-lit with the same kind of light. You don’t want to mix different lighting, because some cast yellow, some don’t, etc. and it’s easier for your camera to correct when it’s just the same type. You also want to find a spot and work on taking photos in that spot so you don’t have to agonize over it each time!

      The closest to coral-pink that MAC has is Paradisco, which is so-so. It could be smoother/softer and a little more pigmented, IMO. Light medium purple, hmm, maybe Beautiful Iris. Love that purple! Or Satellite Dreams, which is more of a medium dark purple though.

      I recommend all! Though it’s nice to follow some trends, there are a lot of days in the winter, so there are plenty to play with even colors that are more “summer” or more “spring.” For winter, I do like jewel-tones, though.

      I love all of MAC’s Matte2s, which are mostly discontinued now (but you might still find them in-store). Make Up For Ever makes great matte shades, too (if you go MUFE, mattes are the way to go – shimmers are just all right).

  27. Meliestar

    Hi Christine, my question might sound stupid but I see so many people with their makeup collection and they seem to keep it forever so I wonder how long do you keep your makeup for? Like do you throw out your lip stuff after a year or so? Is the date on the package important?

    Thank you so much,

    • Hi Amelie,

      I do a few things to help prolong the life of my makeup:

      1.) I use recyclable disposable lip wands with lipglosses. This helps me eliminate double-dipping and getting bacteria into the tube.
      2.) Refrigerate lipsticks and periodically sanitize lipsticks with alcohol.
      3.) Never use eyeshadows wet. Periodically wipe down eyeshadows after spritzing with alcohol.
      4.) Never let others borrow makeup that’s in my personal stash.

      I adhere to rules about mascara and the like, but for other products, I throw away products when they smell, taste, or look funny — any changes in scent, texture, efficacy, color, etc. are all signs of a product turning on you.

      The date on the package is important inasmuch as when you used it. Expiration starts ticking once you’ve opened and used a product.

  28. Rita

    Hi Christine,

    1) What is the best black MAC base?

    2) Can you recommend an eyeliner for upper waterline for a contact lense wearer? Or is it safe to put anything there if I’m wearing lenses? (They are one day lenses.)

    3) How does a product become a permanent MAC product? There seems to be mostly LEs and discontinued products, but not f.ex. new permanent eye shadows.

    4) Could you review Métier de Beauté’s Mediterranean Seas and Emerald Isles Kaleidoscopes?

    • Hi Rita,

      1.) MAC Blacktrack fluidline hands down! Nothing else even begins to compare.

      2.) I presume if a product is waterline safe then it should be safe for a contact lens wearer – at least in terms of your eyes. I would, actually, advise you to email a brand’s customer service and inquire about that. I don’t know enough about product safety of individual items to give you a great answer on this! Maybe another reader can share their experience :)

      3.) MAC has a very extensive permanent line already, which is just one reason why they’re unlikely to add many new shades to the product line. I have heard that MAC may intend to make certain products permanent, but they first test the market with limited edition releases. I have also heard that when limited edition products become so popular and customer demand so great (e.g. dazzleglasses), they get permanent status. I imagine, from a business side, MAC does limited edition products to get you to buy more than you otherwise would. It also keeps you cycling in and out of the store on a more regular basis, because there’s always something new releasing. I don’t know why or what criteria MAC uses to discontinue products other than they may be intending to replace it with a new product down the line (e.g. paints and paint pots) or they are shades that few are purchasing.

      4.) I’m not planning to buy either of those right now (they’re so pricey!), and since Le Metier de Beaute isn’t located anywhere near me (just NYC and Prince of Persia, I think), I can’t swatch it or see it in person :(

  29. heather

    Hi! One more question, sry. Ask Temptalia seems like a lot of work for you!!

    Is it normal/”allowed” to wear two fragrances at once? (I do DKNY Be Delicious and a sprtiz of L’ancome Hypnose.. They smell completely different though.)

    • I enjoy helping people when and if I can, so I am happy to do it :)

      Whether it’s an affront to perfumists everywhere or not… if it works for you and you like it, go for it. There’s nothing wrong with it :) I don’t think it’s abnormal or not allowed – I’ve definitely heard of people layering scents before!

  30. Trix

    I have fairly acne-prone skin, and I was wondering if there were any primers out there that I could use without the fear of breakouts. I was using up a sample of tarte’s Clean Slate during the first few days of school, and now I have tiny little bumps all over my cheeks(a place where I never ever breakout!)

