China Glaze Up & Away Collection: Sugar High Nail Lacquer

China Glaze Sugar High Nail Lacquer is a vibrant medium pink with a coral kick creme. When I swatched it, I saw a fair amount of coral in it, so I wouldn’t classify it as a hot pink at all. It does have the brightness one would expect in a hot pink, though, but there is definitely some coral in it. I actually think the smidgen of coral makes it a more interesting than it otherwise would have been.

Like other deeper shades in the collection, Sugar High applied like a dream–even, smooth, and opaque–in just one or two coats. I didn’t find myself worrying much over streakiness with this, like I did with some of the lighter shades, which was nice. The formula is similar to the other shades; thick, richly pigmented, and has a beautiful slightly glossy creme finish.

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Recommendation: Though a little summery, this is one beautiful pink-coral shade for nails!

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Sunday Link Love #009

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China Glaze Up & Away Collection: High Hopes Nail Lacquer

China Glaze High Hopes Nail Lacquer is a bright orange-red creme. It’s almost like a really, really intense orange-coral with kind of a red flare to it. It’s definitely not “construction orange” nor is it a summery coral! It’s somewhere in the middle, and I’d say it is considerably bright for the spring season. I could just as easily see this shade being part of a summer launch as I do for a spring launch (I’d probably lean towards the summer side, though).

This was a very intensely pigmented creme formula — it went on evenly, smoothly, and opaque in one medium-thick coat. I still ended up opting for a thinner first coat followed by a thicker second coat for the swatches; I just felt like it gave it a more finished look and feel overall. The formula itself wasn’t too thick or gooey, and this one applied particularly well out of the bunch, so I was quite pleased!

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Recommendation: For a brighter color on your nails this spring, High Hopes might make you hopeful (harhar!)!

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China Glaze Up & Away Collection: Peachykeen Nail Lacquer

China Glaze Peachykeen Nail Lacquer is a brightened up peachy-orange creme. It’s distinctly orange, but it has enough lightness to give it a peachier feel. It’s really like an apricot to me, actually. You could call it Apri-peach, and I’d dig it. It’s completely and utterly unlike MAC’s Seasonal Peach Nail Lacquer, which is more of a pinky-peach and far lighter. (The good news is China Glaze’s creme formula applies more evenly and less streakingly–at least the final results–than MAC’s Seasonal Peach did.) It’s not a neon orange either, in case anyone was worried (or wanting!) about that.

This is sort of a middle-of-the-road shade; Peachykeen didn’t give me much trouble in application, but it wasn’t as smooth or even from the get-go as the deeper shades like Four Leaf Clover. It’s a thick, richly pigmented creme formula that doesn’t apply like goo or run all over the place, so it’s a pretty good formula. It just may take you one or two attempts to get the application down for this formula.

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Recommendation: If you’re wanting a little peachiness in your day, consider Peachykeen.

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China Glaze Up & Away Collection: Lemon Fizz Nail Lacquer

China Glaze Lemon Fizz Nail Lacquer is a spring-y daffodil yellow. It’s pale and pastel, but there’s a little warmth there to keep it from being too cool or dull. There’s even a brightness–maybe the optimism of spring captured in color–to the yellow without making it a traffic-stopping yellow (which is more Happy Go Lucky’s style). I’m not a fan of yellow on my nails, but this is a yellow I could feel comfortable wearing.

Like some of the paler shades from this launch, application proved trickier than usual, but I found one thin coat (which may or may not have been streaky) followed by a thicker second coat worked well to given an even, creamy finish. I had the mentality of, “Fine, be streaky on the first coat… but I’m covering all that up later.” I would really suggest just playing around with different applications, coat amounts, thickness, etc. (you may even have to test out different base/top coat combinations), but the results are certainly worth a few botched attempts!

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Recommendation: For a perfect-for-spring yellow that’s not too sunny, try Lemon Fizz.

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