Monday, August 30th, 2010

Video:  Peek at Urban Decay’s New Squeeze-tastic Primer Potion

Just a little hands-on demonstration of the new packaging, me talking far too much per usual… you know, a regular day here at Temptalia HQ.

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38 thoughts on “Urban Decay Primer Potion in a Tube… Live! Raw! Uncut!

  1. i am glad they listened… great product, i wish they make it permanent instead of limited edition

    • I’m hoping that either this is 1) a test run or 2) a teaser/grab (ooh! tube packaging! le! get the bigger [and more expensive one, even if it’s cheaper by volume] one now!).

      But I’m still waiting to get the official information from UD.

  2. I’m so happy to hear about the tube packaging! When I first saw it on Sephora, I immediately asked a friend to order one for me along with the rest of her order (I had JUST placed an order a day before this came out!). I’m very excited to get it.

    I think the genie bottle is what really made me want to switch. Although I’ve never finished a bottle of primer either, I just didn’t like the how the applicator might get dirty after using it. I switched to Two Face but I hated how the product separated! I have a feeling Two Face is gonna a bit of business after this comes out…

    • The separation thing was a deal breaker for TFSI and I, too. Although I’m not 100% sure if UDPP is free from it, hard to say – I bought TFSI long after it debuted, so maybe it’s a result of sitting around… Haven’t had the UDPP tube long enough yet but so far so good.

  3. It took them forever, but FINALLY they’re listening to consumers. I hope Eden also is released in a tube soon. It’s the only Urban Decay one I can use because it doesn’t have bismuth oxychloride (which I’m allergic to).

    • Not that I know anything about manufacturing of cosmetics, but maybe they had 1) contractual obligations/commitments to quantities of either UDPP or the packaging or whatever or 2) had to go through a very regimented process of approval, testing, etc. which resulted in a lengthy time frame.

      Again, I have no idea, but those were the things I thought of when I first heard they were going to change the packaging. It could have taken them 6 weeks or 2 years, no clue here 😛

  4. Meheen

    Yay! I JUST ran out of my genie bottle!

  5. Jezi

    I never understood the dislike of separation from TFSI, it only happened if it was sitting in heat or sitting un-squeezed for several days, and fixing the separation took literally a second, lol.

    But, I’m glad Urban Decay finally gave a practical solution to a long known problem.

    • For me, it happened every time I used it, and it sits in an unused bathroom – so there’s no heat/light, nothing. I found I had to really squeeze the tube around, and sometimes, it still separated. I shouldn’t have to MacGuyver a product so that I can use it the way it was intended, you know? It should work well from the get-go and anything less takes away from the product. I also thought results could quite easily vary depending on how good you were about mixing the product up – because if there was residual separation/oil, it would end up creasing a bit!

    • Rengirl

      I would get separation daily and I just hate it when I forget to mix it before I squeeze it out. It’s a minor annoyance but enough to make me look at UDPP’s new tube.

  6. Tiss

    I am super happy they came out with this squeeze tube version. I’ve been using UDPP forever now and I am on my third bottle. My second bottle took me more than a year to finish because I sliced it open and scraped everything out into an airtight jar. I didn’t like the genie bottle but I stuck with it because its a great product. I also use Nars Smudgeproof eyeshadow base and like that as well. Thanks to your recommendation.

    Here is my take on separation issues…I figure…if it didn’t separate in the genie tube then why would it separate in a squeeze tube? Because if a product is going to separate then it’s going to separate, right? And it never did that in the genie tube. I dunno?