    Also, I have a bit more of a specific question, which I totally understand if you can’t answer. I was looking for a lipstick that appeared peach colored in darker light, but light pink in sunlight. Such as the lipstick Katy Perry is wearing in her ‘Thinking of You’ video (towards the beginning). If you are familiar with the video or know of a lipstick that fits this description, I would love to know.

    • Hi Trix,

      Have all the primers you’ve tried had Silicone in them? Smashbox’s Photofinish Primer has it in it, and I know that their Photofinish Light is supposed to be for everyone who has broken out with the original. I haven’t gotten the courage to try it yet.

      However, I do use Korres’ Silicone-Free Primer with no break outs :)

      I’d say try Fanfare by MAC. You want a lipstick that looks light pink when you swatch it, but it should have coral/peach tones in it, so you’ll get the peachier look without light.

      • Trix

        Hmm, I think tarte’s is silicone free, but next time I’m at Sephora I’ll ask for a sample of the Photofinish Light.

        And I will definitely check out Fanfare. Thank you for the help! :)

  31. maria

    hey christine! i was wondering, what mascara lengthens?
    esp for people with short straight asian lashes?

    thanks a bunch!

  32. becki

    Hi Christine,
    Hope I’m not too late…
    My friends got me hooked on your site, and while I don’t wear a lot of make-up, I’ve definitely gotten…braver…about it since reading your blog. :) [in fact, I got the u.d. ink for eyes because you showed it, and I LOVE it]
    Anyway, I have dark circles under my eyes from a med. condition, and I’m wondering what you’d recommend to cover them. I’ve been using a yellow mineral powder that works really well, but it’s making me break out. :(

    • Nope, not at all! :)

      So glad you’re reading the blog, Becki! Thank you!

      Which UD Ink For Eyes did you get?

      I recommend Eve Pearl’s Salmon Concealer, but I also like CoverFX’s ConcealFX, too. I find CoverFX products to be very efficacious!

  33. Daria

    Hi Christine!! Thanks so much for doing this

    I am tempted to go back to liquid foundations in between the usage of my temptu (which I love by the way…are you thinking of getting one?!) I have oily acne prone, rosecea skin) and was thinking of trying MUFE, but I am unsure which one or if you recommended another liquid foundations for my skin issues.

    Also, I was wondering if you heard of/tried the Tanda or any blue or red light therapy for that matter, and what your opinion was?

    Thanks Christine. I hope you enjoy the long weekend!!!

    • Hi Daria,

      Happy to hear you’re enjoying your Temptu! No plans to purchase at this time, but you never know :)

      Make Up For Ever’s Mat+ Velvet or Make Up For Ever Face & Body are both excellent medium coverage foundations that will work well with your oily skin. I have the Tanda, but I am so bad about using it, so I couldn’t tell you the results. (I am REALLY bad about those kinds of devices, I never work them into my schedule.)

  34. Rose

    Hi Christine!
    It’s my first time posting, but I’m a long time reader! I just wanted to ask you about eyebrows. I have very thick, dark brows, but towards the front they are scarce compared to the rest of the brow! I have long hairs there, but they are much more spaced out. I just was wondering, what tips do you have for filling in the front of my brows? I really want them to look natural.
    Oh, and another question! I recently bought MAC Liquid Liner in Black Boot, and the applicator is so hard to use! I love the formula, but the hard, felt-like applicator is new to me. Do you have any tips for applying the MAC Liner with ease?

    • Hi Rose,

      I recommend using powder products over liquids or pencil liners. I also recommend that whatever you do… use a clean mascara wand or a brow comb to brush your brows after you’ve filled them in — it helps soften the overall look. You may even want to try a brow gel (I like MAC’s) to help comb your brows into place which might help longer hairs cover sparser areas! I just use MAC Espresso eyeshadow to fill in my brows, but I also like Benefit’s Brow Zings! Anastasia is the Queen of brows, too, and I’ve liked her products, but they are a bit on the pricey side.

      I haven’t bought Black Boot liquid liner in FOREVER. I wonder if it is even the same applicator any more! I’d actually use the 210 or 208 brush by MAC instead of fussing with that liner if you could!

  35. AnjaNicole

    What blushcreme color would you recommend for a NW 45-50

  36. Bits

    Hi Christine!

    – Could you recommend a MAC dupe for Urban Decay’s Naked lipstick?
    – If you were just starting to build a Mac 15 eyeshadow palette, which shadows would you recommend getting? If it helps I am an NC42 with dark brown hair.
    – What liquid highlighters would you recommend? If it was between Benefit’s High Beam or Moon Beam, which would work best with NC42 skin?

