Saturday, June 5th, 2010

The Look Book

If you were using MAC Firecracker Eyeshadow?, what look would you create with it?

What shadows would you use? What would you use on cheeks? Anything added to the lips? Create a look using whatever you want, as long as you include today’s look book product!

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31 thoughts on “What would you pair with MAC Firecracker Eyeshadow?

  1. I’m obsessed with this eyeshadow, and have been wearing the following look almost daily!

    I use the Coral Crepe paint pot on the lid, and then put Firecracker over that. Swiss Chocolate in the crease. Then MUFE um…. the darkest matte brown one, lol. Just the tiniest bit in the outer corner. For cheeks, I do bronzer and a swipe or two of the Marine Life Highlight Powder. On the lips, just chapstick!

  2. Franzi


    Eyes: I pair it with Satin Taupe in the crease (maybe shimmermoos, gulf stream, birds&berries above satin taupe), firecracker on outher lid to the middle, than sand&sun on the middle and the inner lid and a little bit of brule on the inner lid =)

    Lips: Funbathing l/s + Flurry of Fun l/g, FOF allone, Splashing l/g

  3. Samantha

    i pair it with free to be (matte) and brash and bold pigment from style warrior
    a fierce pink eye with a water color technique thats in style
    free to be on the lid, pulled out with firecracker and brash and bold
    p.s- try and use HUSH cream color bass as the bass underneath !

  4. I used a matte white pink colour (from the purple/pink heatherette trio) all over the lid, firecracker in the crease, naked pigment to highlight, the teal to the beach khol on the bottom lash line, marine life as a blush, and some zoom lash mascara.

  5. Carrie

    I think it would look great in the crease w/ Sand & Sun on the lid. It would probably also look really good w/ Sweet & Punchy. I’d wear it w/ a light bronzer or a coral blush, like Hipness or Benefit’s Coralista. On the lips, I’d wear a coral or peach lip gloss/lipstick, something like Beachbound, Peachstock, Ever Hip, Perrenial High Style or even Frankly Fresh. I’d do different variations of the color, so it’s not too matchy matchy.

  6. I be this would be lovely with star violet in the crease, using expensive pink to soften and blend the crease upward.

    Or it would be fun to do with a BRIGHT red matte in teh crease, and a coral/pink in teh corners for contour(sushi blossom maybe).

    Or maybe pair it with bronze’s and browns in the crease and rest of the lid, for a pop of color.

  7. Ameera Here is what I did with it. I paired it with Refined Golden and Thrills, and it came out to be a fun look.

  8. I’m thinking about pairing it with either a light beige/ivory color and a brown or a light beige/ivory color, blue and green, pink lips for the first alternative and shimmery coral lips to go with the second alternative!

  9. sf

    I used this e/s all this week and I loved it with woodwink..soooo gorgeous! I put hot hot hot in the crease, next I will try hot hot hot and cranberry in the crease

  10. I would do a sunset look. :)

    Inner lid: MAC Bright Sunshine (pro)
    Middle lid: NARS Scorching Sun Duo (the light tangerine)
    Outer Lid: *MAC Firecracker*
    Crease: MAC Coppering

    Lower Lash Line: MAC Parfait Amour (eyeshadow)

    Then, finish with your favourite highlighter (mine is Bobbi Brown matte “Bone” eyeshadow) and mascara.

    • Forgot the cheeks and lips!

      Cheeks: NARS Blush in Orgasm

      Lips: I would pair with a pink or coral-ly red such as MAC Victorian (pink) or MAC Rose Maiden/MAC Viva Glam Cyndi).

  11. I really liked the contrast of firecracker with purples e/s. I paired it with Sketch in the crease and macroviolet fluidline today and loved it.

    It’s also beautiful over the new Coral Crepe paintpot.

  12. Does anyone own Firecracker and Paradisco? I already have 2 Paradisco (1 single shadow and 1 in a HK palette) so I passed on it. But I’m really curious to see how similar they are. Or dis-similar.

    • Brittney

      I do… They are very dis-simalar i think…

      Paradisco to me looks like nars orgasm a pinky gold with the frost texture… firecracker is a veluxe pearl and looks like a shimmery bright pink with a vibrant sheen.. grab any of the veluxe pearl shadows like that but a bright coral pink… reminds me of ever hip in a way…

      I would take a picture but my camera is not working right now :)

    • Michelle M

      Firecracker is darker than Paradisco by alot. In fact, I recently did firecracker in the crease with paradisco on the lid and it was lovely.

