Saturday, August 15th, 2009

What’s your 10-minute makeup look?

In keeping up with the Only in a Woman’s World campaign, I recognize how many of us are busy bees and can’t always find the time to put together elaborate makeup looks. Sometimes we just need something that’s practical, quick, and still makes us look our best. I’m curious to hear what your quick and dirty out-the-door-in-ten-minutes-or-less look is!

Here’s mine

For me, I find that filling in my brows, a few coats of mascara, and blush are three things that are absolute musts for me. I also consider foundation particularly important for me, as my skin just isn’t perfect, so I always start with that. I’ll quickly define my brows next. If I remember, I’ll do a wash of Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow on the lid with a few coats of mascara to wake-up my eyes. A quick dab of blush on both cheeks, and then a swipe of lipgloss and I’m ready to dash out the door.

What’s YOUR 10-minute makeup look?

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62 thoughts on “What’s your 10-minute makeup look?

  1. cloudburst

    Concealer, powder, define my brows, curl my eyelashes & apply mascara, and then a swipe of gloss…then run!

  2. My approach is to balance playing down weak features with playing up strong features.

    Play down:
    1. Not strictly a makeup step, but: swap glasses for contacts. If I don’t have time for a polished look, contacts really seem to help make me look better.
    2. Concealer and a good sweep of mineral foundation. My skin is not the best and isn’t very evenly colored, so this is the highest priority step.
    3. Quick brow definition. I have light scar tissue through one eyebrow that leaves a tiny gap in the hairs, so it’s definitely worth taking a minute to fill it in.

    Play up:
    4. A quick touch of eyeliner at corners of eyes for definition. I like my eyes, so I want them to be the feature.
    5. A quick sweep of mascara.
    6. Clear or light lipgloss.

    7. Optional, if any time remains: very light brush of mauve blush.

    And… Go!

  3. Hyzenthlay

    I use tinted moisturizer and then a light translucent powder. Then a bit of Shell Pearl powder, a light sweep of Dainty blush, a line of UD Bourbon eyeliner and I smudge it with my finger, then curl the lashes, mascara, and then (usually) Hey, Sailor lipgloss. I used to fill in my brows, but I just had them shaped professionally and now I don’t feel like I need to!

  4. Lo

    Mineral foundation, concealer and blush, TFSI, then silverthorn eyeshadow or vex and smoke and diamonds eyeshadow, tightline with UD zero pencil, black mascara, then when i’m out the door add whatever lipgloss is kicking around in my bag ( babysparks dazzleglass at the moment)

  5. Karla

    1. Mix foundation with moisturizer for a custom made tinted moisturizer.
    2. Sweep a nude shadow (NARS Paper Tiger cream e/s) on the lid.
    3. Thinly line the outer third to half of the upper lashline with a basic black pencil.
    4. Put on a coat of whatever mascara I lay my hands on first.
    5. Line the lips with MAC Chestnut and top with Lustreglass in Trance Plant.
    6. If there’s time, I’ll add blush, probably Cover FX Bronzed in Garnet.
    7. On the way out the door, the following go into my touch-up bag (in case I go out later):
    ~ MAC Shadestick in Sharkskin
    ~ Chanel Illuminating Eye Shadow in Delta (a pinky/peachy gold to highlight the lid and browbone)
    ~ NARS Multiple in Malibu
    ~ MAC Lustreglass in Decorative

  6. sophie

    I have this down to an art! I put concealer under my eyes, set with powder, dab concealer over my eyelids and set with Brule eyeshadow. I line my top lashline with brown Stila Smudge Pots, then curl my lashes and put on mascara. NARS Orgasm blush, I never skip blush. I usually use Lollipop Loving or Way to Love lipsticks.

  7. If I only had 10 minutes, I’d still wear make up base/primer, pressed powder, blush, mascara (a must) and lipgloss. Any more than that, I’d add eyeshadows: 1 colour if I really don’t have much time, 2-3-4 if I do. Also would add foundation and eyebrow gel.

  8. pia

    I’ll need sunscreen, then while waiting for it to sink into my skin, I do my brows, then a quick touch with beyond natural foundation from Revlon, fresco rose or groundwork paint pot, dust my face with powder, blush and then I apply lipstick when I’m in the car. i have mac lady danger, syrup, lollipop loving lipsticks, ysl rose culte lipstick and dior red creme de gloss in my make bag, so i’m pretty much covered in the lipstick department.

