Saturday, June 16th, 2012

What we're Wearing

My favorite look this week was…  L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows in Liquid Diamond, Glistening Garnet, Perpetual Purple; Burberry Trench Eyeshadow (highlight), Make Up For Ever #26 (lower lash line), Tarina Tarantino Spark of Envy (lower water line).

What was your favorite look you wore this week?  Share yours in the comments! :)

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46 thoughts on “What We’re Wearing, Vol. #071

  1. corallista

    Love the pop of cranberry at the outer lid!
    My favorite look this week was Heavily kohled eyes with false lashes, MAC Sunbasque on cheeks and a coral red lip with Avon Rose lipstick La Sevillana Rose!

  2. Dominique33

    I used my Cargo blushes ( the brand is not available here anymore ) : Lyon and Siena. I tried an Yves Rocher duo ( very good indeed and it’s budget ! ), on the lips M.A.C Musky Amethyst ( one of my favourite lipstick ) and bolder M.A.C Runaway red, I just love this lipstick even if some people stare ! On the nails, toes : O.P.I Into the night ( Spiderman collection ) and before that Essie Tour de Finance with OPI glitters Gone Gonzo ( really very difficult to remove but a nice duo on toe ! ), on my hands Trouville and then just now in fact Essie Blue Rhapsody !

  3. Based on some of the discussion this past week, I was inspired to try a reddish plummy eye without looking like I had been socked in the eye with someone’s fist.  I decided to work with some brights from a few of my new favourite palettes, I did a really super pretty bright plum and copperish eye that I was very pleased with.  From the Sleek Ultra Mattes V2 palette, the dark plummy purple shade (looks eggplant in the case, but comes off very red plum on my skin) all over lid and bottom lid.  Crease and outer corner in Acidberry from the Sugarpill Heart Breaker palette smoked into the eyelid and just above the crease.  Outside corner above crease at browbone with the red/orange shadow from the Guerlain Summer 2012 Capri palette. Inside corner with OCC pink opalescent Datura and MAC grain to eyebrow and MAC Orb to highlight.  
    Cheeks in a rosey bronze – Ambition – from Illamasqua and Lips in Tom Ford Blush Nude which is a good match with the blush.  Touch of Larger than Life lipgloss Nars Odalisque.  Overall, I think it was the red/orange Guerlain shade really grounded the look and toned down the intensity of the red/purple to the point where it didn’t appear bruise like.  I think on such super cool shades, a warm shade for contrast is the key on warm skin.
    Oh, and I am wearing Illamsqua skin base foundation in number 8 which is a pink/yellow neutral and it works incredibly well with my skin tone.  After debating whether or not I am olive, I’ve come to the conclusion I am definitely neutral and have both yellow and pink undertones although I don’t see the pink undertones in my skin, just the yellow, they are apparently there.  Anyone who finds MAC NC 25-30 too yellow/orange could give this a try.  My skin looks perfect and despite others having issues with this foundation being a drying formula, I am 48 years old and I just moisturize really well, let it set, apply my miracle face primer Guerlain–the one with the gold flakes, ugh, the expensive one, but it’s fabulous–and I’m good to go for 12 hours.

    • Kafka

       @wwendalynne  I would have loved to have seen this look. I looked up the Sleek 2 palette and that colour looks more plum to me but the whole set looks gorgeous. That dark green is esp. stunning. And all of you are really making me intrigued about this Sugarpill palette! Particularly because of Acidberry. Also, a huge yay for you finding a perfect foundation match for your skin tone!!!  BTW, 48???!???  No way. Seriously. Not unless you’re hiding a painting in your attic? Doriana Gray, is that you?

      •  @Kafka I wore that green two days ago and it’s not my green unfortunately as in it’s okay, but it doesn’t do that much for me…so SAD! :(  I’m going to try it in another look with more shimmer on the cooler side and see if it works better.  Hell yes, turning 49 this year dammit so the big 5-0 next year!!!.  Most of the females in my family look at least 10 years younger and we have been blessed with really good skin.  A few years back, I had a skin disease associated with my autoimmune diseases and saw a renown dermatologist in Toronto and the whole time I was there for something serious as in a freaking discoid body rash from hell that fortunately didn’t affect much of my face, she kept asking me what ‘work’ I had done to my face which was NOTHING. She asked me three times if I had done injectables.  After I finally got annoyed and told her emphatically that I hadn’t done anything, she then progressed onto what did I use on my skin.  Here I was an itchy inflamed mess and she was concentrating on what I looked like. Then at the end of my session she moved over to the sell on her freaking facial products.  I’ve never been so horrified and annoyed at the same time with a doctor.  When I went back to my specialist, I asked him next time to send me to a real dermatologist.  Oh BTW..I snort laughed IRL at the Doriana Gray comment :)

        • xamyx

          @wwendalynne Try it with a dark, smoky green (MAC Greensmoke, NARS Night Porter), and maybe a bronzy brown.

