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Tom Ford Violet Fatale Lip Color

Tom Ford Violet Fatale Lip Color
Tom Ford Violet Fatale Lip Color

Tom Ford Violet Fatale Lip Color ($48.00 for 0.10 oz.) is a semi-opaque fuchsia-shimmered deep raspberry red. It has a natural glossy shine. Revlon Raspberry Pie is redder, less pink, no fuchsia shimmer. NARS Carthage is brighter, pinker. MAC Quite the Thing! is very similar, glossier. NYX Chloe has a fuchsia sheen rather than a shimmer. While the name isn’t much to go off, and one should never really trust a name to be descriptive, I wouldn’t classify this as a violet; this is more of a berry shade overall.

The formula on Violet Fatale is a little different compared to a lot of the other shades I’ve tried by Tom Ford; it has fine shimmer, a thinner consistency, and the finish isn’t the typical creamy, semi-matte finish that much of the range embodies. It’s nice to see something different, though I’m still finding the shade to be more dupeable than not. At this price point, it’s hard to justify a color you’ve seen half a dozen times, you know? The quality of the product is there–it’s long-wearing with six hours of wear, moisturizing (actually, more hydrating than a lot of other shades I’ve tried by the brand), and comfortable to wear.  It has a lightly sweetened vanilla scent (similar to MAC’s) but no taste. The lipstick is housed in a brown and gold, square-shaped tube with the logo carved into the slant of the bullet.


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Giorgio Armani Skin Lacquers Collection

Giorgio Armani Skin Lacquers Collection

For sheer coverage. The Skin Lacquers collection captures a nude chromatic palette to enhance lips and cheeks. An innovative approach to soft color that fuses a shine varnish with lip tone pigments bringing natural color to perfection. Inspired by the lacquered perfection of a flawless porcelain doll.

Gloss d’Armani ($28.00)

  • 514 Petal
  • 513 Roseperla
  • 515 Vintage
  • 516 Coral
  • 517 Hot
  • 518 Rosewood

Rouge d’Armani Sheers ($30.00)

  • 200 Terra
  • 201 Boudoir
  • 202 Dolce
  • 503 Blush
  • 504 Cult
  • 505 Dewy

Availability: Now @ Giorgio Armani Beauty

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MAC & Ruffian Nails: Manicure Sets in Demilune, Demoiselle, and Spectator

MAC Demilune Ruffian Manicure
MAC Demilune Ruffian Manicure

MAC & Ruffian: Manicures

MAC and Ruffian also features three sets of press-on nails. Demilune is described as a “matte black with chrome gold half moon.” Demoiselle is described as “Ruffian red with white half moon and black French tip.” Spectator is described as a “cream with black half moon, black French tip and black Ruffian ensignia.” Each set is $25.00.

  • Demilune is a matte black with a metallic gold French tip. Both the bottom and the top are squared, while the top is just slightly curved along the very outer edges.
  • Spectator is a pale cream with a subtle glossy sheen and a half-moon of shiny black along the base and then a French tip of shiny black. It has a curved top and more rounded botton edge compared to the other two sets.
  • Demoiselle is a glossy red cream with a half-moon of glossy white on the bottom and a glossy black French tip on the top. It comes to a barely rounded point on the top but has a mostly squared edge on the bottom.

I can’t function with press-on nails. I’m completely inept and utterly lost.  They are just so terribly uncomfortable to me; there’s a definite ick factor that really has nothing to do with the brand, actual feel, or the like–it’s kind of like how I feel about chalk: I can’t even think about holding a stick of chalk without shivering. It’s just one of those things for me.

I tried a few of these on, just to see how they worked and how the glue adhered. They definitely stick on, but they aren’t conducive to extensive typing or general day-to-day life. I could see putting these on before a night out; more a novelty than a functional manicure. They seem to be painted well overall, with only some very, very minor scratches on the metallic tips of Demilune (and I couldn’t really see them with my own eyes, only in the up-close photos) and smudges on Spectator (you can see how there’s some smudged black outside of the French tip in the photos).

The shape of these isn’t going to fit everyone, which is expected given they’re one-size-fits-most. They have fairly squared off edges, though Spectator seems more curved than the other two (along the edges), while Demoiselle has the sharpest point.  Each set contains two sets of twelve nails, which is good, because these aren’t exactly the cheapest press-on nails on the market! I didn’t not wear any of these extensively, but for the half hour or so I played around with them, the glue seemed to adhere well to the nail, and I was able to remove them without a fuss. I didn’t have any glue residue leftover, but I don’t think they were applied long enough to make a call either way.

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