Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

Video: MAC and Beth Ditto Collection

Products mentioned in the video:

I wore Weekend Getaway on the cheeks and lips, and then I had MAC Beth Mask Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner (which I don’t recommend!) on the eyes.

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16 thoughts on “Video: MAC and Beth Ditto Collection First Impressions & Swatches

  1. AS1929

    Haha! “Not at all!”  You sound like you are scolding Mellan for getting into something.

  2. Ana

    “Not at all!” —  lol!! 
    “..this year’s Big Bounce..”  — ZING!!!!!

  3. EstherKudron

    I didn’t realise how many Beth/death puns there were in the names in this collection….

  4. Patricia Couto

    You are so funny, Christine!!! I laught a lot with the “oownnnnn” you said about the name of the “you are perfect already” lipstick. :)

  5. TMBJessxox

    Do you think dear diary is Comparable to candy yum yum?

  6. Rachel

    Can any longtime MAC followers recall a collection being this bad (besides Big Bounce)?

  7. Veronica

    The best part of this video was watching you attempt to restrain your gradually increasing frustration over those shade sticks only to lay down the law at the end.  Glorious.

  8. BrianNation

    This “collection” once again points out that MAC should be sold in drugstores..

  9. Laura

    So sad, I’m always looking for fun things to travel with, and the shadow/ liner is a great idea- terribly disappointed, and getting more so with each new collection!! You would think MAC would take better care in producing a product when they ask a person to put their name on it in collaboration (although, I don’t know what MAC collabs entail behind the scenes). I know you can’t win at everything, but at least do your best not to release a “loser” like the liners, gosh MAC! That powder is pointless too, I guess they were relying on collectors to purchase that one.

  10. CMG

    I love this site!!!!

  11. I LOVED the “NOT AT ALL!” that was in there… twice! I’m planning on uploading my review tomorrow afternoon. I can’t believe that I’m actually going to type this in as comment on a blog… but my dad had to go to the ER a couple nights ago and so everything else I have been working on has been shoved aside. We’re hoping he’s on the mend, though he’ll be in there for at least a couple more days – I thought I was the one who hated hospitals the most in my family too… until I saw the look on his face when they said they’d be keeping him overnight :/

  12. espe

    i hope the heavenly creature collection makes up for this one.  i can’t wait to see the preliminary information.  when do you think you will have it posted?

  13. Tura

    I saw them for the first time over the weekend and I didn’t find the Duo liners that bad! They were all creamy, and though the shadow side was slightly patchy, it worked amazing as a base when you layer a similar color powder on top. I also had an artist use the darker side with an angle brush and it went on so smooth. Maybe you got duds? :(

  14. Shell

    I knew nothing of mac heavenly creatures until they emailed me today… wth ? I think them trying to  keep all the releases a secret just causes us to be bored and look elsewhere. When they send them to folks like you early we get super excited at the swatches and can’t wait. Oh well I could fix so many things in this world if peeps would just listen 😉 lol