Sunday, February 14th, 2010

Aveda @ Jason Wu

“The Jason Wu hair look for this season is all about charm—this is a look of romance and innocence. I took inspiration from Holly Hunter in the film, “The Piano.” –Odile Gilbert for Aveda

Hair How-to

  • Prep damp hair with Aveda Smooth Infusion™ Glossing Straightener for added shine and straightness, and blow-dry smooth with a flat brush.
  • Use a comb to create a clean part—either in the center or wherever hair parts naturally. Then pull hair into a loose ponytail at the nape of the neck, allowing hair on either side of the ponytail to cover the ears and rest at chin length. Spray with Aveda Control Force™ Hair Spray for all-day strong hold.
  • Wrap a 10-inch bungee elastic around the ponytail, criss-crossing it from top to bottom to create a braid-like pattern. Tie securely at the bottom and set with Aveda Control Force™ Hair Spray.
  • Wrap the braided ponytail into a flat chignon at the back of the head and secure with hair pins.
  • Allow a few loose pieces of hair to fall naturally around the face. The sides should be loose and romantic while the chignon is more tightly secured in place. Finish the look with Aveda Control Force™ Hair Spray for lightweight hold.

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Q: What was your inspiration for this look? How did you collaborate with the designer to create the look?
“Jason and I were inspired by Holly Hunter in the beach scene in the film “The Piano,” so we wanted the hair look for this season to reflect that sentiment. It’s very young and innocent, with a clean part and loose hair in front—yet there is an element of sophistication with the braided chignon. The look is soft and romantic.”—Odile Gilbert for Aveda

Q: How could a woman achieve this look on her own?
“This look is easily translatable for day or night, but can be especially romantic for evening. Prep hair with Aveda Smooth Infusion™ Glossing Straightener and blow dry straight. Create a low ponytail, with hair loosely covering the ears. Wrap the ponytail with a bungee elastic or make a simple braid, and pin it up into a flat chignon.”—Odile Gilbert for Aveda

Q: What is the inspiration for your collection? What is the look you are capturing?
“This season, I was inspired by Irving Penn’s photographs—especially the platinum prints. I wanted to reflect Penn’s own personal style in my collection, as well as his body of work.” – Jason Wu

Q: You have made a real effort to “green” your show this season. How do you feel about this accomplishment?
“In addition to my collection having a somewhat earthy inspiration and theme, keeping the entire enterprise eco-friendly is of the utmost importance to me. By using “green” products backstage and keeping waste to a minimum, the fashion community can do their part to lessen their environmental impact.” – Jason Wu

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7 thoughts on “NYFW Fall/Winter 2010: Aveda @ Jason Wu

  1. Shannon

    Pretty hair!!!!! :)

  2. Bianca


    Wow. This looks like what my daughter does when she is too lazy to fix her hair. I usually make her go back upstairs and fix it. Now, she can tell me its straight from the Fall ’10 runways.

  3. Speaking of multi-tasking products – I LOVE Aveda’s Smooth Infusion! It’s one of the best products I’ve used – I stock up on it!

    But I rarely use it on my hair…

    That’s all I’ll say.

    Except that when I turned the stylists at the salon I go to onto it’s many other uses… Well, most of them stock up on it too :) LOL!

  4. jessica

    wtf is that! that looks so ugly!!!

  5. Siledhel

    That looks like a pretty way to stylish your hair for the office to look clean, modern and not overdone.
    Love the way the black lace contrasts with the blond hair. Mine is dark so I would need to use one with color.

  6. Ferarri

    What is that white bottle that everyone is holding? A water bottle?

    What brand?

  7. Okay, I’m saying it… The still image on this video looks violent! 😛 I’m excited to try out the new Control Force spray when it comes out – I really like Aveda’s Control line of products (I miss Self Control! GRR!).

    And just a side note – I was talking to an Aveda rep the other day and apparently to make everything paraben-free they are discontinuing a TON of products (I knew they wepe getting rid of most of their cosmetics but apparently a SLEW of haircare products as well).

    Whether or not they have replacements, they are halting production on anything that has parabens in it (this means most of their Men’s line as well). Because of these drastic measures the launch dates for all of their new products aren’t very solid – Things that were supposed to come out in spring may be summer or even fall.

    Seemed a bit risky but I have to give them credit for having the stones to make a decision like that… Although, from what I understand, the risks are still in debate.