Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

5 Great Highlighters

As requested by Noah, here are five of the best highlighters I’ve come across! Dior Skin Shimmer, Guerlain Meteorites, and Bobbi Brown Shimmerbricks are all excellent highlighting products–and they come in more colors than the ones I’ve shown above (e.g. if you are cooler toned, you might like Rose Diamond more than Amber Diamond!).

What’s your favorite highlighter?

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61 thoughts on “5 Great Highlighters

  1. Edelmc

    I use mac cream colour base in shell, hush and plastic fantasic ( it was limited edition cool pink years ago). Next on my list to get is nars the multiple but Guerlain is on my wish list!

  2. Christine

    I love theBalm its fantastic; I also love my meteirites they are so luxuruious :)

  3. I keep hearing great stuff about Mary Lou manizer.

  4. Love these “5” posts, but it would be so wonderful if you could include one drugstore pick along with your high end picks.

    • I only include products I feel really fit the bill (in this case, excellent highlighters), and I think forcing myself to include one just for the sake of having one compromises the integrity of the post. I do, of course, try to look and include a range of options but won’t throw in one if it doesn’t meet the criteria.

  5. I think NARS Albatross and MAC Gold Deposit MSF are also pretty good. I think anyone tanned or lighter complected could use Albatross.

  6. I’m in love with that Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick!

  7. Marie

    Nars Albatross. I love it!

  8. coco72

    I love all my highlighters: Benefit High Beam, NARS the Multiple in Copacabana, Bobbi Brown shimmerbrick in Rose Shimmer, MAC MSF in Petticoat, even my MAC eyeshadow in Femme-fi on my cheeckbone looks fantastic

  9. I do own the Mary-Lou and I think it’s great one! Bobbi Browns looks interesting!

  10. Angela

    I don’t think I’ve used a highlighter before (other than a light shadow under the browbone.) Where to I start and how should I apply it?

  11. baby in a corner

    I’ve wanted the dior one for ages – dunno why I haven’t actually purchased yet!

    I love how you can see how you have refined your swatching and reviewing when you look at old posts – not that there was anything wrong with them but its extra uber polished now!!

  12. fanny

    Kanebo is really good too! Its my fave! I forgot e name tho :) maybe u can help check it out n see for urself! :)

  13. Ann

    MAC Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle! Love it!

  14. Mac Pleasureflush MSF! Plus I also love Guerlain Meteorites (all of them).

  15. Rebecca

    Makeup noob here! Can you please explain how a highlighter differs from an illuminator?

  16. I haven’t tried too many highlighters, although I am pretty fond of the one in LORAC’s Double Feature. It’s a cream concealer stick with a golden liquid highlighter and a roller ball at the top to blend the concealer.

    The highlighter has a doe-foot applicator and you get a pretty decent quantity. The shimmer is nice and subtle, not glittery.

    I’m big on mult-tasking products and Double Feature is nice and portable and the quality is very good.

  17. Mariella

    Mary Lou-manizer is on my “to buy” list (the store where I get The Balm is out of it right now). My favourite highlighter is probably MAC Petticoat or By Candlelight.

  18. Anna

    I like to use whatever eyeshadow I’m using as a highlight as a highlight on the rest of my face. It all ties everything together better I think.

  19. Annia

    I got thebalm Mary-Lou Manizer and Guerlain’s Meteroites in pressed form (I was so lucky .. found it for 50% off!). TheBalm’s Highlighter is seriously amazing!! I didn’t think it would work that great! Exactly like you said in your review .. a little goes a long way. I love using the Meteroites as a finishing powder all over my face. Very light only. Gives me a healthy glow :)

  20. Noah

    Thanks Christine for posting my request!! Now, I have a clear idea of what to buy!! Dior Amber Diamond & theBalm Mary are in my to-buy list now..!!!!

  21. Gina

    The Guerlain meteorites are soooo cute!

  22. Gina

    Also, that shimmer brick is just *killing* me. It’s just too beautiful!

  23. Svetlana

    I bought The Balm’s highlighter after reading your review Christine and I’m in love with it. My next highlighter purchase will be the Dior one, it seems to be good.

  24. claudia

    Def Nars Albatross. everytime i wear it, i receive so many compliments!

  25. Carrie Ann

    I have the Dior Rose Diamond Skin Shimmer. So pretty! I’ve been wanting to get Mary Lou-manizer because I’ve heard such great things about it, but I already have MAC Too Chic Beauty Powder. Do you think they’re at all similar? I like Too Chic because it makes my skin look flawless, but it’s pretty subtle.

  26. Nadia

    I had the Guerlain meteorites ages and ages ago. I didn’t feel like they did much for me. This is before the packaging changed. They smelled so good though.

    The Bobbi Brown more….I think I’d consider that as a blush rather than a highlight but either way, it’s beautiful.