  7. Kelly

    Definitely goin to get this as soon as possible… I bought my first bottle of UDPP at the beginning of the summer, and I was always too worried about wasting it to use it often… the other day, it fell off of my bathroom counter and smashed on the floor, causing a huge crack in the bottle and some major leakage of the product. It took me at least an hour to cut the bottle open wide enough to scoop out the rest of the primer potion and move it into an ugly kitchen tupperware container (since I didn’t have any empty makeup containers) and now I am just trying to use up all that I have left. Which was basically the entire bottle:(
    ANYWAYS sorry bout ranting. Just kinda bummed that happened :/

  8. Oh my! Gotta have this! I did have to cut open my UDPP’s original packaging which was no fun because over time, the primer dried up a lot quicker in jar container. But at the same time it saved me a lot of money from buying another one because there was just SO MUCH left in it. Can’t wait to get my hands on this one though. The packaging looks great!

  9. Linsi

    Sorry this is off topic, just wanted to let you know that you have beautiful nails! What products do you use to maintain them so healthy?

  10. Ashley D.

    Aww LE? They should just replace the old packaging with this. It costs more, and it could grab some more/new customers, and maybe even steal some faithful Too Faced Shadow Insurance customers.

  11. Kim

    I hope they keep it in the tube!!! I used to love UDPP but hated cutting the darn thing open so I switched to MAC Paints and Paintpots. But I might scurry back to the UDPP tube!

  12. Adriana

    Not a fan of the price or size of this thing– I’ve never gone through a bottle either. I depotted my old UDPP and it had about as much as a paint pot. I still have most of it left, 4 months later.

    If they come out with a smaller size, maybe I’d get it. For now though, I’ll stick to NARS and my depotted UDPP.

  13. Love it! When this version is available in The Netherlands, I will deff get one!

  14. crlsweetie912

    I am ordering this TOMORROW! Thumbs up for UD.

  15. Ashley

    Do you know if the professional size is limited or permanent?

    I’m a fan of tfsi but it always separates on me so I’m willing to give this another try 😉

  16. nunuiviet

    at least it prooves the company listen to their customers, that’s a good point

  17. Rosie

    I’m excited for this new packaging. I love UDPP and it’s the only thing that works on me although I haven’t tried is it NARS, the new one you love? I have a sample somewhere to try. I do depot my UDPP and it’s not hard but it is a little annoying. I do have a XL depotted and an unused backup of a regular sized genie bottle so I’m not in need of anything new but now I guess I won’t have to depot!

  18. Rengirl

    Do you know whether the formula is still the same? Although TFSI tends to be friendlier towards my dry lids, UDPP seemed to have better staying power. As of now, I am leaning towards getting this new squeeze tube. At the very least it’s still incredibly cute but more functional than the old style. And while I didn’t really have trouble slicing open the genie bottle, I discovered that the product degraded quite a bit after being placed in another container.

  19. jen

    How sturdy/thick does the plastic tube feel? Do you think it’ll be able to take what will definitely be years of daily tube squeezing?

  20. Amanda

    Finally they make a squeezy tube!! I stopped buying it becuase I hate spending $16 for a product that ends up getting thrown away because I can’t get it out of the tube. I’ve been using Benefit Lemon-aid instead, which is good, but just not the same. Thanks for showing us this!

  21. mojca

    maybe sameone know how to get it, because I am from Europe (Slovenia) and I would like to buy it but I can`t find any on line site that it would sell it and shiped it internationaly. If someone know something, please tell me =)

  22. rose

    any word if this is going to be permanent yet?

  23. Nicole

    I hope they make this a permanent product. Perhaps they are just testing out the waters to see if it will sell well before they make it permanent.

  24. Amanda Enn

    I really want to try this because of the new packaging, but I don’t think I want $30 worth of product.

  25. Anne

    I need your suggestion!! I just bought one the first one the cab broke on me the second one hasnt but both of them are really difficul to squzzez out!!!! Any recommendation??? Also the product seem more thick than the one on your video! Thanks in advance.

    • I would return it if you can! I have no idea why the cap would break :(

      There seems like there is a lot of air inside, so it does take more pressure to squeeze, but it should come out if you do it slowly but steadily!

  26. Jes

    Hey Christine, is this product going to be permanent? I missed my opportunity in Sephora stores :(