Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

What we're Wearing

My favorite look this week was…  Milani Gold Dust on lid, Just Perfect on outer lid, Brown Stone in crease, Burberry Trench to highlight brow bone, Tarina Tarantino Kanzashi on lower lash line, Urban Decay Baked on lower lash line, Buxom Mascara.

What was your favorite look you wore this week?  Share yours in the comments! :)

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46 thoughts on “What We’re Wearing, Vol. #072

  1. lolliez

    Wow, this is beautiful!  Good job with the color coordination here, the eyeliner and the shading blue go so well with that champagne color / pink tan in your crease.  I love this!  You wear it well Christine!

  2. Mariella

    That is such a pretty look on you, Christine. This week, I wore (several times, that’s how much I liked it) MAC Tempting all over the lid, overtop UDPP in Sin (the finish of Sin really seemed to boost how Tempting looked on me). I put Wedge in the crease and Cocomotion pigment (LE) on the inner 1/3 of my lids for a bit of lighter glow. I tightlined with black liner and actually wore mascara last night, when I wore this look for dinner with my husband. I used to be a bit ‘iffy” about Tempting but I’m coming to love it now.  Weird – I keep getting the message that there was an error in posting my comment and it seems not to be posting at all!

    •  @Mariella I encounter the same problem.. it just takes a bit of time and you wait it out and your post will appear.  I love how it gets snarky when you try to post again!  😉

  3. Love the pop of blue!
    This week my favorite look is uncharacteristically light on the eyes and heavy on the lips. I used MAC All That Glitters and Satin Taupe on the eyes, and different MAX Factor Flipsticks on the lips. I also surprised myself by liking a rather cool-toned one on me, so that’s a new color-discovery for me!

    • xamyx

      @Mostly Sunny Those lip colors were so beautiful on you. (I’m so jealous you have access to Max Factor!)

      •  @xamyx  Thanks so much! I do think Covergirl has a very similar product though. In fact from what I heard many MAX Factor and Covergirl products overlap (they both belong to P&G)!

        • xamyx

          @Mostly Sunny It’s been a while since I’ve used CG, but I remember it having an odd smell, like Noxzema, and my skin didn’t take well to the foundations, and the lipsticks were oily. MF, on the other hand was my absolute favorite brand (DS & HE) since I started wearing makeup in the 80s until it was DCd in the US a few years back. As far as I know, MF formulas are still the same, but I’m not sure CG changed theirs.

        •  @xamyx  Oh wow that’s weird. I hope you have found another HG foundation since then, or can get someone to send some your way! I know the pain of not having access to what we want way too well!

        • xamyx

          @Mostly Sunny I have a habit of taking advantage of BOGO deals, and coupons/clearance items, so I have an entire bin of unopened foundations, among them are 2 Max Factor Pan Stiks that I completely forgotabout until recently, but I’ll have to wait until the end of Summer to pull them out, as hotter months mean TMs for me. I heard P&G pulled MF from the US market to mitigate competition fom CG, which makes sense, as at that point in time, CG prices practically doubled.

        •  @xamyx  @Mostly I would have to say that MF is frequently overlooked and better quality than the majority of drugstore brands.  Far better than covergirl IMO. :)  Xamyx.. did you post a look for this week or were you going commando?? LoL

        • xamyx

          @wwendalynne I pretty much went “commando” this week, except a little foundation, sunscreen, mascara, and some random shadows from one of my Naked palettes, and tinted lip balm. Those Naked palettes are so convenient on “lazy” days, LOL. MF *definitely* surpassed every DS brand back when I first started withe makeup. We also had a couple of CCOs that carried primarily Max Factor, so I got a ton of stuff *cheap*. L’Oreal was another DS brand I used alot. CG was the most popular one when I was in high school (I graduated in ’91), because it was really inexpensive, but the prices are rivalling some of the more expensive DS brands. I actually found a Rimmel foundation that I really like that I’ve been playing around with, and it was less than $6 that I took a chance on because it looked like a perfect color match, and it is.