    Thanks so much for your time!

    • Hi Bits,

      I really don’t think there’s a great dupe by MAC for Urban Decay’s Naked – perhaps Bombshell, which is a little pinker.

      It really just depends on what kind of looks you’d like to create. Are you a neutral kind of gal? Really into bright colors? Do you have any other eyeshadows or are you looking to create looks exclusively with the 15-pan palette?

      I’d recommend Moon Beam for your skin tone!

      • Bits

        I do have a few other eyeshadows but I wanted to build my first Mac palette. I just wanted to get ideas on which shades to buy first so I guess I want to know your Mac must-haves in Browns, Grays/Silvers, Pinks, Purples and Greens.

        Oh and which do you prefer? UD 24/7 eyeliners or MUFE Aqua Eyes? What shade would you recommend if I am looking for Light Brown/Gold/Bronze eyeliners?

        Thanks again!

  37. ELYSIA

    Hey Christine…,
    Ok so I have a couple of qs. First I live in Sacramento,Ca its super dry here how can I keep my face looking moisturized during the day w/my makeup on?
    Also there is an old throw back video called “My Boo” by Alicia Keys and Usher. Her makeup in this video is super dewy and wet looking in a a scene. How can I ACHIEVE this look for going out I love, love it.
    My last and final q is, How can blending the lid and the crease be achieved easily and quickly for the bledning challenged and w/ what brush?

    Thanks and have a great weekend especially since here is the last weekend for the CALIFOORNIA STATE FAIR YAYYY!

    • Hi Elysia!

      Apply your skincare and makeup in layers. You can apply a heavier cream/lotion, but make sure you give it 10-15 minutes to soak in (at least), it should be 100% absorbed when you apply your makeup. You also want to layer on a primer, which can help act as a barrier to keep your face from drying out. Another way is to spritz your face with water (e.g. MAC Fix+), which can help hydrate your skin just a bit.

      From what I can tell from the video, they might have used gloss on the brow bone to accentuate it. Otherwise, it just looks like metallic eyeshadows which have a natural “wet” look to them. MAC pigments (particularly metals and frosts) have this effect.

      I’d try blending with the 217 :)

      • ELYSIA


  38. tehreem

    Hello again…
    If i choose to wear a primer alone..will it do me any good? as in will it give me a fresh dewey glowy look? ANd what is the exact purpose of primer. Have u tried luminizing primer Sally Hansen inspired by Carmindy?? is it good? Where can i find a oil free primer?

    • It may, depends on the primer. I love Eve Pearl’s moisturizing primer to wear alone sometimes, because it gives my face a healthier look and it moisturizes, too! :)

      I haven’t tried Sally Hansen’s luminizing one yet. I know both LORAC and Laura Mercier both make primers that specifically state that they’re oil-free.

  39. tehreem

    sorry for the question overload!!! i love this blog

  40. viv

    First off, it’s so nice of you to take so much time to answer everybody!
    1) What do you recommend eyebrow-wise for black hair/light skin? Most black eyebrow pencils are too harsh, and the brown shadows I’ve tried don’t look right (MAC espresso & brun, Benefit Brow Zing in dark). I keep them plucked thin and they’re naturally kinda sparse too so they wind up looking really fake.
    2) No matter how hard I try to put different shadows in different places, my eyeshadow always winds up looking like the same unblended smokey color all over. I have mostly MAC e/s and UD brushes. Is this a brush issue or should I just keep practicing? I feel so clueless when I use more than 1 or 2 colors!
    Thank you so much for any help :)

    • Hi Viv,

      Have you thought about maybe Omega or Wedge? Omega may be too light, but maybe Wedge will work better for you. You may also want to try taking a clean mascara wand or a brow wand through your brows after you’ve filled them in to soften them a bit, too!

      I think you should just keep practicing :) Just do less blending than you think you need and see if that helps at all!

  41. SarahT

    Hi Christine!
    Thanks so much for doing these sessions 😉
    I just thought of a question. I was matched with NC20 in select cover-up concealer. It seems like the right shade, but I have heard that for undereye concealer you should use an NW shade even if you are normally NC… what do you think about this?

    Also (I know this is hard to answer but I live far away from a MAC store so I can’t get there easily to see in person!) what shade do you think I would be in the face and body foundation if nc20 in the concealer is the right shade… I am not super super pale, so I was thinking C2???

