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More or Less: Number of MAC Collections Released in 2011

  • LESS than 55
    62%, 2,909 Votes
  • MORE than 55
    38%, 1,758 Votes

Total Voters: 4,668

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For the answer…

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NARS Laguna The Multiple

NARS Laguna The Multiple
NARS Laguna The Multiple

NARS Laguna The Multiple

NARS Laguna The Multiple ($39.00 for 0.50 oz.) is described as a “brown with golden shimmer.” Multiples are a cream-to-powder product that is touted as “all-in-one” and multi-purpose. ¬†It can be used on eyes, lips, and cheeks. ¬†It’s a warm bronze-brown with golden shimmer-sheen. ¬†The color is buildable, so the level of opacity you want depends on how much product you apply or how much you blend it out. ¬†It’s less warm-toned compared to theBalm Betty Lou-Manizer. It’s less red-toned compared to MAC Gilty.

As with most Multiples, Laguna¬†works best as cheeks/face, because it’s very drying on the lips. ¬†It just has this uncomfortably dry feeling when applied to lips that continues and leaves lips parched after an hour or two of wear (it doesn’t even wear well or long!). ¬†On the brow bone, it’s more practical, but on the lid itself, I wasn’t able to get it to stay longer than a few hours before there was noticeable creasing. ¬†Applied to cheeks, Laguna¬†wore for four and a half hours. ¬†By five hours, it looked a bit faded and patchy.

The texture of Laguna¬†is creamy but there’s a dryness to it, which I found difficult to blend over foundation. ¬†It’s easier to apply and blend over bare skin, but I’m not blessed with beautiful skin so it’s not a product I could use without foundation. ¬†You can layer foundation over it, but it makes the routine slightly more complicated and precision will count, so you don’t layer so much that you cover up the bronzer!

I wish I liked Multiples better, but I don’t find they’re nearly as multi-talented as they claim to be! ¬†I’m always a bit disappointed in the wear (four to five hours isn’t good!). ¬†I get better wear out of NARS’ powder blushes! ¬†Laguna¬†may not work for all skin tones; I found it looked a little dirty on me–you might need to have some natural redness or pinkness in your undertones so it brings out the golden hues of the color.

Do you love Multiples? What are your tried and true tips for making them work?

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Free for Haul Friday, Volume #117

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul: ¬†A mish mash of drugstore lipsticks
  • Weekend plans: ¬†Try to relax and de-stress–it’s been a really crazy and hectic week!
  • Current jam?: ¬† Christina Perri – A Thousand Years

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This week’s Mellan photo…

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Sam’s Teenage Acne Must-Haves

By Sam, Teen Beauty Expert

Sam is 14-years old, lives near Atlanta, Georgia with her mom and two (of three!) older brothers. She was born and raised in Georgia, but her family originally hailed from Illinois. You will find her busy meeting new people and enjoying teen soap operas/dramas (like Vampire Diaries)‚Äďand of course, she‚Äôs madly in love with all things beauty. When she‚Äôs not playing around with makeup, you‚Äôll find her with headphones on listening to everything; from classical to rap, pop to heavy metal, and almost everything in between (though she favors rock!).

Sam’s Teenage Acne Must-Haves

Almost every teenager goes through breakouts and even some adults still deal with it. It happens. And it sucks.  I could go on and on about how frustrating it is to wake up with a surprise on my face, but you probably already know how that goes!

A little history on my experience with acne: I had my very first breakout when I was around¬†ten-years old. I’ve never heard of anyone breaking out as young as me, even though they¬†were far and few in between.¬†I was around twelve when I started getting worried about my skin. My breakouts¬†were on the moderate side but becoming more frequent. I would drag my mom to¬†Walmart or CVS to buy a new cleanser every few weeks. I literally tried everything I could buy at the drugstore. ¬†Usually the product would work fine for about two weeks, give or¬†take, but then my skin would tolerate whatever I was using, and just like that I was back to¬†square one.

I’m almost fifteen and ¬†I’m still struggling to keep my skin tame, but from trial and error, I have learned a few things that I want to pass on to readers, teenagers or¬†not, who relate.¬†I really wish I had some ‚Äúbefore‚ÄĚ pictures, but either the camera washed me out or it was¬†taken too far away and you couldn’t see it at all!

Stay Confident No Matter What

Self-confidence isn’t a product you can buy at the store or a topical treatment you apply to¬†your face or a prescription a dermatologist can give you. It comes from with in, and trust¬†me, it helps!

I’ve shed my fair share of tears over my skin and that’s totally fine! Acne can really take a¬†toll on one’s self esteem, if they allow it. Sure, sometimes it may seem like you’re the only¬†one among your friends who’s breaking out. But you’re not alone in this! I’ve watched all¬†three of my older brothers go through it, and now it’s my turn.

Staying positive is key! Look in the mirror and list a few things you love about yourself.¬†You’ll feel better instantly and having a good attitude will make a world of a difference! If¬†you focus on the negative, you’re only battling yourself and nobody wins. That isn’t worth¬†the time or energy, now is it? Remember that having acne isn’t the end of the world!

Check out three products Sam uses to help with her acne! 

Milani Photo Flash Lip Flash Gloss Pencil

Milani Photo Flash Lip Flash Gloss Pencil
Milani Photo Flash Lip Flash Gloss Pencil

Milani Photo Flash Lip Flash Gloss Pencil

Milani Photo Flash Lip Flash Gloss Pencil ($6.49 for 0.10 oz.) is described as a “fuchsia with gold and fuchsia shimmer.” I wouldn’t really describe it as fuchsia; it’s more of a pink-tinged red with fuchsia and red micro-glitter. When applied, the color coverage is mostly opaque, and it looks like a really juicy red with just enough translucency to give it that pinky-red coloring. The formula is supposed to be highly pigmented, extra glossy, and contain “moisture-rich” ingredients. It’s not supposed to feather or feel sticky either.

Like Flashy, it yields great color payoff but doesn’t look as glossy as a lipgloss. It looks more like a shiny lipstick to me than a lipgloss, and it feels that way, too. This particular shade wore for just over five hours, but I did notice the grit of the glitter after an hour or so of wear.

This shade also has a very similar Urban Decay Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color dupe in Adrenaline. The two formulas feel very, very similar; I doubt I could point out the differences in a blind test. Some other similar shades include Guerlain L’Heure Bleue (redder) and Dior Technicolor (less pink).

Even though I love the way they look and how much color they deliver, I don’t love that noticeable grittiness after an hour of wear. Luckily, the glitter doesn’t travel! You may want to freeze these pencils before sharpening, as their soft, creamy consistency make them harder to sharpen and messier to deal with. You should also expect some waste during the sharpening process if they are at room temperature.