        •  @xamyx  Ha!  I was going to mention Rimmel because they have some fabulous products, but I have never ever cared for CG and not even a mascara has worked for me from them.  Oooh and Revlon. I loved their lipsticks.  I went through this red phase where I wore nothing but “Cherries in the Snow” or “Fire and Ice”  I remember the damn names! hahahaha

        • xamyx

          @wwendalynne I still *have* mine! They are at *least* 15 years old, but they still work just as well as when I bought them! Obviously, I don’t care about expiration dates, LOL. Besides, I have lips on the thinner side, so I always use a lip brush (especially with reds). The only HE products I have are primarily eyeshadows, which buying DS foundation & lip sticks allows for me to do. I’ve actually bought lipsticks that I’ve *never* even opened, and less than a year later, they’re completely unusable.

    •  @Mostly Sunny I love the cool colour on you!  I’ve never particularly subscribed to the limiting notion of warm/cool.  I believe it’s all in how you work with multiple products and I think that colour opposite to your personal tones stand out more, whereas those that are consistent, blend in more… dramatic versus demure.  I say take advantage of colour theory and use that to your advantage by focusing on a feature like you did with your lips.  Beautiful and very very flattering!!!

      •  @wwendalynne Thanks so much for your nice compliment! I used to stick to the rule, because more warm colors seem to work on me, and at some point I was just a bit scared of making a fool of myself. Nowadays though I try more things, and I did realize some theories are more or less just guidelines :)

  4. Cat G

    Tarina Tarantino Kanzashi looks awesome!!
    No look for me this week, hardly wore eyemakeup!

  5. StephanieT

    My favorite look was from last night, and let me tell you.. It was impossible to take off!
    I used urban decay electric all over my lid as a base, put MAC tilt on the outer half of my lid, MAC aquadisiac on the inner half, MAC showstopper in the crease blended out with MAC cork, and a little bit of MAC typographic in the outer v. Then I took some MAC 3D glitter in silver and put it in my inner corner. Lined my top and bottom with black and winged out both, then I used a random light brow highlight! It looked cute, but it was impossible to take off te glitter 😛

  6. Kristabelle

    Wow, that liner is beautiful! I still haven’t been wearing much besides my Sugarpill Heartbreaker palette…it’s a problem lol. I even wore it on a date. (and the guy really liked it, which kinda shocked me. maybe that’ll be my new ‘test’ for guys, someone that doesn’t like bright makeup won’t like me anyway)
    The simplest I’ve done this week was for work-
    Eyes- TFSI, Sugarpill Acidberry on the lid, UD Naked as a crease blending color, UD Buck lower in the crease, UD Virgin as highlight. Black liner on the top lashline and inner rims, little bit of Buck under the lower lashline. All veryy well blended so it didn’t look too bright/scary.
    Lips- Maybelline Pink Peony with a little clear gloss on top.

    •  @Kristabelle I’m having the same issue..everyday I incorporate at least one colour from this palette.  I don’t recall ever having such a big love affair with an eyeshadow palette before.

  7. Rachel

    Really love this look, Christine!

  8. Carla Souza

    Loved it!
    The look I had made and loved it was:
    Face: Mac Prolongwear foundation, MSF and Nars Orgasm;
    Eyes: Mac Nubile panit pot (lid), TheBalm’s Nudetude Sleek (outter v) and sultry (blend out). Mac smolder and Loreal telescopic.
    Lips: YSL gloss stains n. 5

  9. corallista

    Whenever I see a blue/neutral combo, I make a mental note to try it out next time I wear blue but I always end up either doing a blue smokey eye or blue paired with green!
    My favorite look this week was the Aishwarya Rai Cannes 2012 Inspired makeup look I tried. On eyes – NYX HD eye shadow base, UD Half Baked on inner third of lid, UD Smog on outer 2/3rds and same on lower lash line. Darkened crease and outer end of lower lash line with Bourjois extrait Intense no. 3(matte brown), tightlined with jet black kohl, applied winged black liner on upper lash line and finished off with some false lashes. Paired this eye makeup with MAC Sunbasque on cheeks and Maybelline Moisture extreme lipstick in Chocolate Temptation!

    • Veronica

       @corallista I thought Aishwarya Rai looked stunning at Cannes.  <3  I was really surprised that none of the blogs I followed did a tutorial for her makeup – it was by far the most interesting look anybody there sported!   Your take on it is lovely.  :)

      • corallista

        Thanks Veronica! :) She’s been getting so much flak from the Indian media for  her pregnancy weight gain but I think she looked really nice and I loved the makeup too!