  13. Mallory

    I pair it with that frosty pink color from the Rose Romance collection (I think it was et tu bouquet?) for a cute pink/coral look. I like how Firecracker looks so orange in the pot but actually comes out looking more pinkish on my skin! Sand and Sun is also a good pairing with it to, for obvious reasons I guess.

  14. Kalee

    ive paired it with sweet&punchy (idea from christine, lol)
    and i also like it:
    ~ melon pigment (lid) with firecracker in crease, and used my shell pearl b/p for the browbone (did that yesterday, lovedit!)
    ~ hey eyeshadow (lid) woodwinked (outer lid) and a bit of firecracker in crease

    its a great eyeshadow. i didnt know how i was going to feel about it since usually i dont wear any colors like that & i wasnt sure how it was going to look on me but i love it! and i didnt even plan to get it until the last minute and im so glad i purchased, such a pretty color!

  15. Refinement

    I’m right now wearing MAC Firecraker with MAC Red Brick, MAC Espresso in my crease, MAC Float on By eyeliner, MAC Family Silver as a browlight, MAC Ripe Peach on my cheeks, and MAC Beaux lustreglass. Looks “tropical fresh”, lol. I’m an NW 45 for reference :-)

  16. Wendy

    I wore it on the lid with Sun & Sand in the crease – a big departure from my norm, but it looked great!

  17. I love Firecracker! I paired it with Warming Trend on the lid, Firecracker on the crease and Waternymph on the lower waterline.

  18. Diana

    i did melon pigment on the inner half of my lid, firecracker e/s on the outer half…both blended up to the crease and then i define the crease more with coppering. for a highlight i grab watever im in the mood for that day…mac vanilla, gold dusk pigment, sally girl champagne or one from a sephora holiday palatte lol. for my cheeks i use peacheykeen or sunbasque n lips…honestly just carmex lol. sometimes i take a lipglass from the warm n cozy collection…light that fire i believe

  19. Erica

    I use firecracker in the corners of my eye, sweet and punchy on the outside, a brown from my 88 palette in the crease, sand and sun as a highlight, marine life highlighter on my cheeks, and thrills on my lips.

  20. sabrina

    I pair this with bare study paint pot generously on the lid then firecraker on the outer corner and in the crease with naked lunch on the inner corner. then i apply a light blue eyeliner on the lower lash line and water line!on the cheeks i put refined golden bronzer and thats it. for lips i either put pervette lipstick or myth,,, and thats it :)

  21. Bellcheria

    (So I read some of the ways of using firecracker before trying something my own *LOL*

    Artifact p/p as base over the lid
    Firecracker on top
    Sketch & Smut in the crease
    Rich purple pigment in the other V
    Firecracker and Arena mixed and blended a little bit above the crease

    (yeah crazy XD) And for those who are scared for the brightness that is Firecracker, I used it on the blackground p/p and it looked really cute. Yet I like it bright better than toned down

    (sorry for my bad english, I’m german and not native to english XD)

  22. alison

    I’ve been loving a quick two shadow look with Firecracker when I’ve been rushed in the morning – Amber Lights on the lid, Firecracker o the outer lid and blended into the crease. For an extra pop of color, I used Float on By on the lower waterline.

  23. Esther

    I actually use it in the crease.
    UDPP on the lid.
    then bare study paint pot.
    then retrospeck eyeshadow.
    and then satin taupe in the crease.
    then fire cracker in the crease.
    its super pretty, when it’s all blended!

  24. Rissy

    I bought this as an after thought, and i’m glad i did. It looks so pretty. I’ve only tried it once, but it came out awesome. I did Amber lights on lid, firecracker on the outer corner and up into the crease, darkened with antiqued and blended with some soft brown. Smudged UD 24/7 liner in zero on the upper and lower, sexy curves mascara and a brow highlight. I used Refined golden 3 and E and marine life on the apples. Used Dressmaker, Dressmaker with easy lounger for a pinky peach nudeish lip. :) and done, loved it.

  25. stephanie

    coral crepe paint pot as a base, firecracker on 1/2 of the lid, freshwater on the other 1/2.

  26. Meagan

    I like to use the indianwood paint pot all over my lid, and a little bit of firecracker in the crease.
    I love this look so much!