Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

5 Spring Blushes

We can’t forget some of the pretty blushes from spring either!

What was your favorite spring blush this year?

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36 thoughts on “5 Spring Blushes (2011 Edition)

  1. I wish Bella Bamba were cheaper. If it was, I’d have bought it, but as it is…

  2. Carrie

    Lancome’s butterfly one. I love how it just adds a subtle hint of glow on me. It’s my favorite blush right now!

  3. I wish I had bought Guerlain Blush G Serie Noire when I had the chance. I always do that to myself. I think “Oh, I’ll have plenty of time to buy it later if I still want it.” And of course I can’t buy it later and am stuck with an unfulfillable lemming! Ugh!

  4. Rae

    Can I just take a moment to say that I am LOVING the “five ways” posts? :o) I mean, I’ve read them all already – but now I’m reading them all *again*. Which makes very little sense in terms of redundancy, but whatever! 😛

  5. I love Bella Bamba! My favorite spring blush is this and Coralista 😀

  6. cloroxcowgirl

    I’m looking for a light peachy pink blush, haven’t found one that is exactly the color I want yet. I like Everyday Minerals New Car Smell for a straight up springy peach blush.

  7. lazeny

    I have both Chanel JC Espeigle and Guerlain Blush G Series Noir, both are absolutely beautiful and the most used blushes on my stash recently :)

  8. mine is… Sakura from the Quite Cute LE by MAC!

  9. M@rsy

    I know its about new products but I still love sugar bomb from benefit

  10. I’m waiting for Bella Bamba to arrive in the mail. I can’t wait to try it out!

  11. heidi

    Actually ELf is fuscia fucsion

  12. Neha

    I love love Chanel Espiegle Joues Contraste!!

  13. Carrie Ann

    Bella Bamba. I also love Mighty Aphrodite from the MAC Wonder Woman collection. I think that’s a pretty spring color. So is Pink Cult from the Jeanius collection.

  14. I’m loving MAC Fleur Power right now, as well as Silk Naturals Lovelace and Meow’s Pink Lemonade.

  15. Julia

    I’ve fallen in love with Bella Bamba. In the past, I’ve often gone for more muted shades, but Bella Bamba looks great on me (I’m NW15-20).

  16. Becky

    I love Bella Bamba <3 The color is so gorgeous!

  17. Jennifer

    Mac Peachtwist and NYX Terra Cotta

  18. Mariella

    I got Coralista a while back and while corals and peach shades aren’t my favourites, I am looking forward to wearing it this spring/summer.

  19. NYX in Angel, MAC’s Play it Proper

  20. Alyssa

    This is probably really anal but would you be able to make the images clickable links? It’s so much easier than scrolling down and clicking the name. It’s just an idea if it’s not too much work. I appreciate everything you do Christine!

  21. ak

    MAC Saffron eyeshadow from the MAC Mickey Contractor collection that I use as a blush is my fave blush ever and my fave blush from this spring!

  22. Katie Coleman

    Oh wow, that Chanel blush is gorgeous :0)

  23. Kathy

    I totally love love love Bella Bamba! I’ve used it practically everyday since i Got it a month or so ago. totally brightens up the face!

  24. Becca

    I’m currently on the search for the perfect Spring blush for myself. I find that most peach colored blushes are too bronze for me…or perhaps I’m just picking the wrong ones, right now I’m loving the MUFE HD blushes in 4 & 5 for a bit more bright color than my normal MAC Brit Whit & NARS Douceur

  25. Joy

    Any drugstore dupes please?

  26. Jessica

    I love Torrid by NARS for the spring.. its such a pretty coral =)

  27. Traci

    I love the benefit bella bamba, but the lancome one is very pretty too! I also really like mighty aphrodite from mac wonder woman.

  28. kfm

    I have both the Guerlain and Lancome blushes and I absolutely adore both. I haven’t been able to find the Transluminence one here (Canada), which is probably lucky for my wallet… Good choices!

  29. Sam

    I use Chanel’s Espiegle almost every day (even in the fall) and it is sooo beautiful and easy to use. It’s a fantastic spring blush.

  30. Andreea

    Lancome Glowy Ballerine Butterflies Fever Blush. It’s absolutely GORGEOUS!

  31. cathyblanton

    CHANEL – It’s all about CHANEL for me!!! Love the product and their packaging…

    The Espiegle Joues Contraste is a gorgeous color… and even their tweed blushes… I have the tweed fuchsia.

    LOVE them!!!

  32. Autumn

    I purchse the Lancome Butterflies Fever the day it came out because of your wonderful blog! I get so many compliments! However, since it is part of the Spring collection they are sold out and not looking to bring it back. Christine, do you have any recommendations on a dupe for it so I can recommend to others? Xxoo