Friday, May 20th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

Are there products you love to look at but never buy because you don’t think they’ll work for you? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerMaybe false eyelashes — I usually look but rarely buy, just because I know I am unlikely to ever wear them!

Thanks to CeeBee for today’s question!

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65 thoughts on “Are there products you love to look at but never buy because you don’t think they’ll work for you?

  1. Alexis

    Blushes. I am not a fan of wearing anything face products wise with the exception of face powder. I just don’t care for it. But I secretly want Nars Exhibit A.

  2. Amy

    Mascara. I’ve only bought one and only cuz it was a beautiful purple. I hate the TINIEST clump. I also hate how most just looks creepy on. I might just end up buying false lashes if anything.

  3. I am with you on false eyelashes! I read about them a lot on Japanese fashion blogs and in Japanese fashion magazines but it’s wayyyy too much trouble for me.

    • Queentut

      And I’m with all of you who say false lashes. They are so pretty on some women but I end up looking like a Vegas Showgirl no matter what.

  4. JC

    interesting question. i admire a lot of concealers and foundations even though i know how sensitive my skin is. i’ve been wanting to try nars’ foundation as well as mufe hd again for quite some time now… as well as eve pearl’s salmon concealers.

    • Marie

      If I can give one pece of advice: just try. :)

      I have very sensisitve skin as well, and had given up on foundations, but I gave it a try thanks to a nice MUA, and I’m glad I did.
      Some foundations claiming to be formulated for sensitive skin have damaged my skin, and “regular” foundations did good. You cannot trust claims. You just have to try. :)

  5. Marian

    Colored eyeliners.

  6. tori

    Definitely Liquid eyeliner. I love the strong bold look people create with liquid liner, but I’ve tried and tried and tried, but I’ve never been able to get a hold of it.

  7. eyelash curlers! i hate using them & don’t feel they make a huge difference.

    • Morgan P.

      I never use eyelash curlers either! I am lucky to have long eyelashes anyways, but those things just seem like medieval torture devices and yes, they don’t seem to make much difference.

      Anyways, I’ve never even tested a bronzer and wouldn’t dream of buying one. I’m super pale, one might call it “pasty”, and there’s just no way that that stuff is ever going to work on me.

      • Angela

        They make a huge difference on Asians though. Most Asians don’t have curled eyelashes, they’re either straight or point downwards, and an eyelash curler really makes a difference :)

      • Adrienne

        Yup I see no difference with an eyelash curler

  8. Baby pinks. I looove blue-toned pinks, but they are NOT flattering on my yellow-toned skin at all.

  9. kharanya

    Hi, been lurking a long time, but just had to respond to this since I was cleaning out my stash. Totally second false eyelashes! I have a few pairs I bought intending to try, but I’m too chicken 😛

  10. cee bee certainly asks alot of questions….the beauty cremes by sisley, estee lauder, la prairie, cle de peu, guerlain,…all the high end cosmetics face cremes…except for Santa Maria Novella.

  11. Jessica

    Bold colored eyeshadows like NARS Rated R. They look really pretty on the pans but I know I am not going to wear them.

  12. John

    Cream bronzers and highlighters. They look soo beautiful, like NARS Multiples, etc.. But cream products just don’t work well for my oily skin, except maybe a cream under-eye concealer. Also blushes in any form because as a guy, blush just looks gross on me. No matter how sheer, what color, or what application technique, they just make me look completely unnatural; I look like a clown. It’s seriously scary stuff. xD

  13. xiao

    i feel like i should give up on liquid liners, falsies, liquid blush/eyeshadows. But I love looking and looking often translates to impulse buying :(

  14. Shelby

    Cream & Gel blush. I’m afraid with my oily skin it would just be a waste of money.

    • Jadyn

      I have SUPER oily skin and it’s extremely acne prone BUT I love NARS creme blushes. They are a good creme to powder consistency but they still feel light on the skin. I also love tarte cheek stains. They leave a really nice flush to the face WITHOUT sitting on top of your skin.

      • Shelby

        I had been wondering about the Tarte cheek stains! Maybe I’ll check them out the next time I’m at Sephora…

  15. Mariana

    lipsticks/glosses… i love them, have a ton, want to wear them but i never do.

  16. Flick

    bright coloured eyeshadows! they’re pretty in pan but honestly doesn’t flatter on me!

  17. Steph

    For me it’s primer. Maybe I just haven’t found one that would work for me. I don’t have oily skin but they all feel really greasy.

  18. Liz Mc

    Frosty shadows and pigments. I love how they looked swatched on my hand but I KNOW they’ll make my 47 year old eyelids look as wrinkled as crumpled paper.

  19. Anna

    Mineralize Skinfinishes! They are so pretty and colorful but would just make me look more oily…

    • Jen

      The trick is just placing highlighters where they belong…high on the cheekbones…MSF’s are a great investment if you want a great highlighter.

  20. Lip stick! I have lots of glosses in my repetoire but I am terrified to wear lipstick- I’m afraid of looking too made up or chosing colours that don’t suit.

  21. Soley

    SUPER neon eyeshadows!

  22. These pre-painted nails, they come in stunning designs, pink frenchtips with flowers, and they are sooo beautiful to look at, but I dont think it will look good on my fingernails

  23. false eyelashes, too -i think i’ll make a total mess on using them-. and lipglosses: i like them, but i have quite dry lips. they’ll totally look awful on me.
    for the rest, i’d like to think at myself as a sperimental spirit :)

  24. Ana

    I was admiring orange lipstick from afar and finally decided to just buy M’Orange from MAC. I’m in love with it now.

