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Benefit Hervana Boxed Powder

Benefit Hervana Boxed Powder
Benefit Hervana Boxed Powder

Debuting in January, Benefit Hervana Boxed Powder ($28.00 for 0.28 oz.) is described as a “soft orchid-blossom flush.” It’s made of four individual shades in a pinwheel design, though as far as a blusher goes, you really couldn’t use these shades individually as each shade is fairly small. With a small blush brush, you might be able to use two or three shades in concentration, but I recommend swirling and sweeping all the shades taken together.

Lucky Shell is a soft, pale beige with a satiny shimmer. Divine Peach is a warm apricot-peach with soft golden shimmer. Heavenly Rose is a soft rosy peach with a satiny sheen. Berry Delight is a blue-based ppinky-plum with a satiny sheen. Together, they create a soft, warm pink with subtle peach undertones and a satiny shimmer-sheen. It’s not frosty or over-the-top, so the shimmer adds a distinct glow to the skin and doesn’t emphasize pores. The pigmentation here doesn’t impart loads of color–it’s a soft flush, which seems to be the theme of this particular powder. It has a really soft, smooth texture that sits well on the skin. It wore well for seven hours and looked a little faded around the edges after eight hours.

Chanel Pink Cloud is lighter, while MAC Stunner is more intense. Benefit Bella Bamba is much, much darker and has no peachiness. Burberry Peony is very similar but has more of a matte finish. It also reminded me of MAC Oh So Fair, though that has much more frost in its finish. Benefit Sugarbomb is much more golden with a golden sheen and less pink.

It’s not too warm for cooler complexions to wear it, and I actually think it’s one of those shades that will lean a little cooler/warmer depending on the underlying skintone. For instance, my natural yellowy undertones pull out the peachiness in the product, while someone with pinker undertones may find it turns pinker on them. When I applied it to my cheeks, it also appeared peachier because of the coral lip and olive green eyeshadows I paired it with.

Benefit Hervana Boxed Powder


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Leili’s Must-Have Hair Products

By Leili, Hair Care Contributor

Leili is a 19-year old New Yorker who is obsessed with beauty, chocolate, and celebrity of the trashiest kind. Her drawers look like the stockroom of a hair salon! She’s currently enrolled in her second year of college but still trying to decide on her major. When she’s not worrying about that, she’s either at home with a good book, baking scrumptious goodies for her family, or exploring new restaurants with her friends. Check out her blog, Materialistic Musings!

Leili’s Must-Have Hair Products for Oily Hair

Asking me to pick my must-have hair items is a bit like Sophie’s Choice for product junkies like me, but I finally succeeded in narrowing my list down to my absolute Holy Grail products. Just about everything here is tried and true—things that I have been repurchasing for ages and have stood the test of time. In some small way, they’re almost taken for granted because I use them so consistently that I no longer get excited over the results, but without them, my hair would be a mess of epic proportions.

Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo ($7.99) | I, like so many people, have come to be extremely reliant on dry shampoo—no wonder this stuff’s been around since the ‘70s. I don’t think I’ve gone a week without spraying a bit into my roots since I’ve started using this product. As someone with almost unbelievably oily hair, I use a quick blast of this between shampoos to freshen up, or to add some volume when my crown looks particularly flat. These days, with midterms basically robbing me of any showering time, I rely on dry shampoo more than usual so people won’t know I’m not exactly clean. (And let’s fact it, showering is really something you do for other people!) I’ve tried (and am still trying) all sorts of dry shampoos, but this is the one I always come back to. The only other one that might match the Batiste is the famous Klorane with Oat Milk. But although Klorane’s powder is slightly, slightly finer, I prefer how the Batiste ones are scented—Blush is the prettiest almost perfume-like floral. Besides, considering how often I use dry shampoo, Batiste is $10 cheaper.

Alterna Anti-Aging Caviar Working Hair Spray ($28.00) | As much as I love perfectly styled hair, I have bizarre issues with how it feels and hate the stiffness any product with real hold creates. I’ve tried a lot of hairsprays and while I liked the L’Oreal Elnett for a while, even that was crunchy and didn’t quite “disappear at the stroke of a brush.”  A hair stylist used this on me a couple of years ago to set my curly prom up-do, and two days later my curls looked only mildly rumpled and were smooth and soft to the touch. Not only is a can of this absolutely huge, the product itself is a lovely dry mist that never leaves your hair feeling sticky or clumped together—I’ve never used anything like it. The aerosol spray in particular has also been really thoughtfully designed because you get a nice wide range of spray that comes out in a very fine mist. (This might be a bit of a problem for anyone wanting to spray a narrow area, but works fantastically for larger sections or over the entire ‘do). It is very definitely a workable, flexible spray perfect for maintaining a style worn over a few days or just for anyone who doesn’t like stiff hair. Best of all, this hairspray is paraben, gluten, synthetic color, DEA, TEA, mineral oil, PABA, paraffin and animal testing free! What’s not to love?

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MAC Forever Green Powerpoint Eye Pencil

MAC Forever Green Powerpoint Eye Pencil

MAC Forever Green Powerpoint Eye Pencil

MAC Forever Green Powerpoint Eye Pencil ($15.00 for 0.04 oz.) is described as an “olive green with shimmer.” It’s part of the permanent range (and has been for quite awhile–it’s not new!). It’s an olive green with a khaki-olive sheen and forest green micro-shimmer. In a single pass, it’s so-so pigmented, but it does build up nicely after two passes. The color is a bit greener but still similar to Make Up For Ever #5L, shu uemura ME Khaki, and MAC Rosemary & Thyme.

The Powerpoint formula is supposed to be waterproof, long-wearing, transfer-proof, smudge-proof, and budge-proof. The pencil glides on easily and doesn’t skip across the skin; it’s just creamy (or waxy) enough to do that smooth glide, but it doesn’t deposit quite as much color as I’d like. I also found that sometimes the waxiness makes it difficult to go back and forth to get an opaque line, but it only happened if you do really short areas and do more than two passes. I tested this by taking a shower (some humidity plus water), and it lasted through it easily. After eight hours, I could tell some of it had disappeared, but about 80% was still visible. The good news is that it didn’t smudge underneath the lash line.

Tarte Blushing Bride Amazonian Clay Blush

Tarte Blushing Bride Amazonian Clay Blush

Tarte Blushing Bride Amazonian Clay Blush ($25.00 for 0.20 oz.) is described as a “plummy rose.” It’s a muted raspberry–it’s a bit pink as well as plum–with very faint shimmer. The shimmer looks more obvious in the pan, but it doesn’t translate much onto the skin–there’s a definite sheen once applied, but it’s not a heavy shimmer, so pores are not emphasized.  It packs a punch if you aren’t careful!  Blushing Bride is richly pigmented but can be applied softly and the soft texture allows for easy blending out if necessary.  The hue reminded me of Bobbi Brown Plum, which is a touch pinker.

I had the same wear results with this shade as with Exposed, which was eight hours of good wear, but by the tenth hour, it had disappeared. I was hoping for a bit longer wear, because of the intensity of this color, but no dice! The texture was not as finely milled here, but it was still quite soft without being powdery. I recommend using a stippling blush to apply this color, because it is very intense, and if you use a regular blush brush, you might find the results are too much and require a fair amount of blending out. I also found a stippling brush disturbed the powder less, which meant less excess powder being kicked up.