Saturday, June 4th, 2011

7 Summer Beauty Tips

Summer has kicked off (well, for some of us; even in California, it’s rather gloomy!), and the change in weather means a change in beauty routines!

Go waterproof! Nothing is more budge-, crease-, and smudge-proof than something that is also waterproof or water resistant. You might not be swimming, but the sweat and humidity can take a toll on things like eyeliner and mascara.

Powder, powder, powder! Whenever you apply a cream or liquid product, make sure you set it with powder. I find this is true of my routine year-round but even more so during the warmer months. Keeping a pressed powder compact in your bag is an excellent way to freshen up your face after being outside, too.

Less is more! When it’s just sweltering out, you might just want to wear less makeup. Get creative with the “minimal” look to get you through the hottest days.

Consider cream/gel blushes. These kinds of blushes tend to last longer–blushes that are designed to stain will last longer than your average powder blush, because the sweat won’t break it down as easily.

Apply in layers for all-day wear. For occasions that you want to wear a full face of makeup, remember to layer. For face, wear a primer, followed by your foundation, and if it’s liquid/cream, set with powder. For lips, use a lip liner and apply lipstick with a brush (and top with gloss if desired). For eyes, do mascara last and allow foundation to fully set before applying.

Find a good sunscreen that works under makeup. Ideally, you want a sunscreen with a matte or semi-matte finish. You don’t want anything greasy or that takes forever to absorb. It’s also important to give it enough time to sink in before applying any base makeup to ensure the makeup sits on the skin well.

Try a tinted moisturizer! This is one of my favorite products for the summer, because most tinted moisturizers also contain SPF, so you can quickly apply it and achieve sheer coverage–enough to even out minor imperfections and give skin an overall more polished appearance (for those of us not blessed with perfect skin!).

Feel free to share your summer beauty tips in the comments! :)

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50 thoughts on “7 Summer Beauty Tips

  1. I love to wear cream eyeshadows in summer. Like the MAC paintpot in Groundwork or Rubenesque.It stays longer as compared to powder eyeshadows.

  2. Kimmie T

    Can you recommend a good sun screen?

    • Clarins UV Plus SPF 40, Neutrogena Dry Touch, Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream (or Lotion) for Face.

    • Patricia

      Kimmie, try Elta MD sunscreen, it’s the best, trust me. I used to hate sunscreen n the feeling of it. This is medical grade n been featured by many derms as well magazines. U can get it at or any major spas. I hv oily/acne skin, I love the UV Shield SPF 45. No whitecast n blendable w makeup.

  3. Cherokee

    Great tips Christine. I purchased a few cream highlights for the summer because as you stated, sweat breaks down powder foundations. When it is extremely hot, I wear nothing but moisturizer, lipgloss and cute sunglasses.

  4. Samantha

    Hey Christine! Great post, as always. I swear I read in another post about you recommending a kryolan setting spray that essentially makes your makeup waterproof. Am I just imagining things?! That sounds helpful for summer… What is the products exact name? Thanks for your help:)

  5. I love Missha BB Cream for summer & low maintenance days- for those not familiar w/ BBs, they’re similar to tinted moisturizer, but with (usually) more coverage & skin benefits like brightening & antiaging. The Missha one I use in the red tube is also an SPF 45+++ so it’s perfect for summer!

    I’d also add that carrying a pressed powder compact is great for touching up, but those w/ drier skin or who just prefer loose powder may like to carry a retractable brush along with the compact. The brush will apply the powder in a lighter, more diffused manner, which will keep it from getting cakey or feeling tight on the skin :)

  6. Amanda

    Can you recommend a good sunscreen to wear under makeup?

  7. I find that tracing over eyeliner with a powder shadow helps keep it from melting in the heat. Even good liners that never smudge will melt on me in hot weather.
    A setting spray also helps keep makeup in place.

  8. AnGeLwInGz

    summer beauty tip: Stay Moisturized! Use a good lip balm and body lotion. You may have to choose a non-scented or less perfumey lotion than you would normally wear (B&BW has some wonderful scents but they contain a lot of alcohol and will not keep you moisturized for long). Also drink LOTS of water. Your body and especially your skin will thank you for it.

  9. Polly

    What if you have acne/scars and need a full face of foundation?
    I know you shouldn’t wear MU at the beach, but I’m going on a girls holiday where it’s all about looking good/partiying etc. TM won’t cut it for me :( Any tips? I use a primer and setting powders and mists etc.

    • I’d just use your regular routine then – if you already prime and set! Keep a pressed powder or maybe some oil blotting sheets along to look your best. And there is NO rule about not wearing makeup at the beach – lots of us go and just hang out, not necessarily to get in the water! :) Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t!

      • Polly

        Yeah, I think I’ll have to try that out. I’m going somewhere where it’s like 40degreesC (never been somewhere like that before) and I WILL be jumping in the pool/sea! 😀 Maybe I’ll do a waterproof test at my local pool :)

    • Nicole

      It’s super expensive, but Guerlain’s Parure Extreme is the best full coverage foundation I have ever tried. I suggest asking for a sample to test it out yourself. Once it sets on the skin, that stuff isn’t going anywhere! I usually have to blot or powder in the middle of the day, but it stays looking flawless. I wore it a lot last summer.

  10. Can you suggest a semi matte or matte, non greasy effective sunscreen with at least 30 SPF?

  11. Caroline

    I love love love your blog! Whenever I want a review of something I check if you did it first, because you always have the latest releases and best pictures! Thank you!

  12. Vvn

    Hi Christine!
    Great Tips 😀 What sunscreens do you recommend for a semi-matte finish that will absorb relatively quickly without the greasy feeling for face? Thankyou!!