    I’ve been wanting the Dior Amber Diamond for a while now. But I have two MAC MSFs that seem like they’ll never run out. I refuse to buy yet another highlighter until I finish what I have. I think I might be waiting years! lol

  27. Adrienne

    WOW!!! Nars Albatross didn’t even make the list?! It’s my number one highlighter. It’s a lovely golden shimmer pressed powder that’s scary white in the pan but a lovely golden sheen when it’s on. I think it’s even more finely shimmered than the Dior one listed here which I also have.

  28. Diana

    I LOVE MAC MSF By Candlelight. I got it during it’s repromote. IMHO it should have gotten more hype than the Stereo Rose MSF. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  29. Hilary

    benefit’s high beam is amazing!

  30. Sammy

    I love theBalm’s Mary-Lou Manizer (amazing as an eyeshadow as well), but I find myself reaching for my Boots No 7 High Light lotion (High Beam dupe) much more often

  31. Stephanie

    I love NARS Albatross.. its amazing. I should try out the Bobbi Brown one. I love Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

  32. Mary

    Maybe I will order theBalm highlighter. I want a reasonably priced highlighter. I have been told that MAC’s Soft and Gentle would be good for my NC25 complexion. Currently I have been using Virgin eyeshadow from the Naked palette.

  33. kc

    Ok I know this is dumb, but when do u put on the highlighter? Do u put it on after your blush? I am 42 and was very sick for the last 15 years but now am much better and trying to catch up on all this stuff I have missed. I love makeup!!

    • I put it on after blush myself most of the time :) Sometimes I put it on after setting with powder, depending on the highlighter — frostier ones I lay down before setting powder but finer ones I usually apply after.

  34. Dior Amber Diamond Skin Shimmer – my absolute go to highlighter! :)

  35. Jasmine

    I like MAC Emphasize, it’s a really nice sheen. I’m not to found of MSF as they are a bit too glittery for my taste.

  36. Stephanie

    I beleive that make mineralize skin finish in soft and gentle is a great highlight but MAC gets forgotten a lot I have noticed.

  37. Patrice

    I love to use Eye M Glam by Giella… loves it too much…

  38. Judy

    Im currently using Bobbi Brown Nectar Shimmer Brick and it’s wonderful :) Before buying it i checked the review and i think it has an A+ or just A i don’t remember… 😀

  39. My favorite highlighter is MAC Accentuate. It’s perfect for my NC15 skintone.

  40. Hey can you get some videos or pictures of the make up collection of Dolce & Gabanna summer spring 2011? I couldn’t find any about that. I love D&G make up.

  41. Grace

    I also love NARS Albatross! Mostly because I can use it all year round; with pale winter skin and tan summer skin! I would recommend it for any skin tone.

  42. Nellie

    I don’t find that Meteorites do very much when used as a highlighter; indeed, that’s not its intended use anyway. But it works wonderfully as a finishing powder, which is what it’s supposed to be used as.

  43. I love Blonde Mineralize powder from MAC, Bobbi Brown’s Shimmerbrick and now Le Multiple Copacabana from Nars

  44. Montrese

    I really like Maybelline’s Dream Mousse Bronzer in Glistening Sun (10)as a highlight! I’m really brown so I have a difficult time with products that are made specifically for highlighting…anybody have suggestions for NW45/NC50 skintone??

  45. JC

    Have you tried Laura Mercier Shimmer bloc in “Mosaic”?? Some friends say it’s ever better than the Dior Amber Diamond.

  46. Adelita

    I’ve swayed back and forth with some highlighters but I always back to my beloved Benefit High Beam and sometimes Girl Meets Pearl or Moon Beam (on my cheek bone and lil’ bit on my forehead only, I find it kinda bit strange when I put these 2 on my nose bridge).
    I always received compliment every time I’m wearing Benefit’s highligters. Because its ridiculously subtle shimmers, people keep thinking it’s my skin that glows, they have no idea if I put this thing on.

  47. Ly

    I used Stila Rose Highlight. It doesn’t have a good pigmentation, but enough for me

  48. Chie

    I am in love with my Mary Loumanizer!! Great stuff :)

  49. emily

    Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl, Jemma Kidd All over radiance dewy glow

  50. Estel

    I have been looking for it in the Spanish website of Shiseido but it doesn’t exist, and it doesn’t appear in the UK website, either :(
    In the American website it stated that it’s only limited edition for the summer collection, isn’t it?

  51. Benefit’s Moon Beam is what I use. Anything iridescent/duochrome that has a translucent or light base, really.

  52. shez

    is the bobbi brown shimmerbrick better than albatross u think?

    im looking for the “perfect” highlighter for my wedding , for best glow in pics…

  53. Patricia

    Hi Christine. I’ve got bad news if you don’t know yet: Dior Amber Diamond is discontinued in Spain at the moment, and so does in the rest of EU!!! I got the last form my counter, but they have no news to that respect. OMG!!!