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Guerlain Turandot Eyeshadow Palette

Guerlain Turandot Eyeshadow Palette
Guerlain Turandot Eyeshadow Palette

It Is… Love!

For the holidays, Guerlain Turandot Eyeshadow Palette ($59.00 for 0.25 oz.) features four eyeshadows–two matte and two iridescent shades. It should start popping up retailers and counters in October.

The first shade is a light-medium golden orange–more like an orange-toned gold than your expected yellowy gold. It has a soft, frosted finish with a silky-smooth, finely-milled consistency that applies beautifully on the skin. The pigmentation was true-to-pan, and it didn’t require any layering or packaging to achieve opaque color. Milani Gold Dust is a smidgen darker and has a more metallic finish. Clarins Enchanted Summer is darker, less orange. Giorgio Armani #1 is similar, slightly less orange. MAC Goldmine is much yellower.

Next, there is a rusted, reddish-brown with a satiny finish. It had good pigmentation, and it was very soft to the touch and easy to blend on the eye. NARS Self Portrait 3 is lighter. MAC Magnetic Attraction is similar but has more gold shimmer. MAC In the Sun is redder. NARS California is richer, more orange. MAC Mythical is lighter. Guerlain Les Fauves has a shade that’s a bit darker, browner.

Below, there is a darker, muted reddish-plum with a hint of brown. The finish has a slight sheen to it, but it is mostly matte. The color payoff was good, and the texture was soft, blendable, and easy to apply. MAC In the Sun is shimmery. Le Metier de Beaute Bordeaux reminded me–just barely–of this shade, but it is much darker, more burgundy. theBalm Racy Kacy is more orange/brown.

The last shade in the palette is a gray-tinged medium-dark brown with subtle warm undertones and a frosted sheen. It had a soft, buttery texture that made opaque color a breeze to achieve. Dior Fairy Golds has a very similar shade in it. Urban Decay Barlust is darker. MAC Havana is warmer. MAC Chestnut is warmer.

Turandot is a warm-toned palette that combines surprisingly well; I thought the shades might not offer enough contrast, but they can and do.  The two middle shades are similar but have different undertones, so they’re noticeably different when placed near each other.  I would not say that any of these shades are particularly unique, so the color combination could be replicated with products you may already own.  It’s, of course, nice to have them all in a single palette.  I don’t think I would have thought to put these particular shades together.  It does seem a little autumnal in color, even if it is for the holidays.

The quality is good across the board, with the two more matte shades having just slightly less color payoff compared to the shimmery shades.  They held up well on the eye, all four shades lasting for ten hours without any fading or creasing, both over a primer and without one. It’s one of my personal favorite palettes that have come out in the past year!

Guerlain Turandot Eyeshadow Palette


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Disney Cinderella Collection by Sephora

Disney Cinderella Collection by Sephora

Moonlit Kiss Lipstick Set ($25.00)

Find your Prince Charming and seal the love with a perfectly pretty pout. This set of lavish lip formulas feature shades that mirror the dresses Cinderella wore in the film, adorning your lovely lips with hues of berry, peach, warm rose, and champagne. This set contains: Lady Tremaine (berry), Pumpkin (light pastel peach), Who Is She? (warm rosy mauve), and My Moment (pink champagne glitter).

Storylook Eyeshadow Palette ($55.00)

Begin a journey with this dazzling collection of fairy tale-inspired shadows. Original artwork created by Disney portrays Cinderella’s magical moment with elaborate silver and gold detailing. Inside, a luxurious velveteen tray holds a variety of shimmering shades, each customized to match the original pantones from the movie. The silky smooth formulas glide on effortlessly, providing a rich coat of color that blends and layers to create a stunning eye.

This set contains: Maiden (glittery magenta), All Aglow (shimmering tan), Destined (light blue pearl), Cinderelly (sea foam green matte), Pumpkin Coach (cream gold), Ball Gown (pearl white pearl), Kill Joy (shimmering taupe), Fairy Godmother (periwinkle). Glass Slipper (light blue shimmer), Royal (matte bright blue), Gus Gus (gold shimmer), Charming (nude pearl), Chateau (brown shimmer), Palace (rose gold shimmer), Drizella (medium brown golden shimmer), Cinders (black with gold glitter), Jaq (mauve matte gold shimmer), Midnight (midnight blue with light blue glitter), A Wish (cream pearl), Rococo (plum w/multi glitter).

