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Fall 2008 Fashion Week – Hair and Makeup Breakdowns by Avon at Cynthia Rowley

THE HAIR created by Avon Global Stylist Advisors Allen Ruiz, Anthony Barrow and Chie Sugwara was inspired by the romance of the Cynthia Rowley Collection. Ruiz, Barrow and Chie wanted to keep the girls looking beautiful with very soft romantic hair. The look is matte in texture for movement on the runway, and shiny to keep with the romance of the collection. The team used Avon Advanced Techniques Volumizing Mousse on damp hair focusing on the roots to create a volume foundation and gave the models’ hair “guts” and shine throughout. Hair was blow dried using the Avon Advance Techniques Two-Sided Oval Brush. To add texture and volume to the hair the Avon Advance Techniques Extra Hold Hair Spray was used while blow drying and back-combing the hair with the Avon Advanced Techniques Flair Styler Brush. Finally, they applied a mist of Avon Advance Techniques Mirror Shine Spray to create a “halo” effect at the crown adding to the contrasting of textures of smooth crown and texturized full body.

THE LOOK Makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury created a look for Cynthia Rowley that was inspired by a fresh, modern storybook Victorian fairytale girl who looks as if she has just come in from the cold. Tilbury mixed Avon Be Blushed Cheek Color in Pink Melon, Mandarin Glow and Golden Rose to give the model’s pale, fresh skin a luminous, soft rosy flushed look. To create complementing lip look, like the girls had just been eating berries, she then gently stained the center of the lips with Avon Be Blushed in Crushed Berry. Tilbury kept the eyes fresh by adding just a bit of Avon Glazewear Lipgloss in Clear along the lids from lash to brow. This gave them a subtle sheen with lids that catch the light. Finally, she curled the lashes and applied a few coats of Avon SuperSHOCK Mascara in black to the top lashes only, which added subtle definition to the lashes.

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Friday Fun – Beauty News Blurbs

Oooh, who doesn’t get intrigued when MUFE comes out with more color products?  Known for their incredibly pigmented products, I, for one, am quite interested!  Plus, their lashes are amazing!

Paris-based professional makeup brand Make Up For Ever is about to embark on an eye campaign called Lash Pimpin’, which aims to lengthen lashes and also offer highly pigmented eye makeup to the masses.

Faux Lashes, the lash part of the company’s mission, offers 55 lashes in different shapes and lengths, which are intended to fill out sparse lashes. They are handmade from nylon and come with a special adhesive. Each lash is reusable.

The color part of the campaign is Flash Color, which until now was only available to professionals. The creamy, easy-to-blend color pots are available in 24 shades. Both Faux Lashes and Flash Color are available beginning this month on sephora.com, as well as in Sephora, for $14 and $17, respectively.

Love yourself some JT? Make your man smell like the fragrance he is endorsing for Givenchy!  Although, the fact that he wasn’t involved in development, and only “approved” it via a final sniff test makes me a little disappointed.  Love Givenchy, so I’m not worried it won’t smell good, but I wish he’d have a bigger part in it than just putting his face out there!

Parfums Givenchy plans to bring sexy back to its scent portfolio by tapping Justin Timberlake to front a men’s fragrance, which will bow in the fall.

Have you tried any Korres products?  I haven’t, can you believe it?

Korres Natural Products is gearing up to expand its color collection, which was introduced in October at its Manhattan store, to some 22 Sephora stores. The Korres Color Collection launched on sephora.com late last year, doubling sales, according to the company. In keeping with Korres’ homeopathic heritage, formulas contain Greek flora herbs and herbs said to have pharmaceutical properties, and food and natural ingredients. The products are also free of petroleum derivatives and propylene glycol. The collection ranges from lip butters and glosses to foundation and color.

Congrats to Clinique! We told you about their QVC debut last Sunday, and I hope some of you managed to tune in!

Clinique’s latest offerings, which were launched on QVC on Sunday, marked the largest such two-hour beauty event in the channel’s 21-year history. More than 41,000 units were ordered and six products sold out. Allen Burke, director of beauty merchandising for QVC, said, “Sunday’s debut exceeded all of our expectations and represented a landmark event in the beauty industry.”


