Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Video Review: NARS Spring 2011

This is an actual review of the entire NARS Spring 2011 collection, not just first impressions/swatches. I tried not to rant too much on those Soft Touch Shadow Pencils, but I’m not sure how successful I was there, ha! I will be reviewing Nana and Tzigane here on the blog soon.   Would love it if you subscribed to our YouTube channel, too! :)

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15 thoughts on “Video Review: NARS Spring 2011

  1. Hey!!!! I saw Mexican Mellan over there!!! hahahaha Fight Club Flashback hahaha. Cute nail polish, loved it!!!

  2. I wouldn’t call the bits about the soft touch pencils ‘ranting’ exactly.

    I’m so jealous that the NARS polishes last on you. For me, those are the WORST.

    • Awww :( I use Zoya’s Color Lock system with alll my polishes and it seems to never fail me – but in reality, I can’t really remember any polish chipping on me (even when I was a beauty dummy).

  3. Marian

    I see that NARS spring includes Mellon in a sombrero!

  4. Mollie

    Personally I absolutely love both shadow pencils. Hollywoodland is a fabulous inner corner highlight and base, with or without a shadow on top of it. I’ve had no problems. You can also use it under the brow, cupids bow, cheekbones, etc. Celebrate, while I definitely don’t recommend it on it’s own, is a beautiful base especially for something like the left side of Rated R. I’ve worn it three times under and I’ve never seen Rated R show up so pigmented or beautiful, and I have had no creasing problems whatsoever. I can hardly believe that even when set that it only lasted 20 minutes. The only thing I can think of is that you’re putting far too much on. Overall I think you’re being a bit too harsh and all you really did in the video was trash them. Telling people to return them? Really? You don’t know how they’ve worked out for other people.

    • If you listen in the video, I said that in my experience and based on other readers’ comments on their own, these more often do not work out and to ensure you purchase from a store with a return policy and keep your receipt – SHOULD you need to return. I certainly didn’t say “Return it if you bought it!” If it works for you, that’s great – but I’m reviewing based on the results I saw and experienced. I tested Celebrate under four conditions, and I did not use too much:

      1.) On it’s own (patted and blended with a finger)
      2.) Applied over the lid, set with an eyeshadow
      3.) Applied over an eyeshadow base, set with eyeshadow
      4.) Applied as eyeliner

      It failed to work under all four circumstances. I can’t tell you something that isn’t true; if it doesn’t work for me, I have to review it from that perspective. A product that creases over a base and set with eyeshadow? In under an hour?

      Again, I don’t think I trashed them, but I certainly stated my opinion, and given how poorly these performed on me, there was nothing positive to report on. I gave the products more chances to perform well and yet they did not do so. I did not tell you to return it, I said that because these have been noted as poor performers for myself and several other readers, that keep your receipt should you experience the same thing so you aren’t stuck with a $25 pencil that doesn’t work. What’s wrong with that?

      • Some people are so critical. Last time I checked this was your blog and everything written here is your opinion and from you perspective. You never said anything about returning them! Geez some people!

  5. Yenny V

    So it wasn’t just me who saw that! I thought I was hallucinating =]

  6. Baldygirl

    Jojoba oil is pronounced “Ho’ho’ba oil.”


    Nice overview, Christine.

  7. I am pretty sure I need nouveau monde eyeshadow duo in my life! It’s gorgeous!

  8. anonymous

    I keep looking at these thinking they look weird for med skin and might was pale skin out but I wonder if they might look good against dark skin and have enough contrast there. I think dark skin gets shortchanged in many collections so if so it would be nice. Otherwise, I think I’m thoroughly past all interest in Nars. Hot Mama is prettier than Orgasm (& more versatile) & the rest consistently seems blah.

  9. Sharon White

    Hi Christine,
    I just started receiving your blog and watching the latest video and I absolutely love your website. I, too, LOVE makeup….all kinds, etc.
    Keep on doing such a thorough and fantastic website~~~

  10. anna

    Tzigane means “gypsy” in Balkan languages so I literally laughed out loud when I read that name!