Midnight Hour Eyeshadow Palette ($30.00)

Reenact the drama and flash these whimsical shadows as the clock strikes twelve. Original artwork created by Disney brings the magic to life with an elegant screen print of the legendary countdown. Once opened, you’ll be swept away by the palette’s enchanting, smoky shades. The silky smooth formulas glide on effortlessly, providing a rich coat of color that blends and layers to create a stunning eye that lasts beyond the midnight hour.

Compact Mirror ($20.00)

A purse-friendly mirror designed after the iconic clock that signals the end to Cinderella’s enchanting spell. Touch-up your look with style and grace with this mirror designed after the iconic clock from the film. This elegant compact, adorned with a gold overlay, is the perfect addition to any princess’ collection.

So This Is Love Perfume

Become spellbound by the mesmerizing scent of So This is Love and leave a lasting impression. At first breath, fresh aldehydes shine like glass as they dance with warm plumeria and dewy hyacinth to create a top that is delicate and youthful, yet vibrantly dazzling. A magical bouquet of elegant tuberose, sheer jasmine, and exotic tiare flower crafts a royal, shimmering heart—the the perfect fit for the belle of the ball. A background of soft, supple musk accord wraps you in the arms of Prince Charming. Sensual peach skin and velvety woods shimmer with luscious texture for a sensation that lasts long after the stroke of midnight. Available in a Swarvoski-edition bottle ($175.00/1.7 oz.), regular spray bottle ($58.00/1.7 oz.), and roller ball ($19.00/0.2 oz.).

A Brush With Fait Nail Polish Set ($24.50)

Walk into a fantasy with this set of polishes that promise to enchant your tips with sparkles, shimmers, and whimsical hues. Mix and match shades to create the spell of your choice and turn any situation into an occasion.

Availability: Sephora (Now available to Beauty Insiders!)

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OCC Technoir Loose Colour Concentrate

OCC Technoir Loose Colour Concentrate
OCC Technoir Loose Colour Concentrate

It’s Blue! It’s Purple! Maybe It’s Both…

OCC Technoir Loose Colour Concentrate ($12.50 for 2.5g) is described as a “purpled navy shimmer.” It’s a bluish-violet with navy blue and violet shimmer. There was an almost duo-chrome-like finish to it. Giorgio Armani Ecailles is similar but has a more satiny finish. MAC Wintersky is lighter. Estee Lauder Untamed Violet is darker, more purple. Burberry Midnight Blue is similar, slightly bluer. MAC Naval Blue is darker, bluer.

The texture is soft, finely-milled, and applies smoothly without effort.  When applied dry, it has a softer, more subdued appearance and had good color payoff.  When applied wet, it was slightly richer in color, and it was fully pigmented.  I wore it on the lid for eight hours without a primer and did not experience any fading or creasing during that time period.  This shade will look bluer or more purple depending on what you use with it, but alone, it looks more purple than blue, but it’s not full-on purple.


Rant & Rave: Sheer Lipgloss

This Week’s Topic: Sheer Lipgloss!

Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about sheer lipgloss. What drives you bananas? What makes them necessary?

my answer: They’re awesome for layering, but they can run together – they can just be so similar that it’s like, “oh, another sheer gloss?” They usually don’t wear as long either!

MAC 215 Medium Shader Brush Review & Photos

MAC 215 Medium Shader Brush
MAC 215 Medium Shader Brush

Congratulations 214 and 227! It’s a Boy 215!

MAC 215 Medium Shader Brush ($25.00) is a new, limited edition (I believe, at least) brush designed to be used for shaping and defining the eye with both powder and cream eyeshadows. It has natural bristles. This brush is like a bigger 214, or a stumpy version of the 227. The 215 is wide, dome-shaped brush that’s packed with bristles. For me, it felt a little rough on the eye. It was less rough when I used powder eyeshadows than when I used cream eyeshadows, which seemed to emphasize the pointy, blunt edges of the bristles.

This brush is a larger eye brush, so if you have a smaller eye area or smaller lids, you may find it too large to use often. It’s a bit large against my eye lids, but I like it for applying one-and-done eyeshadows–which are more or less a wash of color on the lid.  It picks up pigment easily and deposits it well without it getting lost within the bristles.  For more multi-colored looks, it’s too big for me.  It’s softer than the 214 but not as soft as the 227.  The 227 also blends more readily, but this is easier to blend with than the 214.

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