Saturday, February 21st, 2009

Go ahead! Ask your questions–now’s the time to get product recommendations, comparisons, or just find out what my favorite moisturizer is. You can ask whatever your heart desires, and I’ll do my best to answer:) I’ll be keeping an eye out on this post so I can answer questions quickly aka today! 😀 Feel free to chime in with your answer to someone else’s question, too!

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316 thoughts on “Ask Temptalia Session #010

  1. Beckie

    Would you buy makeup on Ebay? How safe is that? I can’t afford products such as Urban Decay or MAC.

    • I personally don’t buy makeup off of eBay, because I’d rather get it in-store. If you buy from e-Bay, it’s a good idea to refer to their authenticity guides as well as only buy from sellers with lots of good feedback.

  2. shonn

    Hi, I have a question about an older mini Mac lipglass/lustreglass set. I was doing some inventory and didn’t have the box anymore but one of the names if rubbed off and am missing one color. The set has in it…Fine China, Opal, Pinkarat. That is all I know. I don’t know if it was from christmas 06?? Please help, thanks

    • I believe that is the cool lip set, and the other ones would be Magnetique lipglass and Courting Rose lipglass. Magnetique is a dark fuchsia-purple, so it will stand out if that’s it.

  3. ashly

    hey im new to this and i want to know what nc## means since i always see you say your nc25. how do i find out mine??

  4. ashly

    THANKS!! eww they’re blue.LOL guess im cool.

  5. ashly

    okay i dont want to be annoying but where do i go to find my number & i try to put eyeliner on my top eyelids and they come out retarded. which eyeliners do you recommend.

    • The best place is to go to MAC and get matched, to be honest! It’s going to be hard for you to figure out your number otherwise. You can use the range, if you feel like you’re pretty much as pale as they get, you’re likely to be 15-20 and not any darker. I am NC25/NC30, for reference!

      I like MAC Blacktrack fluidline for liner on the upper lash line!

  6. Becca

    Okay, I know I’m super late to this party but I felt like if I didn’t ask now, I’d forget my question. What I want to know is this: Do you ever feel paralyzed by your stash? I always catch myself thinking, “tomorrow will be the day I try out Lavendar Whip!” or “I think I’ll try a retro look tomorrow” but then when Tomorrow comes, I take one look at all my stuff and feel like I don’t know what to use to put together a look. Either I just can’t choose between A, B, or C, or I just get confused by all the different colours nesting together in their respective storage compartments. Ultimately I end up wearing the same thing – which is pretty much nothing, just concealer, mascara, and maybe lipgloss – day in and day out. As sizeable as my stash is, yours is clearly MUCH bigger, haha! So… how do you decide what to wear each day? Do you ever find yourself planning a look out in your mind but then overwhelmed by all the choices you have in order to make it actually happen? And if you do, how do you snap out of the paralysis and just pick something?

    • Hey Becca!

      I usually just pick a color and go with it! Like I’ll say, “I want to use x shadow,” and I’ll start using it. I guess I don’t get too paralyzed by it! A lot of times I try to use the latest products, so that helps to narrow it down, too! :)

      Well, when all else fails, pick a random product, and start applying it… then you’ll be forced to figure it out!

  7. Beckie

    What drugstore brands do you like?

    Specifically, for eyeliner (long wearing) and foundation and also lipstick and lipgloss.

    • Hi Beckie,

      To be honest, I haven’t played with many drugstore products. I didn’t get into makeup until I was 18, and I just went with MAC at that point.

      I do like NYX for its price and general range :)

  8. Steff

    What is your take on colored eyeliners? Any application advice (I have green eyes)?

  9. cherry

    hi christine! do u know if MAC will be making more starflash or another starflash collection?


  10. Roxanne

    Does MAC have a good return policy? I bought the wrong foundation (NC instead of NW) and it makes me look orangey. I only used it two or three times, still have the packaging and receipts and bought it under a week ago. What are the chances they’ll let me exchange it?

  11. Brittany

    Hey Temptalia,
    I have a few questions. Could you do pruct reviews and pictures of Rock and Republics new cosmetic line? Like their blushes and stuff? Also, Giorgio Armani has gloss out that is called Midnight Lip shimmer, I’d love to see how it looks. And last but not least, could you do a review of like giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation vs DiorSkin Flash Airbrush Foundation? thank you so much! Sorry if i’m bothering you, i know that was a lot of questions!

