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NYX Kiss in Casablanca Eyeshadow

NYX Kiss in Casablanca Eyeshadow
NYX Kiss in Casablanca Eyeshadow

NYX Kiss in Casablanca Eyeshadow

NYX Kiss in Casablanca Eyeshadow ($5.00 for 0.09 oz.) is an ocean blue with a soft, frosted finish. What I love about this particular shade of blue is the overall soft, muted quality to it, but it hasn’t diminished the quiet vibrancy of the color at all. It’s like a mix of MAC Freshwater and MAC Deep Truth. MAC Pure Creation is a bit similar, too.

The eyeshadow has a really soft, powdery quality that can result in fall out if you aren’t aware of it (I also think you end up with more product than you need for application, because a little goes a long way). It has great color payoff and melts against skin for a really smooth result. NYX says these will wear “for many hours,” though I will say they tend to look faded after six or seven hours if used without a base. This particular shade I didn’t have any fading issues with when I used it over an eyeshadow base.


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Benefit Saucy Full-Finish Lipstick

Benefit Saucy Full-Finish Lipstick
Benefit Saucy Full-Finish Lipstick

Benefit Saucy Full-Finish Lipstick ($18.00 for 0.10 oz.) is described as a “sparkling tangerine.” This is a lovely brightened coral-orange with peach and copper shimmer. It delivers mostly opaque color coverage. CoverGirl Rapture is similar in the base color, though a bit more orange. MAC Drive Me Wild is like a much deeper, redder version, but it has the same coppery shimmer. Milani Cora Bora Bora is frostier but the colors are similar–just no gold shimmer in this one. Dior Coral is in the same vein but with subtler shimmer. It’s a bit pinker but reminded me of Guerlain Gems.

Benefit’s Full-Finish Lipsticks are supposed to deliver medium to full coverage with a smooth finish. They’re really creamy and have a nice glide. For a lipstick with as much slip as this one, I was surprised that it wore so well–it lasts a solid four hours and almost makes it to five. I didn’t detect any scent or taste either!  I also liked how moisturizing this one; it’s quite hydrating and wears comfortably for hours without leaving lips feeling parched.


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Free for Haul Friday, Volume #112

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul:  Chanel Spring 2011, though it should arrive sometime today, it hasn’t yet! I did receive the three polishes yesterday.
  • Weekend plans:  Christmas, Christmas, Christmas celebrations with friends and family. Busy, busy!  Also hoping to sneak in some time to go through all the comments in the queue.
  • Best gift you’ve ever received?:   The first time my boyfriend sent me flowers.  I had never received flowers from a non-family member before, and I remember being at college and getting a call about someone trying to make a flower delivery.  I was totally confused and couldn’t figure out why I was getting flowers.  I spent half the day wondering and finally figured it was my dad–turns out it was my boyfriend!

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This week’s Mellan photo…

I think he’s looking for food – honestly, he was NOT impressed with this toy. Ignores it completely!

Brazilian Nail Lacquers for the New Year

By Dâmaris, Brazil Local Contributor

Dâmaris is 37-years old and Brazilian. Her parents taught her to love nature and observe its colors, textures, sounds, flavors, and fragrances. She deeply appreciates nature and respects it, and she has found this education helped her develop a taste for beauty in all its various expressions, like music, photography, and cosmetics.

She studied in Psychology and currently teaches at the University. Dâmaris believes there is an art of self-care, which is good for your emotions. She describes her philosophy as, “Taking care of the body is good for the heart, thoughts, and does good to the will to live. Highlighting your points of beauty is a secret we learn every day.” Check out her blog, Village Beaute!

Hits Mari Moon Cool, , Fáculas Solares Raio Alfa, Hits Speccialita #11, Ludurana Aurora Boreal Emocianante,
Ludurana Aurora Boreal Fascinante, Ludurana High Definition Perolado, Fina Flor Sol, Impala Enamels Chrome

Holiday Gift Guide: Brazil Edition

When I think of New Year’s Eve parties, I think of bright lights with gold and glitter–what do you think of?  I thought I’d make some gorgeous suggestions from Brazil to give you a sparkling, shimmering manicure for the New Year.

From Ludurana Enamels, I love their poly- and duo-chromatic shades.  Ludurana Aurora Boreal Emocianante (R $ 14.80) is a multi-chrome of burgundy, purple, and copper, while Ludurana Aurora Boreal Fascinante (R $ 14.80) is a multi-chrome that features olive green, metallic copper, and molten red.  Ludurana High Definition Perolado is a shimmery gold (R$ 3, 20).

Hits Enamels, which launches new collections often, has two spectacular glazes for New Year’s Eve parties! Speciallita HITS #11 (R$3,20) a gold with a hint of pink, and HITS Mari Moon Cool (R$ 8.50), a multi-chrome of chartreuse, navy, and green.  Impala Enamels has Chrome (R$ 2,90), an old, antique gold, that I love. If you prefer a glitter with a golden glow and a 3D effect, try Fina Flor Sol (R$7,00).

Finally, to top that all off, consider Big Universo Fáculas Solares Raio Alfa (R$10,00) is a flaky top coat.  For swatches, I first applied a layer of black, and then I used a layer of the top coat to give it that sparkle!

These are my favorite enamels with that sparkle for the holidays–the beauty all depends on the angle, and they can highlight other colors as well!  Which was your favorite?

Check out more photos! 

Video Review: MAC Metal-x Cream Eyeshadows

Video Review: MAC Metal-x Cream Eyeshadows

Above is a video of swatches and first impressions of the MAC Metal-x Cream Eyeshadows! Below is a follow-up video reviewing them along with the photographic evidence of why they just didn’t pan out in my experience. Would love it if you’d subscribe to our channel, too! 🙂