    • I’ve heard that before by some artists, but then other artists say to stay the same… Since I’m slightly warm but not SUPER warm toned, I haven’t seen a big difference between using NW or NC (I am normally NC).

      I think C2 would be OK for you!

  42. Millie

    Hi, Christine! I notice that Benefit is one of your favorite brands. What are your must-haves from Benefit?

    And what do shades do you combine with Bikini Line eyeshadow?

    Is No Competition your favorite shade of lipstick from Benefit?

    Thanks! Hello to Mellan!

    • I think their eyeshadows are really beyond amazing. Both the Velvet eyeshadows and their Creaseless Cream Eyeshadows. I do like their powders (like Coralista), but it’s really their eyeshadows that stand out to me. They also have a nice line of lipsticks.

      Oh gosh, I like it with any golds or browns. I also love it with Benefit’s I Cannes & I Will!

      I wouldn’t say No Competition is my favorite lipstick from Benefit (I couldn’t tell you which is a fave).

  43. Jessica

    Hi Christine:
    I’m 21 years old and, although I wear makeup on a regularly basis, have never really used foundation. Most of the time, my skin doesn’t need it. However, I travel on occasion (from home to school) and sometimes that and stress reek havoc on my skin (acne and my skin tends to go a little more red than usual). I’ve had foundation professionally applied before but I never like it because it is too heavy and makes me look older (not in a good way). Is there a light foundation out there that won’t worsen the problem (ie cause me to break out more) that you would recommend?

    • Hi Jessica,

      I think you should opt for a tinted moisturizer! These are easy to apply and very fuss-free — and they’re lightweight and give you just a little coverage. I’d recommend Korres’ Tinted Moisturizer as my #1. I know a lot of people like Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer, too!

  44. Cindy

    Hi Christine!

    I want to buy a good MAC brush for using with Fluidlines/gel eyelines. Which brush would you suggest?


  45. Glenda

    Hi Christine!

    Can you recommend a volumizing mascara that lasts and doesn’t flake?

  46. Michaela

    Hi, Christine

    I recently got a sample of MAC Artifact Paint Pot, a dark red sheen. It’s super pretty, and I’d like to try it as a base, but I’m not sure how to use it/ what shadows to layer over it. It’s so much darker than the bases I usually use, so I don’t really know how to pick shadows to go on top. Do you have any ideas, MAC or otherwise?

    For reference I am an NW15 and I usually go for more neutral looks, but also love a good smokey eye.


  47. Tattoo Girl


    I was wondering what the first MAC product you ever bought was? And also, I really like MUFE shadows and wanted to start a palette. I LOVE green shadows the most but also need some neutrals (highlighter and a dark) and some other basics (for now). What 10 shadows would you recommend?

    Thanks for doing this! Love your site!

    • I think it was Amber Lights, Bronze, and Goldmine eyeshadows (I am pretty sure I bought them all at once).

      To be honest, I think MAC does great neutrals and I wouldn’t spend MUFE prices to get neutrals. I’d save my money and get shades at MUFE that I couldn’t find elsewhere or for less.

      10 Eyeshadows from MUFE… I’d recommend: #47, 53, 72, 80, 91, 93, 153, 159, 168, 171 (keeping greens in mind).

  48. Lauren

    One of my favorite eyeshadow colors is Stila Kitten, because of its natural color but also because of its beautiful shimmer. Do you have any recommendations for other colors that shimmer like kitten?

    • I think you’d like any and all of Benefit’s Velvet eyeshadows, and I think you’d like MAC’s Starflash eyeshadows (which I’m sure you can still find a few of the shades still in stores).

  49. Constance

    No question ……just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy this site. Love reading everyones respones to the question, survey, etc. of the day and really love all the photos and reviews. Thanks for the great info and fun time.

  50. Wendy

    Have any of you tried Lipstick Queen? Because I have been dying to try the big bang lip gloss and haven’t found good swatches on the internet, Can you please review them?-Thanks a million-W

  51. Karly

    Hi Christine,
    What’s the best MAC brush for applying MSF naturals? xx

  52. hi christine !

    i was just wondering if you knew if MAC was having any F&F Sale anytime soon? cool thanks!

    also, just wanted to let you know that your very talented and helpful in everything that you do! *^_^

  53. Carolyn

    Hi Christine! I just bought Benefit’s One Hot Minute powder. I was wondering which brush you might recommend to use with it, and how you’d recommend applying it? Currently I’m using the top of the MAC 138 brush and applying the powder in an upside-down C-shape around the top of the cheekbones, then down my nose. Thanks so much Christine!

