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Monday, December 3rd, 2007

HauteLook is a private club which organizes exclusive 48 – 72 hour on-line private sales for its members. Held only for the top designer brands in the fashion industry, HauteLook provides an exclusive platform where these brands can reach their customers directly. As a result, HauteLook members are able to receive discounts of up to 75% off of retail prices on the latest fashion merchandise from the comfort of their home or office. Prior to each sale, an invitation will be sent to members announcing the brand and the date the sale will start. Exclusive HauteLook streaming videos are produced for each brand, and are available for viewing prior to, and during each sale. These videos include backstage footage from our brands fashion shows, interviews with the designers about their collections and inspirations, and/or snapshots from the brands upcoming collections. Each video will be unique in its viewpoint, so keep checking back.

These event driven sales are reserved exclusively for HauteLook members – that’s why you should join!  Signing up for an HauteLook membership is free. To become a member and begin receiving invitations to upcoming sales, sign up here.

InStyle’s Holiday 2007 Gift Finder is a great set of gift guides and shopping ideas for several personality types.  Now, I know you haven’t missed any of Temptalia’s gift guides (more to come!), but check out InStyle’s for even more ideas!  See their ideas for:  The Trendy Friend, The Classic Lady, The Fellas, The Professional, The Vampy Vixen, The Free Spirit, The Jet Setter, The Urban Dweller.

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

Don’t miss out on these fun-filled posts here at Temptalia from the past week…


MAC Cosmetics


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Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

Yves Saint Laurent | White Gold Celebration Palette ($67.00)

“What could be more wonderful for a woman than to wear a symbol of passion around her neck in the guise of a heart?” asked Yves Saint Laurent. An icon of his illustrious Couture house from the very first collection, a precious, asymmetrical pendant ornamented with rubies and diamonds became his good luck charm. At the presentation of each of his Couture collections, the heart always adorned his favorite model. On greeting cards, it expressed his fondness for people. As the ultimate tribute to this special symbol of love, the heart weaves its way through an elegant, festive make-up collection. Bearing the matte Cassandra and dressed in shiny silver, the entire collection celebrates love with dazzling refinement.

COMPLEXION | The Tender Rose blush adds a joyous hue to cheekbones. The Starry Rose highlighter sprinkles a festive radiance on the upper cheeks, beneath the eyebrows and on the middle of the lips.

  • Tender Rose blush is the adorable heart-shaped pink on the right of the palette. It’s a lovely universal shade of medium pink that I think most women would love. It’s a satiny texture, easy to apply, and gorgeous all around.
  • Starry Rose highlighter is the white-pink rectangle with “Yves Saint Laurent” emblazoned into it. It’s a great shimmery light pink shade that goes well on cheekbones.

EYES | The extremely soft, glide-on eye shadow unfurls a ribbon of color on the eyelids. With an optical smoothing effect, the Heavenly Beige, Magic Copper and Moonlit Burgundy shades emit exceptional radiance.

  • Heavenly Beige is a lovely incredibly light tarnished gold color, it’s a nice all over lid color for a quick wash of color.
  • Magic Copper is my favorite shade out of the three, because it’s a rich bronzy gold color.
  • Moonlit Burgundy is a deep raspberry crimson color that goes on easily and would make a great crease or outer lid color.

LIPS | A mini palette of ROUGE PURE SHINE gives the lips renewed definition and volume while providing long-lasting comfort. It is offered in three luminous shades: Pure Garnet, Natural Beige and Bohemia Rose. Rich and creamy Simply Gold gloss can be applied alone or over one of the ROUGE PURE SHINE shades to intensify the shine with shimmering, sparkling gold reflections.

  • Simply Gold gloss is a rich bright gold that goes on quite sheerly despite it looking so pigmented in the palette.
  • Pure Garnet is a bold, vampy red–very holiday and dramatic.
  • Natural Beige is a sheer beige lip color that goes on easily, but it doesn’t give you much color. It’s ideal for smoky eye looks.
  • Bohemia Rose is a warm-toned medium pink with lots of gold undertones. I think it’s my favorite out of the three, because it’s so flattering on lips.

Find this holiday palette, along with several other YSL holiday offerings, at www.yslbeautyus.com.

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

Temptalia recently interviewed Sephora makeup artist Michelle (age 23), who has worked as a makeup artist for the past three years.  She has not had any beauty-related education, other than her training from Sephora.

Temptalia: What surprises you most about working as a makeup artist?
Michelle: That women come in with a bias – such as age vs. makeup – older women can’t wear shimmer, no black liner… etc. And other artists perpetuate these rumors!

Temptalia: What’s in your makeup bag right now?
Michelle: Goodness – At least three different lippies from Sephora – a beigey gold sheer, a red sheer, and a coral gold, pressed white powder (Stila) Sue Devitt Black Widow mascara (love!), MUFE #2 blush, NARS Orgasm blush, Fresh lipbalm, and blotting papers from Boscia.

Temptalia: What does your 10-minute look consist of?
Michelle: A multi purpose concealer (generally I use the pallettes from MUFE, so much in one!) a cream to powder foundation (Benefit makes a great one), Undressed Beige cream shadow from Dior all over lid, Zero pencil from Urban Decay lined and smudged slightly, a bit of matter bronzer all over and in the brows a bit, a volumizing mascara (Sue Devitt) and a little Orgasm on my cheeks and center of lips. I top off with a little of the sheer red lipstick from Sephora Brand and I am done!

You can see the rest of our interview, Continue reading →

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

Clinique Take off the Day Makeup Remover Review

Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Milk ($24.00)

Gentle, milky makeup dissolver removes even long-wearing facial makeup and sunscreens, then tissues off or rinses away with water. Residue-free formula leaves all skin types soft, comfortable. Massage over dry face with fingertips, avoiding eye area; rinse or tissue off. Residue-free formula leaves all skin types soft, comfortable. For all skin types; ideal for drier skins.

What makes it worth it: It feels ultra gentle on skin, which makes it a viable option for those with sensitive skin prone to irritation with harsher cleansers and makeup removers. Clinique’s line of skincare is absolutely a great bet for those with sensitive skin as well as those who just want to start treating their skin better It offers a full line of fully tested and effective products at a lower price point than most high-end beauty lines. You get a fairly large bottle for the price you pay, and it would definitely last you over a month, if not over two. It broke down some of my makeup, but I felt like it didn’t really get all of it. (How do I test this? I use the cleanser or makeup remover, and then I take a makeup removing wipe to see what was left behind!)

Why you might pass on it: I don’t feel that this product breaks down my makeup as well as it could; I guess I would prefer something with a richer lather with a thicker, creamy texture.u The texture of the Cleansing Milk is really that of milk. It has a lot of liquidity and it runs thinly across your face. It feels a bit messy because of how thin the product is. To be honest, I’d much rather go with their Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm or one of their Foaming Creams instead.

Find this product at Clinique counters, boutiques, as well as www.clinique.com and www.nordstrom.com.

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

How truthful do you think magazine reviews are? Are you a cynic who believes they were paid reviews, or do you delight in getting a professional opinion to help you decide what’s worth getting and what’s not?