Friday, May 8th, 2009

7 Must-Have MAC Dazzleglasses

About the Temptalia Must-Haves Series
A series of posts showcasing must-have products from MAC Cosmetics’ permanent line of products. Selections are based on quality, universality, uniqueness amongst the line, and the like. Limited edition shades are deliberately excluded to make buying easier. Readers’ comments act as a supplement to these lists of their favorites and must-haves. You can find the entire series here.

Smile dazzleglass is a shimmery confection of peachy gloss with pink and gold pearl shimmer. Just a natural/easy-to-wear kind of color.

Steppin’ Out dazzleglass is a pretty in pink shade with lighter pink shimmer. It’s not really a hot pink, though it looks like it; it’s more wearable, because the formula runs sheer.

Love Alert dazzleglass is a deeper, more opaque raspberryish-pink shade with subtle dazzle shimmer. Looks almost like a lip stain.

Funtabulous dazzleglass is a fuchsia-purple shade with light and bright purple shimmer reflects in it. This is fabulous layered over hot pink and purple lipsticks.

See three more must-haves!

Extra Amps dazzleglass is an incredibly shimmering, dazzling pale pink with light pink reflects. This one has a lot of “dazzle” effect on the lips.

Money Honey dazzleglass is a medium with a little kick, mauvey pink with lots of similar toned glitter reflects. This has always been one of my favorites, because it is incredibly wearable.

Baby Sparks dazzleglass is a milky pink gloss base with almost multicolored reflects glinting in it.

What are your favorite dazzleglasses?

References: You can find lip swatches here, here, and here; swatches here and here.

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60 thoughts on “7 Must-Have MAC Dazzleglasses

  1. Margot

    I am in love with Money, Honey since this is the first Dazzleglass I bought. I also have a couple others. Baby Sparks is really nice on lips and I love the glitter in this one and steppin’ out (that I just got) gives me a perfect pink pout. I’d like to put my hand on Extra Amps now :p

  2. dani

    i have all but 2, extra amps and steppin’ out.
    hmmmm maybe i should get those 2 because i LOVE dazzleglass!

  3. I already have Steppin` Out and Money Honey, Love Alert wasnยดt a flattering colour on me so I gave it away. I canยดt wait for DD to arrive in the Swedish MAC-“stores”. Iยดm definitly getting at least 3 more shades.

  4. I LOVE Utterly Posh and I HATE that it’s a LE. I think Baby Sparks is as well. I also like Date Night and Moth to Flame.

  5. Wilcoa

    I bought Love Alert and Steppin’ Out, love ’em…. but I don’t know if it’s only me, but it seems like I’m going through the gloss quickly – like it’s not lasting me long :S

    • Margot

      I know !! I’ve used it a couple of times, but not that much and suddenly i look at the tube and I was like “OMG I used THAT much ?”

      But I think that there isn’t much in a tube, there’s less than in a lipglass tube : we’re being ripped off !!

      • kara

        Well i’m glad to know i’m not the only one! i thought it was just me! mine are half empty & only used 3-4 times

        • Nicole15

          Yes, i think everyone is dealing with this. If anyone has looked at their dazzleglass tube right out of the box, you will notice it seems to be already missing some product. i thought mine had been used, but the MA said they are all like that. Not sure the reason behind it, but i am definitely blowing through these quicker than lipglasses which stinks cause they cost more. ERRRR…..

        • Jen

          Same here! This has happened with some of my lipglasses too, I used my Lightswitch a few times and it’s literally at the halfway point. >:(

      • There is less by weight in a dazzleglass tube than a regular lipglass, FYI!

    • Oh, it’s not you — they put less in them than a lipglass.

  6. Natalie

    I love Date Night. The pearls in there are just amazing :) I also love Sugarimmed as well.

  7. Nars

    I just got my Goldyrocks today, and it looks gorgeous! …though it wasn’t exactly the gold shade I was looking for. Smile instantly caught my attention, and since it’s not limited edition I’m going to take my time to get it. :) I was surprised that Rags to Riches seemed a lot pinkier than I initially thought. Other than that MAC did not decide to re-release Comet Blue I’m very satisfied with all the dazzleglasses that came out this time!

  8. Dee

    I love Bare Necessity and Goldyrocks. I actually had to watch myself because they’re already more than halfway gone.

  9. I have funtabulous and extra amps…. i am still getting used to dazzleglass though.

  10. Extra Amps and Smile are both gorgeous!! I’ve been wanting Steppin’ Out and Funtabulous for awhile! Also, I would love to get Baby Sparks again soon.

  11. francesca

    Like Venus!

  12. Nicole15

    I have Smile & Funtabulous and I am so in love with both these colors. I really want to get Extra Amps & Money Honey.

    Did anyone see the new dazzleglasses coming out in the Euristocrats collection??? OMG – they are so gorgeous. Spotted them online & they are gorgeous.

  13. Aire2be

    My dazzleglass favorites are: Utterly posh, get rich quick, goldyrocks, like venus, love alert, and funtabulous. I’m going to really miss Utterly posh and goldyrocks since they are LE. :0(

  14. msviolet

    I love Date Night, Utterly Posh, and Funtabulous. A pink, a purple, and a coral! I’ll probably be buying refills of each color soon…sigh…they just go so quickly!

  15. Ceci

    Love Like Venus, Date Night, Love Alert, Funtabulous, and Utterly Posh!

  16. Rachel

    question: are all the dazzleglasses LE this time around or will some of them be perm after the promotion?

  17. Money HoneY! Absolutely gorgeous!!!! Then I like Smile and Bare necessity

  18. Martha

    For some reason I thought you were going to have Rag to Riches d/l, since to me when I saw them at the counter it looked like is the most sparkly one. Btw, I just registered to your site.

    • Hey Martha! They all have pretty good sparkle, I think ๐Ÿ˜‰ Money Honey is my very fave, though, if I had to pick one.

      Welcome to the site!

  19. Jen

    I have Bare Necessity and Baby Sparks. I would not have picked up BN but my MUA had me try it over Spirit and it was amazing. I actually use it more than Baby Sparks which was the one I went in to purchase! Isn’t it funny how they truly know best, it’s like listening to your Mom!

  20. Glam

    I think I own just about every Dazzelglass! I love sparkly things!!Right now I have on Bare Neccessity

  21. JessicaM

    I’m new to this make-up obsession thing and my only MAC product, which is ironically on your list, extra amps :)

  22. aksaiyo

    Can you help rec a dazzleglass, or whatever glass that doesn’t add much color to my lip colors but has gold glitters in it?
    I looking for something like bling black glimmerglass (from style black) but not black, just the gold glitter and glass. Thanks!

  23. Wendy M.

    Hi Christine!
    I love how Dazzleglasses look but I wouldn’t know which one(s) to buy. :\
    I think they’d look hot on a night out. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Can you recommend me a pink (not too pale/light) and a coral-y one?
    Thanks! :)

  24. Sri

    wow… I’m new to MAC and absolutely love my only one dazzleglass, steppin’ out
    oh, so tempting to buy another Dazzle’s shades.. ๐Ÿ˜€

    May I asking? What’s the difference between Dazzleglass and Dazzleglass Creme? are Dazzleglass Cremes worth to buy?