Thursday, November 4th, 2010

MAC Tartan Tale: Viva Glam, Sir Teddy, & Brush Sets Video Review

I filmed my Tartan Tale Kit/Sets review yesterday, and my throat was scratchy afterward, which had to mean I talked way too long–sure enough, I did! We ended up splitting the video into two parts. It worked out, though, because I spend half of this video on why Viva Glam (and Sir Teddy) are great charitable campaigns, and then the other half on a rant review on MAC’s brush sets.

For my written review and photos of the brush set, you can view it here. (Link to vote is here — I’m Christine Mielke.)

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20 thoughts on “MAC Tartan Tale: Viva Glam, Sir Teddy, & Brush Sets

  1. tehteh

    When I saw the brush set and it had the 187, I was like…YEAH…because that’s the next brush I want (I don’t buy a lot of MAC brushes, just the ones I can’t find anywhere else with same quality) but then I was like the only other brush I want from there is the 217 and it’s not on the set…so I’ll probably just buy the full price 187 and save the 217 for later…I’d honestly even rather buy a bunch of Sir Teddys than the brush set

    actually, I really love the Sir Teddys and I’d love to buy 2, one for myself and another for a gift but I’ not sure they’ll have it in Portugal, or if the price will be reasonable, and much less if they do have them if I can still get hold of when I do go shopping so yeah…I guess I’ll have to pass unfortunately

  2. Kristen

    You seem a little agitated about those brushes! That was a very good comparison between the “real” ones and the ones that come in the set. I’m wondering why MAC is willing to dilute the reputation of their brand like that. Maybe they expect to have different audiences for brush sets vs. individual brushes.

  3. Great video!
    I bought the Viva Glam bag after I saw your review on the site and am really happy with it. Plus the good cause. Just wanted to say that I really appreciate what you’re doing!

  4. aw! thanks for the linkage! :) (and now you know that i watch ALL your videos, even the 20 minute ones! hehe!) great review – i’m actually REALLY loving these new overview videos you’ve been doing lately! it’s got to be a ton of work but i hope they’re popular enough for you to keep doing them – they’re great addititions to the written reviews!

  5. thanks for this review especially on the brushes, all good to know before purchasing!!

  6. Vijaya

    Honestly, I really prefer the MAC brush sets, in part because they’re entirely synthetic, but also because of the shorter handles (I take my glasses off to do my makeup so I have to get RIGHT UP in that mirror).

    I definitely agree that they’re not similar to the full sized ones, though.

  7. Rosalinda

    I really wanted to give them a try because I need a travel size set to carry in my purse, but my MAC ones are too big. I bought a set from Essence of beauty but those were horribly scratchy and now I’m afraid these will be too :/…back on the hunt for a great travel size set!!

  8. I bought both the bears too!
    The Smaller one is hanging from my handbag!
    and the larger one will be for my little cousin, I am writing her a note telling her that I have a bear just like hers, so they are always connected!
    I also bought the Kids Helping Kids holiday cards, as it is a great cause!

  9. Alison

    I totally had a makeup nerd moment while watching this video. When you showed the full size 219 next to the one from the set, I literally gasped because of how different they looked! Haha!

  10. Chloe

    i felt these brush sets at my local counter and did a quick comparision and there is a notice able difference though i think it would be felt more after use i love the viva glam lip bag so thank you for recommending it to us all and is is for a really imprtant cause 😛

  11. Fernanda

    I have seen Chanel travel size brushes today and they are even worse! Total waste! Really, really scratchy and wobly, not at all stiff, won’t make any application precise! Have you seen them already?

  12. Eileen

    I need brushes and the cute bags made it very tempting but thanks to your review and others as well …. I passed in favour of buying the full sized ones.

  13. lala

    As a MAC newbie, I purchased last year’s brush set from the MMM holiday collection and I am still happy with my purchase, I use 3 out of the 5 brushes daily, especially the 187 and the pencil brush. They are better than the ones you got from MAC I believe, the 187 is much firmer and the pencil brush is way more tipped. Other than than, I share your opinion about the eye shadow brush and the blush brush, they don’t feel that soft on my skin. This year I’ll be saving my money to buy some real brushes. Onfortunately they are not as easy to take along in my purse.

    Since this is my first comment here, I’d like to say that I really like your site and appreciate your hard work! Keep it up and good luck with the contest you mentioned in the movie!

  14. Laura

    I have SE brushes from years ago and they’re actually great quality compared to todays sets, and the 219 in it IS pointy!! I had a 187SE from antiquitese and it just fell apart so I ended up binning it, as it was rubbish anyway :\

  15. I totally agree with you on those brush sets. I went to MAC the day before the release date to check them out, and the clerk was pre-selling them. And I was so excited to see that one of the sets had the MAC 187. But after touching the bristles, and stroking the brushes on my face and eyes…. YES they were scratchy. Not soft like the original brushes at all. And thankyou for the advice on buying the regular MAC brushes. I used to want the 187 but because the Sephora one was a tad cheaper, I opted for it, and it’s not the best. I’ve had the MAC 187 used on my face before (let a clerk apply foundation for me) and it is soft as cotton and more stiff.

  16. Thank you so much for doing the comparisons on the brush sets to the same ones you own. There are noticeable differences!!