  4. p.s.  Love your look Christine!  These colours look wonderful together!

  5. Kafka

    I’ve been playing around with my new NARS 9947 palette and came up w/ 2 very diff. looks that I really liked.
    1)  Kilimanjaro (white-gold shimmer) all over the lid, inner duct, under the eye and on the brow bone; Night Flight (dark navy w/ blue flecks) put on wet in the V and the crease; a very faint touch of Ondine (neutral mauve plum) on the outer edges, just near the V and right above the crease; then UD’s Radium turquoise eye pencil on the eyeline, top and bottom, but smudged out and then a thin line of the navy Night Flight over the parts closest to the lashline. Black mascara. You basically get a yellow-gold-white eye with navy and turquoise. So pretty and very dramatic. I wish I could take photos of myself to show you.
    2) I felt really pretty with this look:  Ondine all over the lid, Night Flight on the inner V, eyeline and crease, Surabaya II (coppery brown) to blend and just above the crease, Himalayas (a white-beige shimmer with faint pink perlescence) to highlight and on the brow bone, L’Oreal black liquid eyeliner & black mascara.  I put Copacabana all over my cheekbones *UNDER* the Sheer Glow foundation to give an angelic silver highlight that was very subtle, then Laguna to contour on top of the foundation. Lips lined in Armani Silk lipliner #2, then MAC Terracotta matte lipstick blended with one of my favorite MAC lipsticks, Bardot.  The result was a super peachy-nude-spicy matte lip that went perfectly with the subtle smoky eye and sculpted face.   

    •  @Kafka Hey chick! Both of these sound really interesting!  ..the Turquoise kicker in look #1 and the copper brown with neutral mauve in look #2 both sound gorgeous to me!!!  Hmm..I don’t have Kilimanjaro and xamyx has already got me tuned into Ondine which is now on my ‘to buy’ list.  

      • Kafka

         @wwendalynne  Wendy, the bright pop of turquoise really made it. Too bad that I won’t be buying any more UD. :( As for Kilimanjaro or Ondine, you should consider the NARS 9947 six-eyeshadow palette. (It’s this one and has Himalayas, Ondine, Night Flight, Surabaya II, Kilimanjaro, & Bohemian Gold.)(This is another photo in diff. lighting, though I think mine is perhaps closer to accurate: )  They sell it for great prices nonstop on eBay and I got it for about $23 *with* shipping. That’s 6 shades for really the price of one and you *KNOW* how I feel about bargains!!  <grin>  Since you’d said that you’d hit pan on Surabaya, the repetition of that colour might work out for you.

  6. Mariella

    It’s been pretty hot here in S. Ontario and I’ve been wanting fairly easy, cool looks.  Lately, I’ve been wearing Stila’s Starlight a LOT!  I just love that shadow so much.  I have been putting it from lash to brow, packed more heavily on the lid, close to my lashes and blended a bit more lightly toward the crease and browbone.  Then I put either Stila Grace or MAC Charcoal Brown very lightly on the outer “V” with GOSH Ink Black pencil liner smudged into my upper lash line.  I’ve been wearing MAC Early Morning on my cheeks (I have to make a dent in that stuff) and yesterday, as it was Friday, I put some TheBalm Mary Loumanizer to highlight my cheekbones.  MAC Plumful on my lips.

  7. xamyx

    For my daughter’s kindergarten culmination, I knew I was likely to cry, so I needed to keep things light, both in color as well as weight (no streaking or smudging). On my face, I wore Garnier BB Cream in Light/Medium (I am *so* loving this), but I chose not to wear any powder products. On my eyes, I wore Biarritz on the lid, Blondie in the crease, and Abyssinia as highlight (all by NARS), with a clear mascara. I finished it off with Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Honeysuckle. I’m glad I went this route, because I *did* cry; my daughter has autism, and when she was about two, I was told not to expect much, but not only did she finish a predominantly mainstream kindergarten class, she is actually functioning above a second grade level in *every* subject, and won first place in the kindergarten spelling bee. So, needless to say, I’m very proud of her.

  8. Whoa! That’s beautiful! None of the colors used are the typical “designations” for that part of the eye. For example, no nude/black/brown waterline shade; no black/brown eyeliner; no neutral shadow in the outer V or all-over-the-lid. In combination, this is fantastic! Like +10. Okay maybe +11. :)

  9. Dr Melissa

    Amazing! So beautiful!!

  10. kona

    Beautiful look! Love glistening garnet color! My favorite eye look was using Loreal’s Endless Sunshine as a lid wash and bronze as an upper eyeliner.

