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Sunday Link Love, Volume #078

I know this is kind of… after-the-fact, but this is SUCH an awesome idea for beauty enthusiasts!!

Happy Sunday!

To those who celebrate, Merry Christmas! We don’t celebrate religiously, but we do celebrate it as a family holiday–a time to come together, enjoy each other’s companies, and exchange gifts. The older I get, the more practical (and domestic) my wish list becomes! I ended up with a few coveted items from Le Creuset (thank goodness for outlets!) in my favorite shade, Caribbean Blue. I’ve always watched and re-watched one of my favorite holiday movies, which is aptly named The Holiday; Kate Winslet and Jack Black make my heart melt in it. Not really a Christmas classic but one I always return to. With my family, we always watch Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story 🙂 I hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend and sharing it with loved ones!

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Look: My Christmas Makeup

Look: My Christmas Makeup

I like themed makeup myself, so I felt it was only right to incorporate red and green into a look in the spirit of Christmas. One of the easiest ways to tie green and red together is by using gold, and if you want to try out a cooler-toned version of it, you could try silver. Gold is easier, just because greens tend to have subtle yellow undertones and reds easily blend to a burnished copper when they mesh with golds.

You will need the following…

For eyes, I applied a light layer of NARS Smudgeproof on the lid as an eyeshadow primer from lash line to brow bone with a firm, flat brush.  The first eyeshadow I applied was Inglot #430, which I applied to the upper two-thirds of the lid and just barely into crease with a small eyeshadow brush.  With the edge of an eyeshadow brush, I applied Inglot #418 on the lower third of the lid, and then I went back with the previous brush to soften the edge (I always prefer to blend light into dark).  With a fluffy crease brush, I applied Inglot #450 above the crease and towards the inner tear duct, following the natural shape of the crease.  Next, I softened the edge with Inglot #430 lightly blended outwards.  To highlight the brow, I applied Burberry Trench with a fluffy blending brush.   On the lower lash line, I first applied Bobbi Brown Bronze and smudged Inglot #430 below.  Finally, I applied a coat of Hourglass Film Noir to lengthen and thicken lashes.

For face, I applied Make Up For Ever HD with a circular foundation brush.  I blended Illamasqua Seduce onto cheeks with fingertips and set with Guerlain Les Voilettes.  For lips, I applied Giorgio Armani #602 mixed with Hourglass Imagine.

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Sarah’s Makeup Artist Must-Haves

By Sarah, Makeup Artist

Sarah Cormier is a self-taught makeup artist in Cincinnati, OH. She mostly does wedding makeup but also has experience working on various photo shoots, fashion shows, and films. In addition, she is a freelance artist for her favorite line, MAC!

When she isn’t busy with makeup, she teaches Spinning classes at her local gym, and also attends Body Pump, Pole Fitness, and Cardio Kickboxing classes. Her other hobby is shopping, favorite stores are Nordstrom, the MAC store, Lucky Brand, and White House Black Market. Sarah is happily married to her wonderful husband of two years, Nate. Check out her blog, Sarah C. Makeup and sarahcormier.com.

Photo by Parker Michael Knight

Sarah’s Makeup Artist Must-Haves

But first, many of you are probably wondering, ‘who is this girl?’, so let’s get acquainted shall we? Here is a little bit about me, summed up by the top 5 beauty products and tricks that I simply can’t live without:

Because I am a perfectionist and huge fan of long wearing products, MAC Paint Pots ($16.50) are a staple in both my kit and personal stash. There are lots of excellent lid primers on the market but paint pots are my preference because they can be used as either as a primer or as eye shadows. They keep products looking perfect from morning until the wee hours of the night. They can also offer a natural look that can be played up with a little contouring and/or dramatic liner. As most of us know, paint pots come in various finishes, but I prefer the crème variety (Soft Ochre, Painterly, Quite Natural, and Groundwork from MAC’s permanent line are examples) because they are the most versatile.

Because I like to save money, I love Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes ($17.69) for removing makeup at the gym and before I cleanse my face at night. I also keep a pack in my kit for use on clients. You read that right friends! I first learned this years ago from a makeup artist friend and have since read several articles that advocate alcohol-free baby wipes to remove makeup. I like Pampers Sensitive because they are soothing, alcohol-free, and unscented.  Makeup remover wipes range in price between $5 to $25 depending on brand and quantity. Pampers Sensitive are basically the same thing but cost between $2 and $7, and you can often get coupons in the Sunday paper!

