Friday, February 19th, 2010

MAC @ Erin Fetherston

“We wanted the girls to look like they had been running, flushed, glowing skin and stained lips.”Lucia Pica

Makeup How-To

  • Eyes: Lipstick in the Prowl (Available Fall 2010) – Washed over the eyelid with a MAC 217 brush for a shiny texture. Lip Conditioner (Tube) – Dabbed into the inner corner of the eye to highlight.
  • Face: Careblends Essential Oil – Massaged into the skin. Mineralize All-Over Lotion and Studio Moisture Tint Foundation – Blended together and applied to the entire face for a dewy skin finish. Lipstick in Kittenish (Available Fall 2010) – Dabbed onto the cheeks with fingers and massaged along with the cheekbone.
  • Lip: Lipstick in Kittenish (Available Fall 2010) – Sparingly Applied to the inner lip with the point of the lipstick.

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30 thoughts on “NYFW Fall/Winter 2010: MAC Cosmetics @ Erin Fetherston

  1. Anna

    Oh hi there, clip-in bang hairpieces!

  2. Agnes

    i love this look! and i think the girl in the first pic is lenny kravitz’ daughter? i think her name is zoe? maybe not…either way. she’s gorgeous..

  3. There has been lots of rubbing essential oils all over models’ faces and dabbing lip balm at the inner corners of the eye this season! Have I just not been paying attention to how designers have achieved the requisite spring-collection dewiness in the past?

  4. Tatiana

    Hmmm…prowl and kittenish???
    That makes you wonder what kind for feline themed collection MAC has planned for this fall

  5. AnGeLwInGz

    I like this healthy, fresh look. It’s not overly dramatic yet it’s not the stark-white nude (ugh..) that’s been haunting the runways recently.

  6. Sixx

    Interesting…the look is made up of lip products!

  7. CeeBee

    Sorry but that first picture looks a hot mess – shiny forehead, unblended blush and they haven’t even concealed the facial masking around her mouth.
    The seconnd model looks a bit like she has been crying :-( I might be too if I had to wear a hairpeice fringe like that too I suppose…

    I like the idea of their concept, flushed and natural looking – but in my opinion, the execution was sadly lacking.

    The top the third model is wearing would make a very cute dressing gown though!

  8. Trentie

    Those lipstick names sound very Hello Kitty-ish. MAC Hello Kitty part two in the fall maybe?

  9. katt

    Kittenish lipstick looks so cute, I can’t wait till it’s available!

  10. Jane

    While it’s interesting how they achieved this look through basically all lip products, I think the models (particularly the first) transcended from “dewy” to “sweaty-looking”.

  11. Vlcatko

    I like the flushed look of the last two models! They really look like they’ve just run outdoors… Lovely. I would loose the bangs tho’ 😉

    Eeeh… Is the first picture supposed to be of the same look as the others? O.o I do not think so – the eyes look different, not to mention the horrible just-ate-a-brownie-and-can’t-wipe-my-mouth-properly look. And that thing at her nosetip? Is it a drop?! XD Hahaha… Sorry, couldn’t help myself 😀

  12. Connie

    Ugh on the first picture. She just looks like an oily mess. The other two models are better but I don’t like their washed out look on the eyes. I would refer this look to I have to rush out right now to get something at the store and who cares what I look like routine.

  13. Ferarri

    I thought the first picture was a guy in drag. Pardon me, but the shadows look like beard fuzz.

  14. kfm

    i had heard rumours of a cat-themed collection for the fall… these names are making me think that it may be true…

  15. Sable

    The first model is Lenny Kravtiz daughter! I didn’t know she was a model

  16. I just love the top picture! I love the flowers in her hair, I think its another way to update the old hippie look! Plus I love her eye makeup. I also like the overall makeup scheme, very soft and pink, but goes very well with the clothes and the hairstyles!

  17. Cindy

    That blush is too light for Zoe. She is a pretty girl but I wish she could wear some foundation every now and then.

  18. rachel

    the first model looks AWFUL! if makeup should do *anything* it should be to conceal unevenness and shadowing. at least the other two have even canvasses, although i chuckle to think how much their lip products-allover-face looks are identical to my face without any makeup

  19. jesa

    personally, i think the first model looks adorable…she totally pulls off the tiny nose ring, flowers in her hair and the semi-neutral, black cat-eye liner look with the super flushed cheeks!! how many of us can do that!?!?

  20. The model in the top picture is Lenny kravitz’s daughter Zoe. She’s gorgeous. Not the best makeup I’ve seen but the girl is such a natural beauty. (Not Shocking, considering her parents are Lenny kravitz and Lisa Bonet)I love the flowers in her hair though

  21. 53

    Lipstick in Kittenish? and In the Prowl? there’s gonna be a cat collection????? so exciting!

  22. Scarlie

    Looks like maybe there is going to be be another cat inspired collection? Lipsticks in Prowl and Kittenish.. hmmmm..? (:

  23. Jen

    On several other sites, including a video with Lucia Pica demonstrating the makeup, they said Pica used ‘Fearless’ lipstick on the lips and cheeks, and ‘Cocochino’ on the eyes, both lipstics will be released with the Fall collection.