  11. Marina

    I’ve been wearing rather neutral looks recently but I’m looking forward to using Spark of Envy when it comes in the mail! I tried the sample in store after sanitizing it and it was so beautiful- but I ordered online because i wanted the Dandelion promo :) Anyway, here is my favorite neutral look of the week! I wore this yesterday:

    EYES- Maybellins Bold Gold lightly on the lid, MAC All That Glitters over that, MAC Soba in the crease, and MAC Amber Lights on the outer lid and a bit in the crease as well as on the lower lashline, UD 24/7 in Demolition, Benefit They’re Real Mascara

    CHEEKS – Benefit Posietint

    LIPS – Benefit Posietint + Lâncome Juicy Tube in Fifth Avenue Frosting

    Looking forward to your review of the new L’Oreal

    • Marina

      UGH! I posted this from my phone and apparently it can’t read that I hit the enter button and that there is a slew of separate lines here! 

  12. Kimberly Nguyen

    Ooh~! So pretty! Seriously Christine I’m like a huge fangirl

  13. OOO Christine I LOVE this look! I wish one day I’d have the same skills of putting so many colors together beautifully!
    This week my favorite looks were created with Hourglass Dune. I did a more daytime one with the lighter shade on the inner two thirds, and the darker on the outer third as well as a dramatic one with the dark shade all over my lids and the lighter one for inner corners/center of my lids/brow bone highlight. 
    If anyone’s interested picture of both looks can be found here:

  14. SoleSanchez

    very pretty Christine, I’ve been lazy this week.  I have been using nubile pp with one or two shadows on top

  15. This is a really cute look for summer! I’m definitely going to wear this look with some of the tank tops I just bought!

  16. Carla Souza

    This looks lovely, Chris!
    This week I wore make up once (Im always too lazy to do it everyday) …
    Face: Mac studio fix NC 40, Nars Amour on the cheeks and Mac Superb as cheek highlight.
    Eyes: Mac rubenesque paint pot (lid), a shimmery dark brown from wet’n’wild’s confort zone pallete (outter v) and sultry from The Balm’s Nude’tude pallete to blend out. Mac smolder and Maybeline great lashes.
    Lips: Mac dressmaker, dressmaker.

  17. divinem1

    I love that look on you, Christine.  I finally bit the bullet and purchased Trench for my highlight.  Love it! Definitely my go-to highlighter now.  Thx!

  18. Kristabelle

    I did my version of pixi2woo’s date tutorial. Although I wouldn’t wear it on a date (my face needs a little more eyeliner), I really like it for a natural work look.
    Eyes- MAC Patina on lid, Charcoal brown in outer crease and under lower lashline. Brown liner on the outer halves of the lashlines, smudged out and set with UD Darkhorse. a touch of theBalm Mary Lou-manizer as highlight/inner corner. Lots of mascara (I’m currently loving Revlon Photoready).
    Lips- Maybelline Mauvelicious- the perfect MLBB shade for me.
    Face- Too Faced Primed and Poreless, MUFE HD, Kat Von D tattoo concealer, maybelline dream matte powder, benefit hoola to contour, theBalm frat boy blush, theBalm Mary Lou-manizer highlight.

  19. effy

    it looks amazing! i love this color combo

  20. Cat G

    This is so pretty! Makes me want to check out those L’Oreal products!
    For a professional meeting:
    Face – MUFE HD Foundation
    Eyes – Mac Painterly Paint Pot all over lid up to under brow, Clinique Daybreak eyeshadow on lid, UD Perversion Eyeliner thinly along lashline
    Cheeks – Bare Minerals Original Foundation for a natural glow
    Lips- Buxom Big & Health Lip Polish in Sugar

  21. Jenn

    I really wish you would do video or picture tutorials..your eye looks are amazing!

  22. Lumi

    Ooh, loving your look for today! 😀 Totally inspiring, hehe. ^^
    The pink/purple/blue combo is one of my faves.

  23. MartiH

    oh gosh I love this!  

  24. sailinggidget

    So gorgeous!  Love the colors you used!

  25. hwendy

    I wore new eyeshadow palette from Guerlain twice this week and love it.
    I just applied both pink and peach all over my lids+ a bit of brown blend upward from lash line and the brown side of estee lauder double wear double end eye pencil (black / brown).
    finish with the white colour as highlighter.
    for lips, once I used Burberry feather pink, the other day I used Bobbi Brown Miami coral.

  26. Michelle

    Wow, I love this colour combo…all those pastel-y colours look beautiful together…I need to own the items you used to do this look!!

  27. sunshines

    wow! Stunning look! I especially love the combination on the lower lashline.

  28. Amanda

    Christine, very cool look!  I was wondering what kinds of brushes you are using to apply the L’Oreal Infallible eyeshadows or what you would recommend given the formula?  I have several of them, love the colors  but I struggle with the application process at times.  

  29. Okay, I LOVE this. I don’t know if it’s the way that it’s been shot (talk about crisp!), the colours and shades involved, or a combination thereof — but I just kind of adore this eye. It feels almost cotton candy-ish, but in a more intense, feminine way, you know? :) 

  30. Gorgeous!! I love this combination of colors – and I think I’m going to have to get my hands on that Glistening Garnet shadow; it’s so pretty!