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Survey Says… August 8th, 2012

  • Your skin tone/coloring:
  • Where do you apply your makeup?
  • What kind of lighting do you apply makeup with?
  • What would you change about your makeup set-up?
  • Your skin tone/coloring: Medium, MAC NC30-ish (I think I’m finally dead-on NC30!)
  • Where do you apply your makeup? For full makeup, second bathroom. For lip swatches and the like, loft area (where I take photos).
  • What kind of lighting do you apply makeup with? I use the bathroom lighting, which has 4 halogen bulbs in it.
  • What would you change about your makeup set-up? It’s SOOOOOOO hot!!
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Giorgio Armani #28 Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow

Giorgio Armani #28 Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow
Giorgio Armani #28 Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow

#28 is More Dazzling Than It Lets On

Giorgio Armani #28 Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow ($32.00 for 0.14 oz.) is medium-dark, sparkling copper-tinged bronze. MAC Coil has more copper color in it. MAC Havana is darker. Benefit Dandy Brandy is similar but less shimmery. Make Up For Ever #15 is similar in color when sheered out. MAC Roasted Chestnut is a bit darker and more red-toned. MAC Buckwheat is a smidgen darker. Inglot #421 is richer, darker.

This particular shade had larger shimmer particles than a lot of the other Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadows have, which results in a greater sparkle effect, though it’s not quite as smooth. When applied dry, it doesn’t bind together as well as I’d like to see, and it comes out looking a little faded compared to the pot color and the way it looks when applied dampened. It takes on a darker brown base color when it is applied wet, though the color will stay looking the same way even when it dries down.

#28 has a drier texture–you can even tell in the pot, as it arrived kind of crumbled along the edges.  You can use the plastic stopper included in the pot to press it back down, but it’s not as well-bound as the other shades.  As a result, the color just doesn’t adhere as well when used dry. It takes some added moisture to make it come together. When I wore it to test the wear, it managed a full eight hours without fading or creasing, and I didn’t see any fall out underneath my eye, despite the sparkly finish.


Dior Incognito Addict Extreme Lipstick

Dior Incognito Addict Extreme Lipstick
Dior Incognito Addict Extreme Lipstick

They’ll Never Know with Color Like This

Dior Incognito Addict Extreme Lipstick ($30.00 for 0.10 oz.) is a subtly rose-tinted beige with a natural shine. Make Up For Ever #N40 is lighter, more beige. Tom Ford Blush Nude is lighter. Chanel Superstition is gold-shimmered. MAC Woo Me is several shades lighter. MAC Mellow Mood has a similar color but also has gold shimmer.

Talk about an effortless nude! I like to think of nude color as if your natural lip color and your skin color merged together to form something natural and infinitely flattering–on you.  This might be why it can be a challenge to find that perfect nude.  Many nudes are very pale, light, and don’t always work as nudes on a lot of complexions.  Incognito takes the natural pink and beige tones often found in the skin to create a nude that will work really well on light to medium complexions. It might be lighter than nude for medium-dark to dark skin tones (but it can still be worn–it just might not be your perfect nude, you know?).

After testing a bolder shade in the range, I wasn’t surprised that this one wasn’t long-wearing like Dior described it to be.  It does have mostly opaque color with a natural shine, but the wear is right around four hours, which is what I typically get with most lipsticks, including plenty of Dior shades from the past.  Incognito applies more evenly than Lucky when I was trialing it, but it had the same subtle translucency that gives it a really lush look on lips.  The texture is creamy enough that it slides across lips without tugging, but it’s not thick or heavy.  Not drying, lightly hydrating, it’s an all-around comfortable formula to wear.  It has a light perfume-y scent that I couldn’t notice once applied.

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Burberry Beauty Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection

Now Available: Burberry Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection

Inspired by the Burberry Prorsum Autumn/Winter 2012 runway collection, discover an effortless blend of English countryside hues and elegant city textures, featuring the new Velvet Foundation, a breathable, long wear innovation.