  9. Laura

    Face: Regenerist serum, Shiseido sunscreen, Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, MAC MSF Natural powder all over.
    Eyes: Guerlain loose kohl in Noir, Lancome Definicils, an all over wash of a light neutral color, like NARS AAE, Stila Launey, MAC Shroom or MAC ATG.
    Cheeks: Some easy to apply blush like Laura Geller Ethereal Rose or NARS Orgasm
    Lips: A gloss or balm, like Lancome Sunbaked Coral or MAC Fuschia Fix TLC

  10. Abbey

    foundation (on lips too)
    black eyeliner

  11. reesa

    1. Tinted moisturizer or MAC MSF Natural
    2. Finishing powder
    3. one blush for contour and one for color (MAC Blunt and these days MAC MSF in Warm Blend)
    4. MAC Pearlglide eyeliner (typically Molasses)
    5. Mascara (Loreal Voluminous)
    6. Lipstick or gloss

  12. Roxanne

    1. moisturize and prime
    2. quick dab of foundation
    3. some blush on my cheeks (something like the Dame blush I just got, recommended by Christine, I luuuuv it so much!)
    4. set with MSF natural and blend out
    5. mascara!

    That’s basically it! 10 minutes is NOT long. I’d rather look flawless but minimalistic than have a messy e/s or more foundation on :)

  13. Amy

    2)concealer then powder to set
    3)MAC paint in Sublime Nature on eyelid and then MAC Kid eyeshadow or sometimes Satin Taupe on crease to darken and define more, Shroom on browbone and finally eyeliner and curl my eyelashes and mascara.
    4)A bit of blush

  14. Christy

    Moisturize, MAC mineral foundation loose, blush, lipgloss, nude eyeshadow, dark eyeliner, brow pencil, mascara. Done!

  15. silvia

    moisterizer,lipgloss ,eyeliner. and thats it.

  16. Jezi

    I usually start with this order: tinted Moisturizer, concealer, all-over powder (Sometimes I use a MAC Beauty Powder to brighten my complexion, or I found myself using Honey Light High-light powder as a light dusting to give a golden glow, typically it usually is a sheer pressed powder), blush, and a quick swipe of lip color.

    If I didn’t dilly-dally too much, I’ll do mascara, eye primer and a wash of color on the lids.

  17. cynth

    msf natural
    brown liner in the waterline & uppper lashline
    lip gloss
    light pink blush

  18. Rhea

    usually its
    -Wash and moisturize face
    -MSF natural/ Pressed powder
    – Little concealer under eyes and around nose
    -Brown/black eyeliner accordingly
    -Sweep of eyeshadow
    then RUN 😛

    Most times I forget blush :(

  19. Sheena

    1. Foundation/concealer –must, my skin sucks lol
    2. Eyeliner (upper)
    3. Mascara

    If I still have time:
    4. Eyeshadow
    5. Lipgloss/lipstick (this is in my purse all the time, so if I don’t have time in the morning, it’s not a big deal to find something later in the day)
    6. Eyebrows
    7. Blush

  20. Nicole

    I would use the following MAC products:
    Studio Fix Foundation,
    Painterly Paint Pot,
    Shroom, Mystery and Juxt eye shadow,
    Plushlash or Dazzlelash
    Golden Bronzing Powder
    Angel and Pastel Emotion or Creme Cup and Underaged

  21. Redhead (hi)

    – Cleanse and exfoliate (essential if I don’t have time or feel like applying foundation)
    – Quick buffing of B.E. Well Rested under the eyes
    – UDPP from lashline to browbone, on lower waterline and lower lashline
    – MAC Bronze e/s on the lid and crease, Shroom to blend above crease and to highlight the brow and inner corner
    – L’Oreal HIP Kohl in Black on the upper and lower lashlines smudged, applied to waterline (the waterline’s optional)
    – Maybelline Full ‘n’ Soft WP in black on upper lashes only
    – Do the brows quickly and lightly
    – Quick sheer, light cheek and lip stain on cheeks and lips

    I have blue eyes, so MAC Bronze brings them out; my 5-minute face is always mineral undereye concealer, any shadow on the lid lightly blended, strong brows, smokey liner and a stain on lips and cheeks.

