Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Aveda @ ORGANIC by John Patrick

Aveda lead stylist Odile Gilbert created a modern twist on the Brigitte Bardot “pouf” using Aveda Control Force™ Hair Spray (which launches this June) at the ORGANIC by John Patrick Fall/Winter 2010 Fashion Week show in New York.

“Our collection this season is centered around big, beautiful hair that makes our hand-woven tweeds look happy. Despite some inspiration from Joni Mitchell, Lady Diana, and Brigitte Bardot, the hair look is modern—very young and fun, not polished or structured.” — John Patrick of ORGANIC by John Patrick

Hair How-to

1. Brush through hair and prep with Aveda Phomollient™ Styling Foam to add body and shine. Use a comb to create a left side part.

2. Divide hair into four sections: sides, back, and top. Fold the top section over the face and clip back to separate.

3. Backcomb the back section of hair with a brush to create messy volume. Spray liberally with Aveda Control Force™ Hair Spray for maximum hold.

4. Create an anchor by crossing bobby pins horizontally across the middle of the back section of hair, just below the crown of the head.

5. Using large hair pins, attach a hairdresser’s sponge at the crown, where bobby pins are anchored.

6. Cross the right section of backcombed hair over to the left, pinning over the hairdresser’s sponge with large hair pins. Repeat with the left section of backcombed hair, bringing it to right. Take all remaining hair in the back section and twirl to the left to create a French twist. Secure the twist at the nape of the neck with hair pins, creating a tail of loose hair draped over the shoulder.

7. Set aside a portion of hair to fall in front of the left ear, and brush remaining top section of hair over the hairdresser’s sponge, Pin it into the French twist to create a “pouf.” Pull lightly with fingers to create loose, spontaneous volume. Spray with Aveda Control Force™ Hair Spray.

8. Leave wisps of free falling hair in front of the left ear, and loosely pin remaining pieces above the right ear. Finish with Aveda Control Force™ Hair Spray.

Check out a Q&A, plus more photos!

Q: What was your inspiration for this look? How did you collaborate with the designer to create the look?
A: “John Patrick and I were inspired by the idea of a young, teenage girl seeing a gorgeous, Brigitte Bardot-esque hair look in a magazine or on TV and trying it on themselves. It’s very spontaneous, cute, and modern. The look involves a messy pouf tamed by Aveda Control Force™ Hair Spray and a French twist in the back. The volume is impulsive and a little undone.” —Odile Gilbert for Aveda

Q: How could a woman achieve this look on her own?
“This look is especially beautiful for evening. Tease hair with Aveda Control Force™ Hair Spray and place a hairdresser’s sponge on the crown of the head. Twist the sides of hair over the sponge from left to right, then pull the top section of hair over before securing with hair pins. Bring a piece of hair in front across the face and pin it in place, finishing with Aveda Control Force™ Hair Spray.”— Odile Gilbert for Aveda

Q: What is the inspiration for your collection? What is the look you are capturing?
“The inspiration for my collection this season is a hybrid between Joni Mitchell and Lady Diana Spencer, with a special focus on hand-woven Scottish tweeds.” — John Patrick of ORGANIC by John Patrick

Q: You have made a real effort to “green” your show this season. How do you feel about this accomplishment?
“Being sustainable and ethical is not a trend for ORGANIC— it has been the focus of our brand since it’s founding, an inherent part of our DNA that is taken very seriously. We are thrilled to be a part of Aveda’s Clean Water initiative this season—Aveda is an amazing brand that is wholeheartedly committed to the environment, and we are proud to be partnering.” — John Patrick of ORGANIC by John Patrick

Photos from Aveda & Coutorture (last 3)

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9 thoughts on “NYFW F/W 2010: Aveda @ ORGANIC by John Patrick Hair Breakdown

  1. Sarah

    i love air control by aveda, so i’m SUPER excited for a new spray like it.

  2. Cole

    I love how this looks. It might be hard to duplicate it though

  3. Charlotte

    I know this post was about the hair but I am totally freaked out by their eye make-up. Also WTF is up with the first girl’s brows?!

  4. kpenn09

    This was one of the last things I looked at before bed last night, and, consequently, had a dream that someone did this to my hair and I waltzed into class rocking a massive beehive. Oy.

  5. Kate

    Any idea what the makeup is? I love the lip color on the last pic.

  6. I wish I had long hair, just so I could attempt this! I simply adore what they did, it looks really cool, and like a more extreme version of Brigitte Bardot´s hair!

  7. BAP

    That style is absolutely awful! Why would anyone voluntarily do that to their hair? I know the messy look is in, but geez, that style looks like someone was on a serious bender when they fixed her hair.

  8. laura

    love this makeup!!!

  9. I love this hair…!!! If only awesome hairstyles weren’t so hard to replicate. D: