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Estee Lauder Black Chrome Eyeshadow Duo

Estee Lauder Black Chrome Eyeshadow Duo
Estee Lauder Black Chrome Eyeshadow Duo

Estee Lauder Black Chrome Eyeshadow Duo

Estee Lauder Black Chrome Pure Color Eyeshadow Duo ($30.00 for 0.12 oz.) is a limited edition offering from the Modern Mercury collection.  The combination is classic, though for many of us, superfluous; it’s a set of dark, smoky hues that would work well to smoke out any look.  I liked how there are two textures presented.

On the left, there is a dark black with a semi-matte finish–just a hint of sheen–that has soft but dry texture. The color payoff is good, without being too chalky, and it doesn’t skip and drag. It’s similar to several other blacks like MAC Carbon and Inglot #391.  It does, however, perform better during application than swatched directly on an arm; the fluffiness of brush bristles seems to enhance some of the drier eyeshadow formulas.

Next to the black eyeshadow, there is a dark gray with multi-colored shimmer–I detected teal, silver, and green mostly. The pigmentation could use some improvement; it’s decent to good, but it’s a little sheer. The texture is soft, so it does apply smoothly overall. It reminded me of Bobbi Brown Black Sparkle. Urban Decay Gunmetal appears similar, too!

The Pure Color Eyeshadow formula is actually designed to be long-wearing without creasing or fading.  When I wore this color combination alone on the eye (without primer!), it performed well overall, but I did see very slight fading at eight hours but no creasing.  It certainly didn’t disappear, though, and I’d say to the average onlooker, they wouldn’t say, “Wow, use a primer!”  I have normal-to-dry eyelids, so for those with oilier lids, you may still want to use a primer underneath these.

Estee Lauder Black Chrome Eyeshadow Duo


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LUSH Holiday 2011 Products (Stocking Stuffers!)

LUSH Holiday 2011 Offerings

Last Christmas, a handful of very lucky LUSHies were sent off around the globe to gather inspiration – food, fresh ingredients, traditions, colors, music, decorations – anything they could get their hands on! Take their global finds, combine them with LUSH’s wild and wonky product inventors and POOF our Christmas products were born! Feast your eyes on the world of LUSH innovation and wonder, all here for a limited time only so snap them up before Santa’s elves do!  Now available at lush.com.

Candy Cane Soap ($6.95)

Inspired by all the candy shops in New York City, Candy Cane soap is everything you could ever want from a bar of soap. Fragranced with peppermint, Candy Cane will have your hands smelling detectibly sweet, and keep them beautifully clean. Vegan

Angels Delight Soap ($5.95)

This yummy pink soap is adorned with stars, moons and all things glittery. Tangerine oil, orange oil and gardenia oil provide the sweet fragrance and also really work to cleanse, refresh and detox the skin. Vegan

Snow Globe ($6.95)

Imagine yourself inside a snow globe – snow fluttering all around and feeling refreshed, revitalized and uplifted. Well, this soap will make you feel all of the above, with a citrusy lemon myrtle, grapefruit and lemongrass blend that will bluster your senses and wake you up on cold winter mornings. The whole soap is in the shape of a snow globe, with white circles to imitate the snowflakes. Vegan

Northern Lights ($6.95)

Don’t fear if you’ve never seen the Northern Lights in person, for a limited time they’ll be making your appearance in your shower! Pine and cypress oils calm the mind, while lime oil works well on congested skin and cellulite. Vegan

Snowcake ($6.95)

You’ll always have a white Christmas with a snowy slice of Snowcake, and all of its creamy, almondy deliciousness. Christmas just wouldn’t be a Christmas without this marzipan and rose scented fan favorite! Vegan

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I haven’t had anyone in real life say that to me, and if they did, I might later check my foundation to see if something went awry. I’d probably just say, “thanks for letting me know,” and get far, far away from that kind of a person, because people who say things to be hurtful aren’t ones I’d be around. Helpful is one thing, but snide and snarky, no thanks!

— Christine

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Illamasqua Havoc Precision Ink Liquid Eyeliner

Illamasqua Havoc Precision Ink Liquid Eyeliner
Illamasqua Havoc Precision Ink Liquid Eyeliner

Illamasqua Fall/Winter 2011: Havoc Precision Ink Liquid Eyeliner

Illamasqua Havoc Precision Ink Liquid Eyeliner ($27.50 for 0.06 oz.) is described as an “aubergine” by Illamasqua and “burgundy brown” by Sephora. I reviewed the formula here, and I wore and tested Havoc and had the same results. It’s long-wearing and waterproof once it dries down (takes twenty seconds or so).