  22. Dancerwendy

    I’ll start with a good tinted moisturizer for a dewy look or powder foundation if I want a more matte finish. A quick sweep of cream shadow such as MAC Paint in Bamboom, and then if possbile, I try to never skip curling my lashes, keep them that way with Shiseido lash primer, then mascara. A quick sweep of peachy blush, and some kind of sheer lipstick or gloss!

  23. 53

    Toner. Essence. Moisturizer. Paul & Joe Face Powder N all over. Mascara. Blush. Lip balm. Spray perfume on myself. Comb my hair. Go!

  24. Rosie

    A little bit of concealer where needed, blush and highlighter and some silica powder for the face. Eyes I do a neutral matte color on the lid and bourbon eyeliner and some mascara. Some lipgloss or quick lipstick and I’m done.

  25. details

    Lately it’s been:
    moisturize— as I wait for it to soak in…. I do:
    painterly all over lid
    grain e/s all over
    stubborn brown liner smudged
    whatever mascara I’m loving
    then back to face
    cover fx water based foundation
    bobbi brown concealer
    laura mercier setting powder
    nars torrid blush
    nars outsider lipstick (i’m loving the torrid/outsider combo)

    (if I have time I highlight checkbones, nose, upper lip, brow bone with MAC Vanilla e/s)

  26. adelinky

    *Neutrogena spf 45 on face & neck
    *Bobbi Brown oil free foundation
    *MAC concealer under eyes, jaw, & scars
    *Shiseido eye lash curler
    *Buxom mascara (3 coats)
    *MAC blushcreme in lilicent
    *Chanel gloss in 116 (my favoriteee!!!)

  27. Amanda

    Liquid foundation with a low-maintenance, hurry-friendly brush (NOT my 187)
    Bronzer – Cargo
    Rubenesque P/P
    All that glitters & antiqued in crease
    Black pencil eyeliner upper and waterline- I like Mac Powerpoints
    Curl eyelashes
    Maybelline Colossal mascara – total HG

    And if I only have 5 min I’ll skip e/s. My skin takes a long time because it’s terrible.

  28. My minimum is concealer and contacts.
    But since 10 minutes would be considered a lot before school, I would curl my lashes, tightline on the upper lashline, mascara, brow pencil and gel, blush, and tinted lip balm!

  29. Janelle

    Foundation, concealer, mascara, eyeliner, and lipgloss.

    Maybe filling in my brows if I have time.

  30. Moisturize with SPF
    Mac MSF in Medium as foundation.
    Mac Nuance Mineralized Blush
    Painterly paintpot on lids
    UD’s Baked palette for eyes

    UD rockStar 24/7 liner
    Mac Plushlash

    Mac Cutester lippie.

    That’s easy good for the grocery store or Post office. :)

  31. silvana

    clinique moisturizer
    Revlon staycolor foundation
    clinique loose powder
    nars orgasmo blush
    stila eyeshadow on kitten
    chanel black eyeliner
    mac lipbalm on petty pink
    and that is it

  32. rayne

    – apply blacktrack to the waterline of both my eyes.
    – apply primer to all of face
    – apply shroom to highlight under the brow
    – curl lashes & apply splashproof mascara
    – apply studio fix fluid to all of face using fingers ( i haven’t found a reasonably priced brush i like for this yet)
    – apply studio fix powder to all of face
    – apply margin blush to cheeks

    lolll, i do this everyday. when i have time i’ll add eyeliner to the top of my eyelid, otherwise i don’t worry about it.

  33. Foundation
    Brown or gold eyeshadow
    Brown eyeliner
    Nude lipgloss
    If time a sweep of neutral blush or mascara.

  34. Antoinette

    Wash face with Purpose face wash. Moistrize with MAC’s Lightful Deep Ultramoisture Creme. Laura Mercier oil free foundation all over face, followed by LM Secret Camoflage concealer. Set with LM Loose Setting Powder.

    Fill in eyebrows, curl eyelashes and add mascara. Use whatever blush I have around… usually Nars Orgasm or MAC Coppertone/Ladyblush. Neutral lipgloss… faves are Nars Chihuahua, MAC Viva Glam V lipglass, or MAC Love Nectar lustreglass.

  35. CK

    1. Moisturizer
    2. MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW25
    3. MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation in NC30
    4. Fill in brows with MAC brow shader powder in walnut
    5. Black Mascara
    6. MAC Powder Blush in Margin
    7. Any lip gloss

  36. jess

    Tinted moisturizer, Porcelain Pink MSF, MAC Shroom all over my eyelid and browbown, curl eyelashes, a few coats of mascara (LashBlast!) and a little lip balm. It could take me 5 minutes instead of 10!

