Saturday, January 9th, 2010

5 Minute Face: Joie-de-Vivre Cremeblend Blush

As promised, I wanted to show you how to use MAC’s new Cremeblend Blushes in a look. They can be worn on lips (yes, I’ll do lip swatches — probably today or tomorrow!) or cheeks, and the intensity is very buildable; you don’t need much to get a little color on the cheeks, but it really depends on what you’re going for. I was kind of bummin’ a bit on Friday, so I just wanted to do something quick, easy, and minimal.

Forgot to tell you the most important piece of the puzzle… it wore well.  I was running around the house a bit re-organizing my makeup, and it lasted pretty well.  I’d say it did fade a bit by hour six or so, but it was noticeable even when I went to remove later in the evening.  I do, typically, prefer to use a cream blush as a base and then lightly apply a powder blush or else a powder highlighter on top, then set my entire face with loose powder.  In this look, I just set with loose powder at the end (wanted to make sure you could *see* Joie-de-Vivre on its lonesome!).

How have you been wearing the new Cremeblend Blushes?  What application method are you using?  Share your tips & tricks with me and your fellow Temptalia readers!

You will need the following…

For eyes, simply coat lashes with one or two light coats of Plushlash mascara for a very minimal, but noticeable, effect.

For cheeks, apply Joie-de-Vivre blush to the apples of the cheeks and sweep upwards towards the temple with the 188. Use the a fluffier blush brush like the 116 to gently blend color out.

For lips, apply Lush & Bright lip gelee for some sparkle.

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96 thoughts on “5 Minute Face: Joie-de-Vivre Cremeblend Blush

  1. Wow! Joie-de-Vivre looks gorgeous on you! Can you comment on it’s wear yet? It looks so perfect for an easy everyday blush but for some reason I’m a little afraid of using cream blushes hahaha. My skin’s combo so not too oily on the cheeks, but I feel like the pores on my cheeks are a little more noticeable now than they ever used to be. Thanks!

    • DUH. Just updated the post with the wear comments.

      It does wear well – I think if you aren’t oily, you won’t have any problems with it. I found it to wear well for six hours or so before I noticed any fading at all, but it was only minimal fading. I took off my makeup after about eight hours of wear, and I could still tell it was there.

      • LOL. I should have waited a little bit.

        Thanks for letting us know! I’m … a little on the oily side I think, so maybe I’ll test drive this first. It really does look gorgeous though!

  2. lauraaaaaaaa


  3. You look soooooo pretty with such a minimal amount of makeup :)

  4. Shelly

    Ooo Joie-de-Vivre is very beautiful, I was initially attracted to it when I saw your arm swatches but now I definitely must have it! I hope it works well applied with fingers–I have 2 Tarte cheekstains and I use my ring finger to dab it across my cheeks.

  5. phuong k

    Christine! Thanks so much for posting this. I really like this look on you. May I add that your skin is looking great! Seriously! :)

  6. Diane

    Is this cream blush LE?

    Looks great on you!

    Do you apply it initially with fingers?

    • It’s LE as far as I know!

      I used the 188 brush to stipple it on, blend a bit, and then finished blending with the 116. You could, though, use fingers. I would (because I’m a germaphobe) apply it with the 188 brush to stipple it on and then use fingers to warm it up and blend it out.

  7. grace

    i dont have any brushes :( can you still use it with fingers?

    thanks for the post!

  8. Teresa

    Thank you for showing us the wear of these cremeblushes 😀 I really like So Sweet, So Easy and thought it would be nice for lips :) So excited to hear you will be doing lip swatches! Thank you! :)

  9. Rachel

    That looks super natural/subtle pretty on you! If I wasn’t so averse to cream blushes..I’d be all about that one! Super duper pretty :)

  10. Tami

    This is the only cremeblush I purchased from this collection. Thanks for posting this Christine!

  11. Too cute! It’s quick and fun! I love the naturalness (is that a word?) of the blush!

  12. Adriana

    I’m amazed! You look gorgeous, i love this kind of makeup

  13. Adriana

    but, i have a question Christine, i went to a shop where the girl from Natura Bisse (i don’t know if you know this band) told me that if i wear a tinted moisturizer also i need to put a normal moisturizer on my face. Is it true? or what’s your opinion?

    • It’s really up to you. I’ve done it both ways, and I don’t think it matters, at least not for me. I typically don’t put on makeup until a few hours after I’ve taken a shower, so I do tend to wear both a moisturizer and tinted moisturizer in the end.

      If you have drier skin, it’s probably a good idea to wear both. If you don’t or if you have oilier skin, you may not need to.

  14. This blush looks great on you, Christine! You’re a natural beauty :)

  15. Jennifer

    I ordered that cremeblend blush from MAC a few days ago. I am so glad I did! From all I’ve seen of it , it looks so pretty.

    It looks great on you! Can’t wait to try it out on myself!

  16. Alexandra

    I love cream blushes !! especially the YSL ones, they smell so good, but I have to say, I want those Lillyland ones badly !!!

  17. Giselle

    cute !!! so natural i would use that look for school

  18. Erin

    I’m using my 187 dupe, but putting color on the brush VERY lightly before I stipple and swirl. I thought J-D-V wore really well and it was super long lasting. I bought Optimistic Orange as well and was quite pleased with the results today (NC25-30).

