Monday, February 15th, 2010

Frederic Fekkai @ Rachel Roy

Rachel Roy’s Fall/Winter 2010 Collection was inspired by ancient Egypt and all its opulence. Andre Rodman, lead stylist for Frédéric Fekkai sought to channel Cleopatra and her iconic stick straight bob.

Hair How-to

To create this look, he first mixed the Fekkai Silky Straight Ironless Smooth Finish Serum and Fekkai Coiff Contrôle Ironless Straightening Balm and applied the product to the entire head thoroughly with his fingers. Then, Andre dried the hair straight using a large round brush sweeping the hair back so that there was no center part. He then drew back a piece of hair under each ear to create small hidden pony tail under the nape of the neck which added a bit of body to the crown of the head and added a bit of definition to the look. Andre finished the look with the Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray.

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47 thoughts on “NYFW Fall/Winter 2010: Frederic Fekkai @ Rachel Roy

  1. dana

    This looks a little halloweenish?!

  2. Ooo, that’s an unfortunate look.

  3. Siledhel

    My mommy always said that if didn’t have anything good to say, I shouldn’t say anything… That’s how I feel about this look… or the model

  4. Stephy

    I will never understand models.

  5. Kate B

    Good Lord, this looks like a makeup experiment gone terribly awry:(

  6. I am very basic…i don’t understand any of this…

  7. I know this is going to sound mean but the first pic scared me.

  8. Amy

    I agree with all of the above. and how does their hair replicate a sleek straight bob?!

  9. Hilana

    LOL!!! Love the comments. :) YEs. Scary. Yes. Very unfortunate! Funny….

  10. Jessica

    OMG…when i first saw this look it scared the crap out of the girl with the gap..ugh this is one ugly makeup look!!

  11. Jessica

    OMG…when i first saw this look it scared the crap out of me especially of the girl with the gap..ugh this is one ugly makeup look!!

  12. Crystal

    I actually let out an embarrassing little squeak of alarm when that first pic came up!

  13. Melissa (divinem)

    Um, Ew. That’s not even “ugly pretty” as Tyra puts it. That’s just fugly!

    • Lindsey

      I will never understand how some women become models. Yikes!

      • TG

        I think I understand it by now. You have to be skeletal, and have a somewhat decent face and good hair. Since this girl is a clothes model, being 65 lbs. is most important (:rolleyes). The rest just needs to be presentable, although the makeup isn’t helping in that area.

  14. vanessa

    This whole look is horrendous! I understand their struggling ability to be unique, but I mean, the foundation itself looks CAKEY on that one ugly model. She’s probably pretty, but all of that just looks plain ugly.

  15. Saki

    Wow, honestly, is it THAT bad?? I don’t like the model much but I still love the look!!! But that’s probably because I love avant-gardeness haha.

  16. Petra

    I think I can usually find some beauty in even the most extravagant looks, but i don’t really appreciate the makeup itself, and without wanting to be rude or mean, I really don’t like the first model’s face. Really really don’t find it pretty, and the makeup is really not working in her advance, i feel. Actually, I can’t remember being so appalled by a model and her look before. :(

  17. Sarah

    gross. not only does the makeup look sloppy, but the models ain’t that great either.

  18. Cara

    lmao glad i’m not the only one that jumped a little when i saw the first pic!

  19. Make_up_maven

    This is a joke, right? LOL

  20. Amber

    bloody hell!
    The first picture looks like it may come through the screen and bite me!

  21. deepblue

    Frankenstein ….. 😉

  22. AnGeLwInGz

    That model is a freakin’ beast! What’s up with all the hideous models these days?

  23. Lyndsey

    That’s Hideous! Buck toothed and all.

  24. Nicole

    Cleopatra? Really?

  25. JoElla

    ummm NO! Not a good look.

    Hopefully they will ‘tone it down’ like they do with couture clothing lines.

  26. Ferarri

    Would be nice for Halloween Night! Just add a few more lightning zaps all around her face! She looks like a zombie school girl! This photograph doesn’t look photo shopped. At least now we know that those poreless, porcelain skin are fake!

  27. Cherie

    Eee… Not an office look for me!

    The first picture reminds me of the Mad Hatter from the new Alice in Wonderland movie!

  28. They don’t often pick really pretty models, they want the focus to be on the clothes. I guess the bold make-up is just to accent the clothes and keep the models looking uniform in this case.

  29. totally not feeling this look.

  30. Barbara

    makeup looks like a 8 year old did it lol, and the model looks like a elf.

  31. Mandy

    Hair looks good. Face, not so much. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that the first pic is super scary and the second pic looks like the Olsen twins on Halloween.

  32. Yes the makeup is badly applied but quit bashing the models! It’s so mean and immature. Poor girl, not that she probably cares considering she has a runway modeling career.

  33. VJNS

    Yes, I get it. The look is “intesity” it’s not about beauty or the pretty but about pathos and prurience. I can see this being done with any shade. What a brave look.

  34. Marcela

    holy crap! these have to be the ugliest promo pics and models i’ve ever seen. there, i said it. LOL