I found Havoc to deliver excellent color payoff, too–really rich, bold color in a single stroke. It’s an intense burgundy wine with a semi-matte finish–no shimmer at all–that is so in tune with the autumnal hues.  The brown in the color makes it easier to wear, because if the red tones were more dominating, it could give the illusion of I-just-cried-my-eyes-out when worn–which is not usually the look one wants.  The closest comparable shade is Make Up For Ever #11, which is redder, lighter, and shimmery.


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LUSH Halloween 2011 Launches

LUSH Halloween 2011 Launches

LUSH’s top-selling Halloween and Day of the Dead characters are back to cast shadows on your shower curtain once again.

Ghost Shower Gel ($17.95 for 8.4 oz.) (Limited Edition)

This Ghost will spook your shower once again. Made with a rose and dove orchard infusion, Ghost will leave your skin feeling soft with the lingering fragrance of lilies.

Jacko Bath Bomb ($5.95 for 3.5 oz.) (Limited Edition)

The ultimate ghoulish goodie after a night of trick-or-treating; drop this limited edition, pumpkin shaped Bath Bomb in your tub and soak this hollow’s eve in a room filled with the spicy scent of clove bud and spearmint. There’s nothing quite like a spicy, warming bath on a dark and chilly night. You’ll be haunted by this spicy fragrance long after your bath. It’s only around for Halloween so get your pumpkin bomb before All Hallows Day. Spicy clove bud oil warms you up in the chill of the night.

Pumpkin Soap ($6.95 for 3.1 oz.) (Limited Edition)

Carve some time out of your Halloween to wash with our spicy hand and body soap. Clove, cardamom, spearmint and fresh pumpkin will warm up you up after a long night of trick or treating.

Calavera Bath Bomb ($5.95 for 6.3 oz.) (Limited Edition)

Skulls don’t have to be scary. In Mexico, they are an iconic image for the Day of the Dead celebrations, during which the dead are honored and respected. This bomb contains marigold petals and zesty lime oil to make your bath time fragrantly festive!

Cobweb Bath Bomb ($5.95 for 4.4 oz.) (Limited Edition) (Online Only)

Tantalizing black sugar bath bomb made with our ever popular black pearl scent to calm you down after a night of frights. This mighty bomb is a major stress reliever (as long as you’re not scared of spiders).

Lady Catrina Soap ($6.95 for 3.5 oz.) (Limited Edition) (Online Only)

A brightly coloured, fruit laden chunk of spectacular citrus suds! Lady Catrina’s sweet scent comes from Agave nectar, which we’re thrilled to use because it’s a vegan alternative honey. Agave nectar is extracted from the agave cactus. The nectar gives Lady Catrina her beautiful, sweet scent.

Calacas Shower Jelly ($5.95 for 2.1 oz.) (Limited Edition) (Online Only)

Multi coloured jellies for a festive shower experience. We created our own little wiggly skulls of seaweed and aloe vera gel to leave you soft and gorgeous, and filled them with neroli and lime oils to put you in a haunting mood. You’ll have to wait until your package arrives to see which colour you get… it’s like trick or treat for the shower.

Pumpkin Knot Wrap ($3.95) (Limited Edition) (Online Only)

Carve out a place in your sweeties heart this Fall with our limited-edition Pumpkin Knot-Wrap. It’s a mini wrap fit for a single Bath Bomb, a couple bars of soap or even a handful of Halloween candies. Pumpkin is the perfect way to wrap up your party favors, a gift for the host, or treats for the kids.

Ceridwen’s Cauldron ($7.95 for 2.8 oz.) (Permanent)

This ultra moisturizing and calming bath melt is a perfect brew of cocoa butter, oats, lavender and sandalwood oils.

Demon in the Dark ($7.95 for 3.1 oz.) (Permanent)

Trade in the age old tradition of bobbing for apples and wash with them instead. This spearmint and apple soap will get even the most mischievous demons clean.

Twilight Bath Bomb ($5.95 for 6.3 oz.) (Permanent)

Twilight, when it is neither completely lit nor dark, is the perfect time for vampires to retire in a warm comforting lavender bath, leaving the sun rise far behind.

availability: Now @ LUSH

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