  12. Saira

    Hi Christine,

    Hope you are well. The Hello Kitty has finally come out here – yaaaay!! I’ve read on the internet about the HK pigment called Deep Blue Green. Do you know if this pigment is similar in colour to Plumage eyeshadow? I have Plumage already and it’s a really dark green (kind of black-green in a way) and I’ve seen Deep Blue Green pigment described in the same way but the shades look a little different online. Did you like Deep Blue Green and do you think it is similar to Plumage? Thanks.

    • It’s similar, but not really. Plumage is really dark, and since it’s matte… it’s hard to compare the two!

      I do like Deep Blue Green, though. It’s very dark and dramatic, goes on like butter.

  13. Lorraine

    This may be a bit late, but I need to know about tinted brow gels. Will they work on very thin brows? Also, will they give them enough color? (I have very light brows, and about medium brown hair)Thanks!

  14. ashley

    ok, i just picked up the last”host popular” lipstick from hk from my mac store….its broken at the base :( i was thinking of returning it, but i love the colour, pls pls pls is there anyway i can save this gem????

    • You could try to melt it back – try melting the broken end and the residue leftover (you can just run a lighter around it for a few seconds).

  15. hippo

    Christine – after your YSL rouge volupte recommendations – I am a fan!

    what are your top 10 makeu favorites currently?

  16. anne

    hi christine! MAC’s HK collection will be released next week in my country. I am tempted to get ALOT of stuff. Particularly the lipglasses (Sweet Strawberry, Nice to be Nice and Fast Friends in particular).Do you think these are worth the splurge? or should i save my money for the Dazzleglass collection?

  17. Whirl

    Hi Christine,just wondering if you have already gotten pictures of Dior’s summer collection.
    Not the one with the bronsers,the usual one.
    I had a sneak peek at the eye shadows and shimmer powder,they’re beyond bold and colorful!
    You’re sure to stumble upon that color burst.

  18. debbie

    I love your eyebrows! Do you mind telling me what products (if any) you use to get them to look so perfect and match your hair color. I have black hair and black eyebrows and I don’t know whether to use pencil, powder, wax or mascara for them. thanks

  19. Kathleen

    Hi Christine, I am sorry to request this suddenly. But do you mind doing a look with Dior Twilight Quint and Stylish Move Quint? I bought them, but don’t know how to do with them…thank you so much for your time.

  20. Chynna

    Hi Christine,
    I started using honey on my skin to try to unclog my pores (I read that Padma Lakshmi uses honey to do the same). How much of a difference has honey made for your skin (I’ve read about you trying to get your skin clear and I’ve been trying to do the same!)?

  21. Katya

    Hi, i have a q-n…, i have never used NYX makeup before, and im thinking to order some of it, but before i do, i was wondering how good is the quality of their eyeshadows…(pigment color, sorftness, etc..)

    • I think they have pretty good pigmentation, Katya — especially for their price. I’d say their quality can be as good as higher end brands like MAC.

  22. Ashley

    Ok, so I’m having issues with organization. I had a train case from Sephora…the medium sized one, but I grew out of it, and now all my eyeshadows (mainly MAC and a couple Dior and Chanel quads)are in a make up bag, and I spend too much time rummaging around for the color I’m looking for, and I feel like I forget about a lot of the colors I already own!
    How do you organize your make up? What kind of train case do you have?

    • I don’t use my traincase for storage, I only use it for traveling 😛

      I keep my shadows in palettes, and then I have those on top of my drawer-organizers. I keep separate plastic bins of different brands (like Chanel, Dior, etc.).

  23. Grace

    Hi Christine!

    I’ve just stumbled across your site, and I absolutely love it! I will definitely be checking up on it now :)

    My question is: What is your favourite lipglass from MAC?

  24. Megan

    Hi Temptalia!

    I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on “cutting the crease”.

  25. Stephanie

    Hey Christine,
    Can you compare with swatches “Melrose Mood” and “Saint Germain” Lipsticks. I don’t know if I should buy Saint Germain if I own Melrose mood. THANKS!

  26. shonn

    Hi Christine.
    I will be near a pro store next month. I don’t have one near me at all, so I want to make the best of my visit. What is a few items there that you would definitely not pass up…that you cannot get elsewhere. Thanks

    • Ask them about the PRO only eyeshadows and pigments. Those are my two stand outs. If you like contouring/shaping, they have Sculpt & Shape that’s perm there.