    •  @corallista smoldering look!  Love it!

  10. Dominique33

    This week I tried Casual pot for cheeks and lips, very good texture and lovely colours ( Lazy Sunday for example, I just took 2 of the Casual collection ), on the eyes I used my La Bohème palette from MUFE and a brand new duo from Yves Rocher ( amazingly good ), They’re Real mascara. On the lips, M.A.C Please me ( I love this lipstick ), Chanel Plumetis, and on my nails Essie Cascade cool, a very lovely and soft rose nail polish and on toe nails a Sinful Colours matte nail polish fuschia/violet with 2 layers of Sally Hansen Top Coat, so it’s shiny and not matte any longer. I also tried Anardana again on my toe nails just for fun I love the bright colour, deeper than Schiap which I love too !

  11. simone lymbery

    I wore this on Wednesday… I don’t normally wear eye make up during the week but i did a purple eyeshadow with a sliver shimmer eyeshadow on the outer third of the lid then i used shimmer sliver eyeshadow on the lower waterline…
    Photo is:
    Sadly the silver was too sheer on the lid(read it mixed in with the purple!) to come out on the photo but the lower waterline sliver came out quite well (the picture wasn’t clever as it was taken on my  iphone so i do apologise i did this on the run)
    Things i would improve on this would be the purple eyeshadow bit. the  purple eyeshadow i used was from my trusty Làncome palette and i think the purple was too sheer, so it faded after about 5hrs of wear (i don’t use primer normally, must invest in some primer now) and the sliver was way way sheer for my liken but i tried
    also i noticed my eye lid space is lopsided… well they are to me anyway (read my right eye has more eyelid than my left) so i need to take it to account next time i wear eyeshadow…
    but not bad for my 1st time with eye shadow.

    •  @simone lymbery Yay Simone!  Primer is your best friend and I think you did a great job for your first try :)

      • simone lymbery

        @wwendalynne thank you I though it wasn’t bad at all really I just starting to learn how to put eyeshadow on correctly but I do think I need to invest in some primer espcally when I use the sheerer shades of shadow

        •  @simone lymbery  Yes, and a nice set of brushes helps a lot too.. The tools are just as important.  I think Christine has some how-too videos as well.  Have fun! :)

  12. simone lymbery

    christine: how do you do your eyeshadow where you use more than one colour, i always struggle with that because my eyelid space are different sizes and the colours always blend into each other!!!…

  13. Kafka

    It’s beautiful! And that eyeliner really brings it all together with élan!  Christine, I know your schedule is incredibly full, esp. with all those NARS blushes (yay!!!!), but if you ever have time, could you do a tutorial/video thing for your eye looks? Any eye look. At any time. The one this week and last week were so gorgeous, it would really help to see how you get such definition, distinction and daintiness between all the shades.  I’ve looked at your old videos but I think I need more help. (MUCH more help! LOL.)  For example, in one video, you started by putting the center/middle colour on in a horizontal dab down the center, but do you always do  it like that? I wonder how often you do the full lid, going across, first in one shade before adding things to the sides or blending on top? You don’t have to answer now but if sometime this summer you find the time, details like brush strokes or eyeshadow placement would be a HUGE help to incompetent dodos like myself. :)
    My favorite look:  None. I played around with my new NARS duos, Melusine and Rajasthan. I tried to replicate your Rajasthan look ( ) which may be one of my *favorite* looks of yours!!! I used MUFE 57 (chartreuse powder) in lieu of the NARS Mangrove & Palladium that I didn’t have, but the final look lacked the definition of yours. I just don’t know how you get it to have 3 distinct colour parts as delicately and subtly as you do! You really are an artist. 