  37. Uhhh… I don’t have one. I’ll just take fifteen minutes and be five minutes late wherever I’m going.

  38. Stefh

    moisturize (with SPF), Mac prep&prime for skin, Dior foundation, MSF natural to set it,Boing concealer, lashblast mascara, Mac’s margin blush,UDDP and Mac’s satin taupe, tinted SPF lip balm on the go :)

  39. Diyana

    Really quick uh-oh mornings: I dab concealer under my eyes and around my nose, curl lashes and lipgloss. If I have more time I’ll put on some blush and mascara.

    I do have clear skin and don’t really need foundation. Even after a while I don’t like how foundation feels on my skin! I do wear it when I have more time or when i know I am going to be photographed.

  40. iris

    moisturizer, face primer, tinted foundation, concealer, powder, blush, brow fil-in, mascara, eyeliner and lip stick….tats wut i do in order(every morning)

  41. Lily

    – Concealer under eyes and on blemishes.
    – Light MSF natural all over.
    – Painterly paintpot from lashes to brow, set with Light MSF, with Medium Dark MSF in crease.
    – Blacktrack & mascara.
    – Some sort of pink blush.
    – Petting Pink TLC

  42. amani

    1. mac studio fix powder foundation

    2. eyeliner

    3. macara

    4.petting pik tinted lip conditioner

    i dont need to define my brows cuz they are in the shape i like and are naturally thinck and dark….so i save time and skip this step…

  43. mine would be
    – concealer for my undereyes and flaws
    – eyeliner (can’t leave without them)
    – blushers!

    Ok.. thats a 5 min make up haha.. if i have longer time

    – curl eyelash and few swipes of mascara.

  44. Elysia


  45. Miss_M

    My ‘quick’ routine:

    – A sweep of EDM mineral powder and bronzer
    – A wash of neutral pink/beige e/s
    – Define brows with a pencil + browgel
    – Liner + mascara
    – Blush
    – Gloss

  46. margot

    I just put some natural looking blush, a bit of bronzer on the key areas, a wash of beige e/s, mascara, white eye pencil on the waterline and finally a pinky gloss.

  47. Because I’m a nanny I keep it simple if I only have 10 minutes to get ready.

    – Foundation Primer (I have gigantic pores and sun damaged skin, so this is a must): Smashbox Photo Finish, MUFE HD primer (the green one)
    – Foundation: A matte powder (I tend to look shiny though I’m not particularly oily)
    – Curl my lashes (they’re almost an inch long and grow straight, sometimes upside down, and I wear glasses to this is a must
    – Mascara: CoverGirl Lash Blast (Waterproof)
    – Liner: Blacktrack Fluidline on my water- and tightlines, set with Carbon eyeshadow (or Shadowy Lady or a dark brown if I don’t want it too dark), smudged slightly at the lashline to make my lashes look thicker
    – Lip: A neutral lipgloss or lip gelee, often just a lip conditioner of some sort (I have loads – My favourite is the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment!)

  48. Alexa

    moisturize! and while that soaks in
    – tinted brow gel
    – UDPP
    – e/s about a shade darker than my skintone
    – curl lashes (must! i have long eyelashes that grow straight)
    – one coat of dark brown mascara
    – conceal if i need too
    – bronzer or blush
    – chapstick

  49. addie

    here goes…
    -mac concealer to cover my red cheeks
    -a peachy light blush with a little shimmer
    -select sheer powder to set

    -put on eyeshadow base
    -next to nothing eye shadow
    -tempting in the crease
    -then mascara
    -for lips i always have my burts bees lip balm in my bag so i can do that anytime, then on top either lollypop loving or pink fish tlc.

    and thats my 10 min face! ta da

  50. Letitia

    If I’m in a serious hurry…

    Moisturize (I put this on as soon as I wake up, so it’s dry by the time I get to the makeup part of the morning routine.)
    VS Skin Primer
    Quick buffing of bare escentuals in tan
    UDPP all over lid
    Arena from lashline to brow
    Espresso for brows
    Curl lashes, then use Wet n Wild Protein Mascara, followed by Maybelline Lash Stylist (so mistakes are kept to a minimum)
    VS black eye pencil on waterline
    NYX Terra Cotta Blush
    Whatever lip gloss I have in my purse, I put on while I’m walking to the car!