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MAC Cosmetics: Guide For The Newly Addicted, Part 7 — Skin Care, Nails, Fragrance, and Accessories

MAC Cosmetics: Guide For The Newly Addicted, Part 7

  • Skin Care | MAC is not particularly known for their skin care, but they have been expanding it in the past few years to try and gain better market share in the skin care industry. Popular favorites have been the makeup removing wipes (raved for their scent), and Cremewash caused quite a bit of a stir when it originally debuted as a creamy, lathering cleanser. Cleanse Off Oil is known to get off even the most stubborn liquid liners. Moisturelush cream (face and eye) was recently released in late 2007, and it has been well received thus far as an extra hydrating moisturizer choice. There is a cult following for Fast Response Eye Cream (FREC) for its ability to de-puff and minimize lines around the eyes. Strobe Cream offers an easy way to give a glowy, dewy finish. If you enjoy water spritzes, MAC offers their Charged Water line, which infuses water with certain characteristics. Fix+ is known as a good way to finish makeup, and it seems to have quite a bit of a following amongst MAC users.
  • Nails | MAC does offer solutions for nail fanatics, including lacquer (color coat), overlacquer (top coat), and underlacquer (base coat). There is a very small range of permanent colors to the nail lacquer line (it is rumored that they are revamping the formula), but some colors to look into would be Rocker, Spicemix, and Nocturnelle.
  • Fragrance | There are five fragrances offered by MAC, from MV 1 (light feminine scent), MV2, MV3 to Hue: Turquatic and Hue: Pinkaura. There seems to be a split of those who enjoy the fragrances, and others who dislike them immensely.
  • Accessories | Each year, MAC revamps, repromotes, or relaunches their line of bags, including MAC logo jacquard weave bags or classic black bags. They also have softsac bags which are really light and great for travel. In late 2007, MAC relaunched and added to their accessory line to include a range of travel containers emblazoned with the MAC logo, as well as sponges and puffs.

Storage – Confessions of a Beauty Addict

Confessions of a Beauty Addict: When your collection looms before you, growing by leaps and bounds, and you have no self-control to stop it from exploding, that is when you know you are a beauty addict.  I spent tonight going through boxes of products I hadn’t yet organized to come up with a better system than a bunch of cardboard boxes scattered about my living room!  I didn’t include a few things, like my MAC eyeshadow/blush palettes and regular, everyday products since they’re totally strewn all over my bathroom countertop, but there’s only so much one girl can organize in one night!

We all know I use a TV stand/dining cabinet as my main makeup storage, so some of this is old, but I did have to find homes for a whole lotta stuff… which means plenty of new things to see.

Share your photos of your collection! Send images to us, or simply link to them in the comments.

Check out my storage solution to the madness…

MAC Cosmetics: Guide For The Newly Addicted, Part 6 — Brush Basics

MAC Cosmetics: Guide For The Newly Addicted, Part 6


  • Face | These are the brushes I could not live without: 129 (for blush and powder), 168/169 (to contour), 182 (for buffing), and 187 (for stippling). Brushes that are good, but you could get away with not having are: 150 (good for powders), 188 (smaller stippling, more precision), 183 (flat buffer), and 194 (concealing).
  • Eyes | These are the brushes I could not live without: 210 (for precision lining), 219 (for lining with shadow, precise crease definition), 239 (shadow application), 249 (cream product application), and 266 (for upper lash line lining and brows). Brushes that are incredibly popular: 217 (blending), 222 (blending), and 224 (blending).
  • Lips | I like the 318 because it is a retractable version of the 316, which makes it convenient for on the go. The 311 is nice, but I find I can line well with cremestick liner already.
  • Sets | Once or twice a year, MAC puts out brush sets with four to five brushes in them. Each set comes with a brush bag and then four or five miniaturized brushes. Typically, they have a basic set, which includes both face and eye brushes; an eye brush set; and a face set. I always encourage newcomers to check these out as a great way to get quality brushes for less. They also make excellent travel options.
  • SH vs. SE | SH stands for “Short Handled,” which means the brush is specially made for a certain launch or collection. It may be pink handled or ornately decorated, but the brushhead is of the same quailty as the typical version. SE stands for “Special Edition,” which tend to be short handled brushes included in brush sets. These are man-made, mass-produced, and do tend to have less quality than a full-sized version. However, they are packaged in sets, which are much less expensive than individual, full-size brushes making them a good deal. To be sure, I personally find that the difference in quailty is not really that big. I mostly can feel it in a fluffy brush like the 129, which does feel a bit rougher compared to the full-size version.