    • I like Benefit’s fan brush, or else I like MAC’s 150 brush, which is a little big for my liking. I generally just use Benefit’s fan brush though :)

  54. Nicole

    Hi Christine,

    you just have the perfect timing to post your ask temptalia session.

    Many gurus recommend a black base to make some lighter colors pop with a more vibrant touch. Honestly, until yesterday I thought my Painterly Paint Pot will do this job too, but the colors of my Photo Realism quad didn’t pop, they just looked washed out and they didn’t show up like in the pan. Maybe my blending was too good. Hm, I don’t know.
    To cut a long story short. I think about buying MACs Blackground Paint Pot. Would you recommend this product or another one for using as a black base by MAC Bobbi or Benefit (because I don’t have access to US-brands).
    Thank you very much for your help and have a beautiful Sunday.

    • When you use a black base, it still makes colors very, very dark. So if you want a dark, smoky look, sure, it’s not a bad idea. (Though I like Blacktrack fluidline better than Blackground — I find Blackground not quite as black as Blacktrack.) I’d actually recommend using perhaps a green or gold base (something similar to the shade or main color theme you were going for) to make the colors pop more! :)

  55. Saira

    Hi Christine! Hope you are well. I’ve been thinking of putting my Mac eyeshadows in palettes to organise them and to make all of the colours more accessible. I think the palettes would be a good storage solution for me at home but not quite sure how I could adapt them for holiday use. I normally just put the containers in my make-up bag as they don’t take up much room and I can take just a selection of colours but I probably wouldn’t want to take lots of palettes with me. What’s the best way to take palette-based eyeshadows on holiday? Would you move the palette eyeshadows into a quad (is this easy to do?) temporarily or are there other storage solutions? Thanks.

    • Hi Saira,

      When I travel, I either take a bunch of palettes, or I take just 1 eyeshadow quad or 1-2 15-pan palettes. I always have a few spare quads/palettes, so I can just take out colors I want to take with me into them (rather than totally rearranging). I use quads when it’s just a few days, and I do palettes for longer trips :)

      It is easy to transfer them from palette to palette — I actually use tweezers to make it even easier.

      • Saira

        Hi Christine! Thanks so much for your quick response :o) . That’s great that it is easy to move the eyeshadows into quads when travelling. Thanks for the tip for using tweezers to transfer the eyeshadows from palette to palette -much appreciated. I might have to try out some palettes now :o) !

  56. Samy


    I was wondering about the different gel eyeliners n which one is the best? Any ideas? These are the ones ive come across online…..
    MAC fluidline
    Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (with Brush)
    Loreal Hip Cream EYeliner (with brush)
    Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner
    Wet n Wild Megaeyes Creme Eyeliner (with brush)

    Have u tried any of them? Comments? Suggestions? Are the brushes worth nething? Do u know their prices?? Whats better? Color payoff? How long goes it last? Ease of application??

    Lol – sorry for asking sooo much:P

    Thanks loads…..

    • I haven’t tried Maybelline, L’Oreal, or Wet ‘n Wild’s liners, so I can’t compare those. Bobbi Brown and MAC’s are very comparable, fluidlines being just a tad creamier, but really, they’re similar.

  57. Lindsay

    I’m looking for an eco-friendly makeup bag to keep in my purse, perhaps something made of organic cotton or hemp. Any suggestions of where I can find a good one?

  58. CC

    I’m getting back into neutral eye looks for fall but feel like I am missing something from my neutral collection :(

    Here is what I have:
    Chill, dazzlelight, jest, filament, bisque, soft brown, retrospeck, honesty, satin taupe, all that glitters, mulch, antiqued, charcoal brown, concrete, embark

    Any recommendations??? I’m NW15 with brown eyes and light freckles.

    You are so great to do this :) Thank you so much!!!

    • Diabla

      I’m not Christine but I’m NW15 as well (with green eyes) and love neutral eyes. I see you have a nice selection of light tones and dark tones but no satin or matte medium tone. Maybe could you check Omega (Matte) and Wedge (Satin). They are soft medium brown tones with no shimmer (cold toned for Omega, warm toned for Wedge). Copperplate (medium matte grey) could also make it if you’re more into grey tones. I also have Blanc Type and Brule but they’re quite close to Bisque I think. :)
      I often make a neutral matte eye make up with Concrete, Omega and Blanc Type. Super simple but very elegant. :)

      • CC

        Thanks so much Diabla!!! Totally missing mediums, good call!! I will definately look into those! I love greys and was wanting to get copperplate for a while now so that was just the boost I needed:)

      • CC

        Ohhh another q – I’m looking for some nice deep pink e/s colours (like girlie. darker pink shades like that). Any reco’s????

