NYFW S/S ’10: Wella @ Thakoon

Wella @ Thakoon

Thakoon’s spring collection is described as “warrior-surf” and reflects a hard/soft, natural/artificial dichotomy with organic construction or armoring of the body, contrasting with patterns cut around the body as a canvas with soft draping. The palette can be described as muted watercolors with an array of nudes, blues, pinks and aquas.

The Look

To achieve this “sumo wrestler meets surfer” inspired look, Thakoon Panichgul, Eugene Souleiman, and Eva Scrivo collaborated for a finished style that demonstrates the contrast between tight and loose elements, which the collection encapsulates. A sleek, tight-to-the-head “seventh samurai” ponytail is sculpted on the top half, while leaving out loose, textured ends in a knot. Free-flowing, beachy waves left down in back, allows the look to exude a variety of contradictory elements that don’t blend, but balance. Colored extensions add dimension and life to help form the overall shape.

Hair Styling by: Eugene Souleiman, Global Creative Director, Wella Professionals
Hair Color by: Eva Scrivo and the Wella Professionals team
Hair products supplied by: Wella System Professional

Get the Look

  • Blowdry the hair back and away from the face.
  • Brush all the hair from ear to ear back and into a tight pony tail.
  • Apply Wella System Professional Supermousse to the pony for a sleek, satin finish.
  • Incorporate the hair from the center of the nape of the neck, in a 2 inch section up to the pony.
  • Bind the hair in the pony with 1/2 inch thick black elastic or ribbon, folding it back on itself to create a knot of hair.
  • Smooth a silicone gloss into hands and smooth over the hair that has been bound for a sleek finish.
  • Add colored extensions to the hair that is left out of the bind, to add length and fullness, as well as color depth.
  • Then spray this hair with Wella High Hair Ocean Spritz and diffuse for a beachy texture.

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