  51. Concealer under my eyes and around my nose, neutral blush, brown liner, mascara, and a sheer lipstick

  52. Rabi

    For me, it’s about some moisturizer and concealer, and then some Painterly paintpot on the lid, followed by Bobbi Brown shimmer brick in either Nude or Bronze, on the lid and cheeks. Some Lancome Cils XL lash primer, followed by mascara, and whichever gloss is closest.

  53. NaNa

    My five minute face is:
    i. Buff MAC MSFN in Light into my skin and dust some Blot Powder on
    ii. I fill in my brows with some Revlon Colorstay eyeliner
    iii. Tightline with another Revlon liner
    iv. Apply Femme Fi or Solar White into my inner-eye area and highlight my brow

    My ten minute face adds on:
    v. Apply some HIP Color Truth eyeliner and wing
    vi. Curl lashes. Sweep on mascara, usually something by Rimmel
    vii. Dab on some lip balm and grab a lipgloss to-go. :3

  54. Yatty

    apart from the cleanse-tone-moisturise routine:

    1. Chanel mat lumiere compact foundation
    2. Fill-in brows, dab on Mac paint pot/shadestick on eyelid (1 color), line upper lash w any MAC pencil.
    3. Curl lash and apply macara
    4. Cream or liquid blush (MAC CCB in Crushed Bouganvilla or The Body Shop cheek stain)
    5. Lip gloss or stain

    Ard 10mins or less, tt’s all folks!

  55. carcade

    the minimum is tinted moisturizer (Chanel), concealer (Armani) and lip gloss (whatever). I curl my eyelashes, define my brows (Chanel or Bourjois) and use loose powder (Givenchy) if I have one extra minute. one more extra minute means nude eyeshadow (Clinique Beige Velvet is my go-to one) and mascara base (Chanel).

  56. Fari

    I’m never fully awake to do a lot in 10 minutes

    if I put in contacts
    1. laura mercier or Neutrogena tinted moisturizer + Neutorgena sunscreen
    2. MUFE or MAC (tho lately I’ve been using Benefit) concealer
    3. UD 24/7 liner in zero
    4. mascara IF I have more time

    if i’m really lazy and just stick to my glasses:

    1. tinted moisturizer + sunscreen

  57. Kimmy V

    chafing gel+ spf 15 lotion
    concealer under eyes and around nose
    loose clinque powder
    blush : MAC well dressed
    mascara: clinique naturally glossy

    done! run out the door! :)

  58. Jacqueline

    For 10 minutes or less, this is what I do:

    1. Apply sunscreen immediately after washing face;
    2. Apply liquid foundation;
    3. Top off with translucent mineral powder;
    4. Apply eyeshadow primer, and while it dries I do steps 5 and 6;
    5. Put a light highlighter on brow bone;
    6. Fill in brows and curl lashes;
    7. Apply 2 similar eyeshadows in natural colors with shimmer (1 light and 1 slightly darker);
    8. Apply black liquid eyeliner on top and brown pencil underneath;
    9. Apply black mascara; and
    10. Put on lipgloss while walking to the car.

    It seems like a lot, but I do it in under 10 minutes all the time!

  59. Tattoo Girl

    Hyper real foundation
    some blush, usually Mocha for quick looks
    Naked lunch e/s on upper lid and Satin Taupe on lower lid
    Teddy eyeliner on waterline
    2 coats mascara
    whatever lippie I have within reach! Usually Cherry Blossom or Virgin Kiss.

  60. Zoila

    Liquid Foundation
    Finishing Powder
    Beauty Powder Blush
    Painterly PP
    Omega E/S on the Lid
    Soft Brown E/S blended in the Crease
    Carmex on the Lips
    3 Coats of Waterproof Mascara on each top lash and bottom lash!

    and out the door!

  61. Samantha

    conceal (EVERYTHING IS A MUST)
    Mac Studio fix powder
    A swipe of Mac soft ochre pain pot across the lid
    My go to NYX trio in shimmer/peach/copper (shimmer on the lid, peach in the crease, and then copper under the bottom lashline)
    ELF spotlight facial whip on high cheek bone
    A little dusting of Nars Luster blush
    Curl my lashes then Lash blast, curl again
    Some clear gel on my brows since they are groomed
    Then any lipgloss i get my hands on ( not much of a lipstick gal) lately it’s been Mac Queenbee gloss with Goldyrocks dazzleglass on top