    •  @Kafka LoL!!  I posted about exactly the same thing above :)  AND..I even commented about Christine’s amazing technique too.. as I totally grabbed this look and ran with it.  I agree, bright colours are amazing, but blending colours that do not naturally blend together as easily as a monochromatic look is an art.  For me, it comes down to the brushes and I tend to pack the colours on like a paint by number into general shapes with a 239 brush for each colour.  Then I use a duo fibre small blending #286 brush to very lightly to intermingle the colours.. try avoiding a swishing back and forth method as that creates a muddy look.  For my dupe of Christine’s look, I put base first, dark teal, gold, then chartreuse..I worked from the outside in.  I then ran the chartreuse colour with the blending brush very lightly slightly above the crease to the browbone.  I don’t think my work is nearly as well executed, but I can blame the not so young and *grineven ‘canvas’!  *grin*

      • Kafka

         @wwendalynne  Hahaha, the Rajasthan bug hits again! Amy got me hooked and now I got you. If we lived in the same city, you, Amy and I could all go out wearing our versions of Christine’s look, with her leading the way as our Fearless Leader. LOL.  As for the technique, I do almost exactly what you describe (except my blending brush is a little less full than the 286). BUT the real difference is that I work from the *inside* out. Hm, maybe from outside in will make a difference?  And maybe going across instead of dabbing horizontally down as Christine did in that one video, though I’ve tried it *both* ways and I’m still not thrilled with the results. You know what my main problem might be? UDPP.  I don’t want to finish up what’s left of my NARS Smudgeproof on just experimenting and playing around, so I’ve been using the bloody UD primer. And… ugh!  I get patchiness, massive fading and none of the colours pop. I hasn’t helped putting on the shadows wet, either. Also, it somehow takes me 3 times as long to get a decent look going because I keep having to fix the problems. I need to just bite the bullet and buy more of the NARS primer, even for playing around. And, I’m going look into Fyrinnae’s Epoxy thing, too.

      • Kafka

         @wwendalynne Hahaha, the Rajasthan bug hits again! Amy got me hooked and now I got you. If we lived in the same city, you, Amy and I could all go out wearing our versions of Christine’s look, with her leading the way as our Fearless Leader. LOL.  As for the technique, I do almost exactly what you describe (except my blending brush is a little less full than the 286). BUT the real difference is that I work from the *inside* out. Hm, maybe from outside in will make a difference?  And maybe going across instead of dabbing horizontally down as Christine did in that one video, though I’ve tried it *both* ways and I’m still not thrilled with the results.
                 You know what my main problem might be? UDPP.  I don’t want to finish up what’s left of my NARS Smudgeproof on just experimenting and playing around, so I’ve been using the bloody UD primer. And… ugh!  I get patchiness, massive fading and none of the colours pop. I hasn’t helped putting on the shadows wet, either. Also, it somehow takes me 3 times as long to get a decent look going because I keep having to fix the problems. I need to just bite the bullet and buy more of the NARS primer, even for playing around. And, I’m going look into Fyrinnae’s Epoxy thing, too.

        •  @Kafka Oh man, I don’t want to drive you crazy, but sometimes I work inside out and even middle and then two sides and it depends on what colours I am working with and how I want them layered.  The 286 brush actually has a tiny tip and can be very precise.  Okay, I just thought of something that might make a difference..  I tend to wear a super thin layer of cream eyeshadow as a base all the time.. right now it seems I always reach for the TF Platinum which is more of a light neutral gold.  I also use primer, either Nars or Shadow Insurance first.  I find the primers can make application tricky with skips and stops and starts, especially when blending.  I also find the cream base punches up the intensity of the colours.  Anyhow, for what it is worth, I find it a helluvalot easier to apply eyeshadow over a thin cream base, than either directly over primer or over other powdered eyeshadows.  You could give that a try because it really doesn’t matter where you start, or the make-up Police would already be at my door.  Keep working at it :)  I just finally learned how to apply blush properly after a couple of decades with my new handy dandy brush.  I always seemed to end up either with too light of an application, or too dark, and now finally I’ve got my technique down.   
          I haven’t heard of Fyrinnae’s Epoxy.  It sounds positively scary.  I use epoxy to stick metals together..  LoL.. where can I get some??Hugs to you for making me laugh.  It’s been a hectic day and the lamb count is now 9 lammies- 6 girls and 3 boys 