  25. Kate

    Urban Decay Naked Palette – Looks sooo perty and heard so many great things, but… the palette looks a bit on the warm side for my pale cool toned skin

    • Bianca

      i have very fair cool skin and i have been able to use every color! its become my favorite palatte

  26. May

    Blue eyeshadows, blue is suppose to make brown eyes pop but I’l too old for that. Red lipstick….just no.

  27. bxboricua

    false lashes and red lips…but I still really want Chanel Dragon

  28. Jen

    Surprisingly it’s nail polish for me. I can’t wear nail polish all the time because of my job and if I did, it would fade right away due to the nuclear soap we use at work. It would be a waste of money. But I always look at colors.

  29. emi s.

    brightly colored eyeshadow – i love to look, but i prefer a more natural look on myself

  30. Oh yeah and anything with the word Bronzer in it, I just know it’d look terrible on me!

  31. mnm

    Nars Multiple in Orgasm. I just love the creamy texture and color, but with my oily skin I dont think it would work for me. Colored eyeliners is another one, I stress out trying to decide what color I should get, and end up just getting black or brown. LOL. I feel like the cheaper ones always smudge, so I would rather get a higher end one, but I dont want to spend alot on a color I may not like. ‘sigh’

    • Angelcat47

      I buy cheap eyeliners and set them with a bit of powder on a fluffy brush…works great!!

  32. Yelena

    lipglosses/lipsticks and blushes. i love them but i just would rather wear lipbalm and call it a day with nothing on my cheeks.

  33. MostlyM3

    That’s my problem! I keep buying things even though I know they won’t work on me but I think – maybe just this once! I have been trying to make peach lipstick work for forever. Not gonna happen, but maybe with the right formula….

  34. Quinctia

    Blush! I spend so much time trying to reduce the flush in my face, I honestly don’t see the point in using blush. I do own a blush quad, but it was like $2 and more of a way to reassure myself that I wasn’t nuts, I really don’t need blush. XD

  35. t_zwiggy

    Bright lipstick!!! Teal eyeshadow. Gold eyeshadow (and warm browns). Cream and liquid cheek products.

  36. Rosanna

    MAC Saint Germain Lipstick. So pretty but too cool and too pastel. ;'(

  37. Leticia

    Eyeshadows in bright colors – I’d love to play with them but I know I would not wear them in real life!

  38. hannah

    light/bright blue eyeliner/eyeshadow

  39. Lindsey D

    Paper eyelashes. They’re beautiful and so cool looking, but I have hooded eyes, so they’d just end up looking crowded and too busy.

  40. Any skincare product that has really pretty packaging, like those from Ettusais or Paul & Joe because I don’t know if my sensitive skin will go crazy after I use them!


  41. Adelita

    Lip liner. Even though I often wear red lipstick, I’ve never experienced my lipstick bleed, so I think I don’t really need one. Thank God!

  42. Jade

    Pink lipstick, baby pinks, and blue-toned pinks look gorgeous in the tube but they look awful on my skintone.
    Also white nail varnish, I’ve always loved it when I see it on other people but as soon as I apply it, I feel like I’m wearing tipex on my nails!

  43. Carrie G

    I love looking at extremely pigmented crazy lipglosses and lipsticks. However i know ill never be caught dead with lime-green lips!

  44. shuz4ever

    False eyelashes – never bought them or worn them, but always check them out at the store and admire them on others. I just think they are going to be really difficult to put on/wear and would look out of place on my already long lashes.

  45. wallflower

    One word: Bronzer! i feel that i would look far too made up with foundation + powder + bronzer + blush + highlighter on my face! i’d rather just skip the bronzer.

  46. Amie

    Most eyeshadows. I just love looking at all the bright MAC colors, and wish that I could pull them off, but I know that I never could.
    I always dream about wearing the beautiful blue colors or the super sparkly ones, but the only colors I ever end up buying are simple neutrals.
    Most people who see my MAC eyeshadow palettes all say that all the colors are the same.

  47. Queentut

    I love liquid eyeliners in all of the color spectrum, but I can’t seem to master the liquid eyeliner technique..I just end up with a mess and have to do my entire eye all over! The pencils are getting better all time though. Also red lipsticks. I love red and how it looks on others, but I’ve yet to find one that I can pull off.

    • Have u tried NYX lipstick in Hero or Snow White, or even the jumbo lip pencil in deep red. These are all beautiful that u might like. Just a suggestion :)

  48. Shalimar

    I would say luxury brands such as Chanel, Guerlain, etc. I always skip past them because as dark complexion person, I feel that it would be too chalky, not show up, etc. Another would be false eyelashes. I wear glasses to this day because I refuse to have my fingers close to my eyes.

  49. Rebecca

    MAC lipglasses. I find that no matter what color they are they all look like clear gloss on me. Its just not worth the money without the color payoff.

  50. Tina

    false lashes i love the idea of them but they never look right on me :( also i always look at soleil de bronze by chanel but i think it wud be too dark for me and its too expensive!

  51. Nope. If I like it enough, I’ll eventually try it.

  52. Body highlighters and finishing sprays. They never really work for me