  59. Christina

    Hi Christine!

    Love your site,

    I was wondering which brush you prefer as a large powder/ bronzer brush between the MAC 134 and 150.

    Also, what are your must have pigments (permanent or PRO) and must-have paint pots?

    Thanks for your input its greatly appreciated!

  60. Kristin

    Hi Christine,

    Do you have any tips on makeup for photos? I have to have a headshot done soon. I’ve heard no shimmer, but does that apply to eyeshadow and bronzer as well as foundation and powder? Also, what eyeshadows would you recommend? I’m planning on using MUFE HD 120, Mac Lilicent blush, and maybe Mac Modesty lipstick, and I have black hair and brown eyes. I kind of want to highlight eyes instead of lips but don’t think a full-on smoky eye is a good idea. They’re doing both color and black and white (not sure if that matters). Any advice would be appreciated!!


    • Avoid shimmer on lids or anywhere with fine lines. Make sure to blot well and use a mattifying or oil control lotion/primer (every bit of oil shows up on camera!). Light shimmer on the brow bone can be OK but it should be fine shimmer and no glitter!

  61. Tiffany

    Hi Christine! If using cream blush, would I apply it on after I do my foundation & set it with powder? I’ve never used a cream blush before. Thank you!

  62. Komal

    Hi Christine

    In Rihanna’s Sos video, there is a scene where she is wearing a green dress in the forest, what do you recommend to use on the face and body to achieve this look. I am NC42.]

    ps – thank you so much for doing this again!

  63. AMS

    Hi Christine,

    I have a couple of questions for you.. I’m an NC 42 and I was wondering…

    1. I like smokey looking eye make up or black eye liner with tons of mascara and nudey pinkish lips… I read in an article that cool baby pinkish gloss like the limited edition fashion looks great on ppl of my skintone.. are there any Mac dupes that you would recommend for me?

    2. Do you think refined msf or soft and gentle msf would make a good highlight? I have both and I never use either!

    3. What is the difference between Mac Paints and UDPP?

    4. What colours of eyeshadows are in for the fall and winter? Please specify…

    thank you!

    • Hi AMS,

      I’d recommend Angel lipstick :) I think that would be very pretty on you!

      I think Refined will be nicer, it is a bit soother :)

      They’re both very similar, it just depends on which one works better for you. They both achieve the same results when they work well on you :)

      Fall/winter… if you look at the fall collection, those are them. It’s a lot of smoky blacks, burgundies, wines, purples, and just a sprinkling of gold and teal.

  64. Roxanne

    Hey Christine,

    just a quick question for you… Could you tell me exactly (or approximately if you don’t know for sure) how many permanent eyeshadows MAC has? Leaving out discontinued, pro or limited edition e/s. The finish doesn’t matter.
    I would like to know b/c I’m thinking about starting up my collection (I currently have only six). I hear some people have 700+ e/s by MAC. That’s huge! I basically just want to get a “starter kit” together and go from there.
    If I go by your must-have eyeshadows series, I come to a total of 52… Could that be about right?

    Thanks in advance, you’re such a doll :)

    • Tattoo Girl

      I think the perm line has about 130-140 shades! You can always go to the website and count!

    • Hey Roxanne,

      It’s SO ever changing! They regularly discontinue products. I imagine it’s around 150 or so. The website used to indicate what was limited, discontinued, or permanent, but since they upgraded, I haven’t been able to figure it out. MAC puts out a TON of limited edition eyeshadows, and there’s a fair amount of discontinued eyeshadows, too, so I’m not surprised at the number of shadows. You definitely don’t need 700 to get started though! 😛

  65. Trisha

    Hi! Do you know if MUFE will have any holiday collections? Thanks!

  66. Wendy

    I’m not sure if you’re able to advise on theatrical makeup, but I thought I’d go ahead and ask anyway :(

    I have a show coming up in a few weeks and have tried, without much success, to find advice/tutorials online to help me with my makeup. I’ve done a few shows in the past, but whenever I’ve been cast as a ‘normal’ character (i.e., not a ghost, witch or other deranged character) my makeup ends up looking bleached-out and in particular my eyes almost disappear :(

    The show is Gilbert and Sullivan’s operetta ‘Patience’ and I’m playing Patience, an 18-year-old dairy made, set in 1880. The theatre is very small, so I’m concerned about overdoing the makeup and looking daft, but equally, as this is a major role for me, I’d like to look really good.