  14. Christine:  I’m really loving your Milani Gold Dust colour!  Mid browns are a perfect launch pad for virtually any other colour.  This is a beautiful look all together. I also always admire your technique..impeccable!!! 
    This week, I raided the Temptalia archives courtesy of one Ms. Nars Guru Kafka..  we got to talking about cosmetics late one night on FB (gee what a surprise) and we eventually wandered over to discussing two of her new hauls this week; namely, Nars duos Melusine and Rajasthan.  She suggested I might really like Rajasthan and posted this gorgeous link for me:
    Of course, I loved it!!  But, low and behold my make-up budget has gone to hell in a handbasket lately so I thought to myself:  I’ve got lots of things and can probably make a pretty good dupe of this look with products I already have on hand.  I’ve worn this look for the past two days now because I love it so much and here is what I came up with:
    Eyes:  Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill – #20 Obsidian Black (Dark teak shimmer), Illamasqua Neutral Palette – Vintage (Dark Gold shimmer), Sugarpill Heartbreaker palette – Acidberry (lime / chartreuse), Tom Ford Cream Colour for Eye in Platinum as the base applied very sparingly.  Illamasqua Neutral Palette in Stealth as the highlight.
    Cheeks:  Illamasqua Naked Rose 
    Lips:  Tom Ford Blush Nude 
    ~ Thanks Christine and Kafka ~ <3 <3

    • Kafka

       @wwendalynne  I laughed so hard, you have no idea. And I want to see the look SO badly! You have no excuse; you live with someone. I only have a Hairy German who can’t take photos. So, please ask H. to take a photo next time? I really want to see the Sugarpill Acidberry in action, particularly in conjunction with the Armani Eyes to Kill. Everyone talks so much about Acidberry, I’m starting to hear the siren’s call…. 😉

      •  @Kafka Laughing really hard while I type:  DUDE, Harald isn’t allowed to touch my camera!!!  This would require using my macro lens and he can’t even hold a camera still enough to take a decent shot with my super fast portrait lens.  Plus, he’s the absolute worst photographer in the world.  How many times do I have to say “Fill the viewfinder with your subject” and still I get out of focus and me suspended in the middle of the frame so tiny and pathetic looking against a gi-normous background. LoL  He’s the absolute WORST!  But here’s the funniest part of all.  I really really did want to get a picture of this look, and so I broke down my OCD barrier and asked him to take a photograph.  After 10 minutes of telling him how to set up the lighting (I always use natural lighting when I can) and him completely ignoring everything I say..  we got 3 really bad photos and I mean bad which I promptly deleted.  He hasn’t a clue, poor thing and rather than bludgeon him with my expensive camera, I decided to call it quits before I went completely apesh*t on his head.   I love the guy like crazy, but I can’t change the fact that I’m a perfectionist and I believe my equipment deserves better.  *Guffaw*  I’ll figure out at some point how to do some kind of set-up so I can do it myself.  I have the stuff, just not all the time to futz around to figure everything out.   

        •  @wwendalynne  @Kafka I’m cracking up at your story! I can only imagine your husband trying to take a decent shot. 😀 

        •  @annedreshfield  Haha Anne, I know :)  He’s a great guy too..  how many others would even entertain my request and then listen to me tell him how wrong he is in his method of going about it in the first place..  I’m not to easiest person to live with and I’m a demanding perfectionist on top of it.  LoL

        •  @wwendalynne lol, he’s definitely a great guy, then! Btw, I tried your technique for applying Mac’s Bare Study and it worked MUCH better; thank you! Have you ever tried Bare Study over Painterly? I did it just for kicks (I normally don’t want to smear one PP over another…I’ll stick to one), but Bare Study went on much better with Painterly as a base.

  15. I’m loving Tarina Tarantino Kanzashi on your lower waterline! Since it’s summer and my look has to be office appropriate (well, relaxed office appropriate is more like it — startups are pretty darn relaxed in general), I’ve been wearing a shimmery nude eye so I can wear pretty much any kind of bright lip! I’ve been doing the following: MAC’s Painterly/Bare Study as a base, UD’s Sin on lid and as highlighter, and UD’s YDK in the crease. Add some dark eyeliner (usually black, dark grey, or plum) and some mascara and I’ve got a great defined eye that’s not too loud for a bright lip (or a bright sweater — today I’m wearing bright orange!). It’s simple but I love it.