  19. christine k

    Christine, your skin looks amazing!
    I know you have a pretty detailed skin care regimen, but if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, can you share some of your HGs?

    Thank you :):)

    • I change it up ALL the time, but products I will eventually repurchase someday (you know, when I decide to quit abusing my skin by testing new products, lol)…

      Kate Somerville Oil-Free Moisturizer
      Origins What a Difference Ultra-rejuvenating cream
      Chanel Exfoliating Mousse Cleanser
      NARS Hydrating Lotion (toner)
      Kate Somerville ExfoliKate
      Mario Badescu Anti-Acne Products (Drying Lotion, Cream, etc.)

  20. Diane

    One of my local MAC MUA said that she puts on a bright cream blush UNDER her foundationbfor that natural flushed look. I am skeptical…. What do you think?

  21. Joie-de-Vivre Looks so pretty and naturalon you…This was the only blush I bought from that collection…so glad I got it now

  22. I love it! I’m definitely going to pick it up now. I tried So Sweet, So Easy instore but it was too light for my NC40 skin. I’m definitely sold on Joie!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  23. Kate M.

    you look so effortlessly beautiful and glowing! thanks for a great review!

    how similar do you think it is to NARS lokoum? and is NARS more affordable in terms of price/oz?

    lush and bright looks great on you! i’m always looking for new corals!

    • Thanks, Kate! It’s similar, but Lokoum is probably redder. I don’t have the info with me at the moment, but I imagine they’re about the same (MAC is cheaper, but I think NARS might give you a little more — but at a higher price tag).

  24. Carolyn

    This looks beautiful on you! Have you worn So Sweet & Easy, and what do you think of it? Would it work for a warm, NC30-35 skintone? Thanks so much :).

  25. mm

    I florida in my crease with the pearlmatte eyeshadows with so sweet, so easy & florida on the cheeks. I’ve had it on for 17 hrs now & it still looks great.

  26. I love this natural look.

  27. elliiieeee1989

    woowwww!!! you look just so natural and pretty!! just what i want…do you know if they´re launching this collection internationally??? i´m really looking forward to get Joie-de-Vivre and want to know if it´s coming to Spain! 😉

  28. Anitacska

    The blush is pretty, but I especially love the lip gelee! Must get them when the collection comes out in February. 😉

  29. montygrl4131

    I loved this look. Sweet and fresh. I’m always on the hunt for a short face routine because I have to get up very early for work (0345 yuck). I will have to try this one:)

  30. rashmi

    hey christine u r looking so pretty i wonder is this the magic of blush or the magic of ur love hahahahhaa or may be the magic of ur readers blessings …..
    keep up the good work …
    is kiels tin. mos. available only at sephora or somewhere else also …

  31. K

    This is you with no foundation? You have such beautiful, natural skin! Honestly Christine, as much as you love make-up, you are lucky enough to be one of those girls that doesn’t need it at all.

  32. Janette

    do these compare to any of the ones on the permanent line? i have ladyblush and lilicent and i feel like they might look alike on not in pan

  33. amy

    I picked up florida and I love it so far, but I need to learn to use a lighter hand, otherwise I would need to buff down the colour with a bit of bronzer or powder.

  34. Andrea

    Wow Lush & Bright looks very decently pigmented!!!! I always thought Lip Gelee’s were fairly sheer! I think I might have to pick this one up!!

  35. Jenny

    Just a heads up, these blushes are not for use in the lip area.

  36. alice

    You look absolutely adorable! I can’t use MAC creme blushes, but I love Illamasqua’s. This color looks like Illamasqua’s Rude cream blush. But for me, creme blush melds with skin tone, so it’s so difficult to get a feel for the color.

  37. Meghann

    These cremeblend blushes are great. I’m wearing Florida and it’s been 6 hrs and is still on as if I freshly applied it. I do have the pearlmatte powder pink flower on the cheek too. I’m oily but not as much in the winter and this really did work out great. And it’s a pretty shade on my lips as well.

  38. Shan

    you look amazing here!!!

  39. Can I say you look absolutely FABULOUS!!! You truly are an all natural beauty and the blush just highlights that! I have never tried a creme blush, I’ve only used powder, I will give it a try!

  40. Sher

    It looks super pretty on you. I wanted this blush but I think I’ll pass. While it looks gorgeous, it seems like I could dupe it really easily once it is on.

  41. Diane

    Sally Hansen (by Carmindy) makes excellent cream blushes! I like them better than Revlon’s… Plus, the pan is larger than Revlon’s, so it’s easier to get the stippling brush in there. I always do a sweep of powder blush on top to set!

    Christine — have you tried these?

    They probably don’t have the staying power of MAC, but they are much cheaper to test out whether or not you like cream blush.

  42. Jenn

    Have you done the lip swatches yet? Can’t wait to see how they’ll look!

  43. Hilana

    What a gorgeous look on you. Fresh and sexy and young. Awesome. I wish I could get away with that! :)

  44. Fresh

    Lovely. Did you apply anything before putting it on your lips or just directly BAM? haha