    I have NC15 skin, hazel eyes and almost black hair. If possible I’d prefer to avoid using traditional stage makeup such as Kryolan, as it wrecks my skin, and would prefer to use a full-coverage MAC base. I also plan to use MAC blush in Frankly Scarlet or Dollymix and either So Scarlet or New York Apple lipstick – do you know if these would be appropriate choices?

    My main concern is eye makeup, as I really don’t have a clue! I’d like to make my eyes really pop, but I’m worried about looking like a drag queen. Also, as I’m actually 40 and therefore somewhat older than the character I’m playing, I have dark shadows, wrinkles bags I need to hide! I find that eyeshadow usually highlights these faults rather than disguising them, so I’d be really grateful for any advice regarding appropriate colours and application of products :(

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    • Hi Wendy,

      I don’t have a lot of theatrical makeup experience, so I can only say a little bit… Is there no makeup artist for the show? What do others do makeup-wise?

      For eyes, I’d think you’d want to contour them, really bring out their shape by adding shadow to the crease (like as if you were contouring cheeks or your nose), particularly if you’re already wearing the blush/lip combo you mentioned. Then I’d work on highlighting with something that has more of a sheen than a shimmer on the brow bone and inner tear duct. As far as your dark shadows and the like, I would think about using a primer underneath your eyes to help smooth over and fill in any fine lines, then apply concealer.

      I wish I could be more helpful!

  67. Roxanne

    Sorry, something just came to mind!

    What’s the difference between MAC Springsheen blush and NARS Orgasm blush? NARS’ is so iconic I feel like I HAVE to have it but everyone claims Springsheen to be a total dupe. It seems a bit darker though, maybe more like NARS Deep Throat?

    Anyone have both O and SS and is able swatch them next to eachother? I can’t seem to find any decent swatches on the internet!

    Sorry! Thanks!

    • Hi Roxanne,

      If MAC had a dupe to Orgasm, Springsheen would be it. I think Springsheen might be more peachy, though. I would definitely say it’s more like Orgasm than Deep Throat!

      • Roxanne

        Okay, thanks again! Still in doubt, though (because I have to order NARS through the internet so I have to rely on other people’s swatches!).

  68. Saira

    Hi Christine! Im thinking of depotting my Mac eyeshadows into palettes and wondered if you could tell me the pros and cons of depotting using the heat method (placing the inner container on parchment paper and laying this on straighteners for a couple of minutes)?

    One thing I am unsure about is – does the heat from the straighteners damage the eyeshadow powder itself, in terms of changing the product life, the way the colour applies, trueness of colour, etc? I tried depotting one eyeshadow this way and it came out fine but I wasnt very sure how this would affect the product itself, as the eyeshadow was really hot. Im a bit unsure about depotting my favourite eyeshadows in case I damage the product somehow, so would really appreciate your advice. Thanks :o) .

    • Hey Saira,

      Heat is supposed to change some of the chemistry, but from my experience, I’ve never noticed a difference. I know Koren from EnKoreMakeup uses a non-heat method that’s pretty popular, though, which is supposed to be foolproof, too!

      • Saira

        Thanks for the info, Christine. I might try out the non-heat method and see how I get on.

        • I use the non heat method from Enkore- It’s quick and easy once you’ve done it the first time.

          Quick tip though- when you put the alcohol in between the pan and the plastic case to melt the glue, use a little bit at a time… otherwise, when you tip the e/s to drip the alcohol in (and drop too much), all the alcohol will run underneath the pan and up the otherside of it, over the edge and into the eyeshadow..I hope that makes sense?!

          In theory, it shouldnt damage the e/s, as alcohol cleanly evaporates off, but I tried repressing a broken e/s using alcohol before and it made my e/s go weird (shiney all over, rather than the powder look) so I don’t like to let it touch my eyeshadows now.

          Don’t let that put you off trying the non heat method- it’s easy and as long as you go easy on the alcohol it’ll be fine :)

  69. annie

    hi christine, just wondering what is your favorite mascara and foundation?

  70. Ada

    Hi Christine. I was trying to sharpen my Urban Decay eyeliner, but the tip keeps breaking off. Do you have any tricks to get a sharp tip? Do you use a special sharpener? (I use a Clinique eyeliner sharpener). Thanks for doing another Ask Temptalia session!