Eyeshadow ($29.00)

  • Gold Trench Gold beige
  • Dark Sable Rich brown
  • Mulberry Berry
  • Porcelain White White

Velvet Foundation Long Wear Fluid Foundation ($54.00)

Like a trench coat for the skin, Velvet Foundation is a sophisticated, long-lasting formula that provides effortless protection with a flawless, velvety finish for a radiant, matte look.

Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base ($48.00)

Burberry Fresh Glow is a lightweight, luminous fluid base that gives the skin a gentle fresh shimmer and sheer dewy finish. The unique pink color complements all skin tones and enhances the complexion for an effortlessly radiant, healthy look. The beautifying formula contains wild rose extract, which provides moisturizing benefits and regenerating properties. The skin is hydrated, protected and has a natural healthy glow.

Lip Cover Lipstick ($30.00)

  • Nude Rose Soft pink
  • Sepia Pink Pink brown
  • Mocha Glow Brown

Availability: Now @ Nordstrom

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Dior Khaki Design Eyeshadow Palette

Dior Khaki Design Eyeshadow Palette
Dior Khaki Design Eyeshadow Palette

Camouflage Your Eyes with These Jungle Hues

Dior Khaki Design Eyeshadow Palette ($59.00 for 0.21 oz.) consists of four eyeshadows and one cream eyeliner, and all of these are in hues of greens, khakis, and olives. This eyeshadow palette is designed to be layered, as each shade has a different texture. It comes with a plastic insert that shows the labeling of what each shade is. Four of the shades can be treated as eyeshadows, while the fifth shade is a cream eyeliner.

The first shade, located on the upper left, is a darkened olive green with a subtle gray-tint that gives it that subdued color. It has noticeable brown undertones and a soft dusting of shimmer. The color payoff was good, and the texture was soft and smooth. NARS High Society is duller, grayer. Girogio Armani #25 has a blacker base and a ton more shimmer. Bare Escentuals Speaker Box is more shimmered. Giorgio Armani Green Jacquard is similar but less pigmented. MAC Femme Noir is greener, richer. Make Up For Ever #47 is greener.

The second shade, located on the upper right, is a sheer golden shimmer, which is noted as a “shine.” It can be layered over one of the other eyeshadows to add shimmer/sheen. The shimmer in it is finer than Dior Golden Savannah. Giorgio Armani #1 is more pigmented but similar in color–perhaps a touch browner. Giorgio Armani #18 is yellower. Tarina Tarantino Dreamy is similar but more like a regular eyeshadow, so it is opaque.

The third shade, located in the center, is an olive brown with a hint of green and a golden bronze shimmer. It has so-so color payoff; it’s a bit sheer, and it doesn’t build color well. theBalm Wocka, Wocka is similar but looks richer, as it is more pigmented. Bare Escentuals Spectacular is similar but more metallic in finish. MAC Sumptuous Olive is yellower. Inglot #419 is similar but very frosted.

The fourth shade, located on the bottom left, is a pale white gold with a frosted, metallic finish. The color is semi-sheer–it delivers more payoff than the upper right shade. Dior Couture Gold is chunkier and a smidgen yellower. MAC Carefree is similar in color but has more of matte finish. Bare Escentuals One Hit Wonder is also similar but a bit starker. Bare Escentuals Breathtaking is similar but has a less metallic finish.

The final shade, located on the bottom right, is a cream eyeliner that’s a blackened brown with a hint of teal shimmer.  The cream eyeliner has good color payoff, and it has a creamy consistency once you break through the initial surface.  It had so-so wear; it seemed a little faded and definitely migrated after six hours.

All of the shades had a soft, finely-milled texture that felt like butter and silk.  I liked the variation between finishes and light/dark within the palette, as it is more versatile–though I think it could have done with one more medium-colored eyeshadow instead of two pale/white golds that look more similar than not.  You would think that the Shine finish would have fall out problems, but it’s actually very easy to wear. I patted it over the darkest green eyeshadow, and I didn’t experience any fall out during the day.  When I wore the palette together, the eyeshadows wore for eight hours with very minor fading along the edges.

Dior Khaki Design Eyeshadow Palette