5 Ways to Wear: Bright Pink

5 Ways to Wear: Bright Pink

Bright pink can be scary.  Trust me, I know!  This is coming from a girl who didn’t wear any makeup beyond eyeshadow for months (thank goodness I changed my ways!).  And this, still yet, coming from someone who rarely wears bold lip colors. (Oh, yeah, you can wear hot pink on the eyes, too… really!)

With Confidence

This will sound silly to some, but there is no sexier way to wear something than with a nice dose of confidence.  If you feel comfortable, feel like you’re rockin’ it, then you’re already half-way there.  If you feel uncomfortable or are self-conscious about what you’re wearing, it’s going to show, and no matter how well-done your makeup is, it’s not going to come together the way you’d like it to.

With Neutral Eyes

If you’re going to opt for bright pink on the lips, make sure to ease up on the boldness of your eyeshadow.  While there is always an exception to this little “rule,” putting emphasis on just one of your features helps the look appear focused and well-executed.  Neutral eyes are always a great go-to whenever you’re feeling a little bold for cheeks or lips.  I like to alternate between neutral or warm-toned neutrals, depending on what I’m wearing or the occasion.  If I’m rocking a more purple-based lip, then I’ll often opt for neutral-tones, rather than adding too much warmth on my eyes.  One way to tie-in color from your cheeks or lips into neutral eyes is by using it as a liner, either on the upper or lower lash line.  You can also use a slight touch of color in the crease as a tie-in.

Get three more ways

On the Cheeks

If you’re going to wear a bright pop of pink on the cheeks, try a matte or semi-matte (e.g. a satin, velvet, etc. kind of texture) and stipple it on with a duo-fibre brush like MAC’s 187 or 188.  This will allow you to slowly build up the color to just the right intensity.  On the other hand, this technique will also allow you to wear even the boldest cheek colors subtly, if desired.  Pair with softer eyes and play around with the lips — you can go a little brighter or deeper, but you usually don’t want to go too bold/bright.

On the Lips

Whenever you wear a bright lip color, there is often a bit of prep work involved if you really want it to wear well throughout the day.  (Also, expect to re-apply to maintain vibrancy.)  Start by exfoliating your lips — you can use a commercially available scrub like Sara Happ’s The Lip Scrub or mix a little sugar and olive oil together (just don’t lick it up–it doesn’t taste so yum!).  Even a warm wash cloth or toothbrush will get the job done.  Moisture lips well with a clear, non-sticky lip balm for about ten to twenty minutes before applying color.  Blot the lip balm off on the back of your hand (you don’t want to wipe, because it tends to dry out lips).  For lip color that stays longer and brighter, fill in your lips with a lip liner shade similar to your lip color.  Then apply your lip color using a lip brush for precision application.  Dust lightly with translucent powder, and then re-apply another layer of the lip color.  Top with gloss if desired.

On the Eyes

Yes, yes, you can wear hot pink on your eyes.  Hard?  Perhaps, but it really is do-able.  One way to do it is on the lower lash line as a pop of color, and you can always tone down the pink-ness of something by layering with blue or purple, so you add a bit of a purple tone to it.  You can also wear it with golds or warm-toned white golds and wear hot pink in the crease or outer lid.  The key is to find the right pink that doesn’t increase any redness in your eyes or skin tone.  Cooler pinks do tend to work better on many, but some warm toned pinks may be workable–it’s all about experimentation.