  71. Yia

    I wondered if you knew where I could find a guide to tell me the difference between the types of MAC Eyesdadow that there are.

    I loved the new starflash colors and I ordered some, but when I put them on they were so sheer and messy that on my skin it looked like a washout. i love neutral colors and I want to make a pallete of them, but when I’m ordering on line, how will I know what goes on sheer and what is an intense color?


    • Hi Yia,

      Unfortunately, the finishes don’t tell you anything about color pay off. Starflash shadows are actually the more pigmented shades. Did you use a base?

  72. Hi Christine,

    Firstly, your site is awesome- I’m a MAC addict and check on here daily for all the latest collection news- I love it, so a big thanks for all your hard work! I have a few questions if that’s ok?

    1) MAC Paint Pots! Is there a trick, or best way of wearing the pearl or frost paint pots so they last- I recently wore Blackground and sealed it in with Carbon- but it creased big time- what am I doing wrong?
    2) This bit is me being nosy..Is this site now a full time job for you now..and do you get all these amazing goodies for free?! That would be awesome if you did!
    3) And lastly, what are your 3 favourite all time MAC collections… and if you could make one up, what would it be like?

    I look forward to hearing your ideas!

    • Hi Ashley,

      So glad to have your support :)

      1.) Wear less! Sometimes we apply too much of a cream-based product, and this is often the reason it creases. You may also want to lightly pat it on with your finger, because this also helps to make sure you don’t over-apply :) Worst case scenario? Layer it over an eyeshadow base (like UDPP).

      2.) I’m a full time student first, but this is my part time job, I guess you’d say. Part time job, part time hobby maybe? lol! I do get samples from PR for some things, other stuff I still buy. Oddly enough, the amount I spend on makeup hasn’t gone down… it just keeps going up!

      3.) Moonbathe, Neo Sci Fi, Couture. I’d make a launch with lots of jewel-tone shades with sexy, seductive names! :)

  73. annie

    what are you favorite neutral eye shadows from Mac?

  74. Claire

    Hi Christine

    I love your blog! I especially love the way you do your eyeshadow application. I can never seem to get the same intensity from my eyeshadows (MAC/ Christian Dior as you. I’m not sure if it is the brushes that I’m using (MAC 213 and a shader and fluff brush from Nars) or whether I need to use a pigment underneath my shadows like you do. Can you please recommend a set of good eyeshadow brushes and their numbers. Thanks so much!

  75. lucy

    does anybody know how could i get megan fox look?? its simple but i would really aprecciate if anybody could help me. thanx =]

    • It’s really a champagne-taupe eyeshadow look (champagne with a little bronze on the lid, a deeper brown/taupe in the crease) with lots of mascara and matte lips.

  76. abby

    Hi Christine!!! just a quick question about girl about town and lickable lipsticks. Are they similar? Thank you so much Christine :)

  77. Pat

    HI, I really regret not getting Givenchy gloss in Sun Coral. Do you know what can be a dupe for that? thank you

  78. abby

    Hi Christine!!! Again lol. Thank you for the quick response to the comparison of girl about town to lickable. I got lickable and i also bought impassioned. Sooo pretty. But….what colour of eyeshadow should i wear with that lipstick? should it be neutral or soft pink? Thank so much Christine!!!!

  79. Karly

    Hi Christine!
    My friend recently bought me a MUFE Star Powder (in 90905, the royal blue one). However, Im only 15 and my mum hates when I wear bright colours. Do you have any suggestions as to how I could blend it with neutral MAC shadows and pull it off?
    Thanks! xx

  80. apfelwinter

    Hi Christine!
    I bought my first Paint Pot and try to use it with 249 brush, but I have to say, its a totally mess (creased and scraggy) on my lids. Not smooth at all.
    What do I do wrong?
    Maybe the Paint Pot got too much air and it is dry now? Do you have any tips to fix it?

  81. Allie

    i have a dress for homecoming that looks sort of like a marilyn monroe dress. I was wondering what sort of make up would look good with that? I have brown hair, green eyes, and light skin if that helps

  82. abby

    Hi Christine!! Would you recommend ricepaper or shroom to wear with russian red? I am an NC25 in the mineralize satinfinish foundation.
    Thank you so much!!!! BTW, congratulations on your 3rd year. I love your website, i find it very helpful, especially when it comes to swatches and reviews…and tutorials…etc lol, everything :)

    • Either, to be honest, Abby. I’d probably opt for Ricepaper myself, just because I’d want to add more warmth to my face to pull off Russian Red!

      Thank you!! :)