Because I adore saving time, money, and space in both my kit and personal stash, Buxom Waterproof Smoky Eye Sticks ($18.00) are my newest obsession. $18 at Sephora gets you this long lasting crayon of joy. Available in an array of versatile and relevant shades, they can be used as an eyeliner, eyeshadow, or blended out to create a smoky eye. Aside from being a true triple threat, what I dig most is how easy they are to apply and blend, before setting to a truly waterproof finish that will not budge. They are especially handy on jobs, where time is usually very much of the essence. All I have to do is grab one of my trusty Buxom Eye Sticks to create a runway ready look in under five minutes.

Because my eyes are my favorite feature to play up, lining the upper water line will forever remain in my back pocket as the best way to make lashes look longer and eyes more vibrant. If you haven’t tried this little trick yet, you must! Just first make sure to use a waterproof liner that is approved by for the waterline by the manufacturer; Aforementioned Buxom Waterproof Smoky Eye Sticks work great!

Because I believe that a flawless face is the most important makeup element, I cannot live without the MAC 187 Brush ($48.00). Commonly referred called the “the skunk brush,” it consists of a perfectly balanced blend of natural and synthetic fibers. Together, these two elements create maximum and even product distribution, which I particularly like because it minimizes waste and extends the life of my foundation. When used with circular and sweeping movements, this brush effortlessly creates a flawless and even finish. I often cannot tell the difference between foundations applied with a 187 and an airbrush, because it is just that good. An added bonus of this brush is that it can be used for any type of face product, blush included, in just about any formula including powders, crèmes, or liquids. If you like the idea of the 187 but find it to be a little too much, try its smaller counterpart, the 188.

What about you, what are your top five (or more!) must haves?

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Essie Cocktail Bling Collection

Essie Cocktail Bling Collection
Essie Nail Lacquers in Brooch the Subject, Cocktail Bling, Bangle Jangle

Essie Cocktail Bling Collection

Essie Cocktail Bling Collection ($8.00 for 0.46 fl. oz.) is comprised of six shades: Brooch the Subject (creamy cashmere cameo), Cocktail Bling (precious pale gray jewel), Bangle Jangle (lavender amethyst), School of Hard Rocks (midnight malachite), Bobbing for Baubles (deepest darkest sapphire), and Size Matters (blazing hot ruby red).

  • Brooch the Subject is a neutral light-medium beige. This is one of my new favorites when it comes to nudes, because it doesn’t lean warm or cool. It’s opaque in two coats. It’s not as peach as Rescue Beauty Sheer Nude but not as cool-toned as MAC Quiet Time.
  • Cocktail Bling is a really cool-toned gray lavender with a cream finish that’s opaque in two coats. Zoya Caitlin is similar in family but it is several shades darker.
  • Bangle Jangle is a pink-lavender cream that’s opaque in two coats. It’s much warmer compared to Cocktail Bling. It’s darker than MAC Little Girl Type and Zoya Marley but not as pink as Essie Nice is Nice.
  • School of Hard Rocks is a muted, almost gray-tinted, teal. It’s more of a dusty teal that leans green. It’s opaque in two coats and has a cream finish. MAC Blue India was the only comparable shade I could find, though it is bluer.
  • Bobbing for Baubles is an inky deep, dark bluish purple cream. It’s opaque in almost one coat, though I did two for swatches. Despite tons of blue polishes swatched, I couldn’t think of a dupe for this one–it’s that purplish tint that makes it difficult I think!
  • Size Matters is a deep red cream that’s opaque in two coats (though almost in one). China Glaze Winter Berry and MAC Get Noticed are a touch brighter and lighter.

Essie does cream polishes really, really well. It’s like if I want a certain color in a cream finish, I’ll look to Essie first. The winter collection is fab from start to finish, because every shade is a delight to work with–smooth, even application with polish that’s not too thick or too thin. It doesn’t streak, bubble, or later on, chip. I get minimal tip wear with Essie’s polishes, as it is a solid lacquer.  I also loved that Cocktail Bling, School of Hard Rocks, and Bobbing for Baubles didn’t have any similar shades that I could think of–it’s tough to be original!

Essie Cocktail Bling Collection


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5 Great Bright Orange Lipsticks

5 Great Bright Orange Lipsticks

Love yourself a really bright pop of orange?  Here are five of my favorites in lipstick form!

  1. MAC Good to Go Pro Longwear Lipcreme
  2. Clarins Clementine Rouge Prodige Lipstick
  3. Giorgio Armani #405 Rouge d’Armani Lipstick
  4. Illamasqua Flare Lipstick
  5. Milani Mandarina Lipstick

What’s your favorite orange lipstick?