  13. hmm, I’m pretty new to creamy products, do you need to use powder on them? I was kinda thinking it’s nicer in the summer to only use cream products as the powder on top might make it patchy when you get hot and sweaty? :)

    • I find cream products will melt off if I don’t set with powder when it’s really hot – I don’t get patchiness using powder.

  14. Megan

    I do find that I tend to get patchy when I set with powder in the summer. It’s not noticeable from a distance, but really close up…ew.

    So I usually opt out of totally covering my face in anything. Well, except sunscreen. Sunscreen, concealer, a cream highlighter, a small dab of cream blush (it’s hot; you’ll be flushed anyway!), and fill eyebrows in (set those with Anastasia gel…unless you’re fully in water, it won’t go anywhere). If I’m really ambitious, I’ll curl lashes and just use mascara right at the root of the lashes–I get a bit more eye definition, and if it melts to the tips of my lashes, it’s still not enough to smudge.

    And water–yes. Lots and lots of water. Your skin will thank you for it…and you won’t feel like you need to use so many products if you’re well-moisturized from the inside out!

  15. I’m all about super bright lipstick for summer! I usually wear a tinted moisturizer, waterproof mascara, and a bright lipstick (I especially love MAC’s Impassioned and the new Hibiscus lipsticks). I also use a cream bronzer just to add some color to my face and keep it from looking “flat”.

  16. Mariella

    Okay – dumb question. If you wear a cream blush, do you set it with a powder blush or with a translucent powder? I guess I’m confused by the seeming conflict of creams needing to be set with powders so they don’t melt but powders breaking down in hot, sweaty conditions.

    • I usually set with a similar colored blush and lightly set everything with translucent powder :)

      • Hilary

        Hi, am pleased with the tips re sunscreen. I love all your make up tips but in fact all I normally use each and every day is serum, moisturiser and loose powder plus blush. However like most people I am becoming more and more aware that 80% of ageing is the sun – am in UK and we are currently having a wonderful summer has been going on since mid April! So I am thinking of using a sunscreen on a daily basis now as well -my moisturiser contains SPF 15 (Olay) but there is no indication eg using the star system on what the overall UVA/UVB protection is so am going to add in one of the sunscreens you have kindly listed. Anyway, on my serum it says apply to clean skin and it should be first thing to go on skin. However I think you are saying use the sunscreen before any other product? Which is correct order please? Should it be sunscreen, serum then moisturiser then primer if one is used?

        • I believe it is serum, sunscreen, moisturizer, makeup. If it’s a chemical-based sunscreen, it’s more important to put it on earlier rather than later in the routine.

        • Patricia

          I also use serum day and night, I always put sunscreen at the end before makeup primer or I skip primer. I believe sunscreen has to be the last step, because it’s like a protection of all and your face gets hit by the sun right away. I used to work at leading Japanese skincare company. Serum is before moisturizer.

  17. Niki

    I agree 100% with the minimalist approach to make up during the summer.

    Do you have a tutorial on how to wear cream/gel blushes? I have three or four of them and have no idea how to use them.

  18. Sandy

    Christine, this is my first summer reading the blog, but do you review sunscreens? For instance, I saw a Peter Thomas Roth powder sunscreen at Sephora the other day that I’m curious about, and it seems like many of us would like suncare guidance (and trust your reviews)!

  19. Angelcat47

    I cannot stand any type of liquid/cream sunscreen….I LOVE BareMinerals SPF 30…comes in a tube with a brush attached.It is so lightweight that you can also touch up with it repeatedly without it getting cakey and a tube lasts almost a year with daily use.

  20. Michelle

    Hi Christine! Which kind of tinted moisturizers would you recommend for nc20 shade and sensitive skin? Btw I love your blog!

  21. Sari

    I ‘ve been wanting to try a tinted moisturizer so badly but I ‘m hesitant to because anything & everything makes me break out , I don ‘t even use a regular moisturizer as a part of my skincare regimen . But I don ‘t think I could get away with such sheer coverage anyways .

  22. Carrie Ann

    One thing I like to do is use a blush like Tarte Cheek Stain after I put my moisturizer on, but before my foundation. When you pat your foundation over it lightly, it looks more like a natural flush or glow.

    • I love Tarte’s cheek stains! Tipsy is a favorite to wear on no-make up days. Sometimes I top it off with NARS Deep Throat. Gorgeous combo.

  23. Jaime

    Christine, what is the best waterproof liner? I’ve read people say Mac’s liquid liner, Bobbi Brown’s gel liner, Stila…what do you think?

    • MAC Liquidlast was really a great liner, though it’s discontinued now. MAC’s Superslick liners are definitely waterproof but easier to remove than Liquidlasts were. I like MUFE Aqua Liners, MAC Superslick, Stila Sparkle.

  24. Mallory

    What are your favorite drugstore waterproof mascaras?

  25. Sydney

    a great way to keep skin looking good in the summer is to drink lots of water and avoid sugary drinks.they dehydrate your skin causing imperfections. you should have at least 8 glasses of water a day. even more if you are outside a lot.this will keep your skin looking rejuvinated and glowing

  26. Amy Ashford

    I love summer it is by far the best season ever but my skin always reacts bad to the heat so when it comes to summer i believe that less is more try putting and primer on and then just some powder dont bother with foundation as it will clog up your pores but if you really want to cover up dark circles and blemishes use a dot of conceler xxxx

  27. Tinted moisturizer is useful in summer season but please tell me how many times i can use it of a day. Thanks

  28. jasminemahal

    i like mac fixedstudio nc35 its very gud in summers.