Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

If you were using MAC Beautiful Iris Eyeshadow?, what look would you create with it?

What shadows would you use? What would you use on cheeks? Anything added to the lips? Create a look using whatever you want, as long as you include today’s look book product!

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32 thoughts on “Look Book – What would you pair with MAC Beautiful Iris Eyeshadow?


    ive worn beautiful iris alone, with contrast, or with vibrant grape. i did one look with a bunch of colors:humid, star violet, dear cupcake, and i cant remember the rest. i think it’s a great shadow! can be worn alot of ways. next, i’ll try to pair it with bright future.

  2. debora

    I’ve used gesso in the inner corner, followed by beautiful iris and then on the outer corner and crease with freshwater and a bit of plumage to darken the crease. it’s beyondd beautiful. also, it looks really nice paired up with humid on the crease. :)

  3. Jdias1123

    Beautiful iris can be worn so many ways but the most recent look I dd was beautiful iris on the lid, Indian ink in the outer v area blended onto my crease, and vibrant grape blended on top of the Indian ink. I used vanilla as a highlight and gesso in the inner tear duct area. I used dame blush, soft and gentle MSF as a highlight, and saint Germaine lipstick with funtabulous on top.

  4. VJNS

    This end of the spectrum is my favorite. With Beautiful Iris, you can pair it with Nocturnell or Shadowy Lady for a monochrome effect or mix it up with shades of grey for an evening look. A summer day look, I’d use some pinks or oranges with a shot of Hepcat. I’ve also worn it with just a base, highlight with Nylon, and Plum eyeliner..and viola! :)

  5. MichelleB

    I’m actually using Beautiful Iris right now! I have Beautiful Iris on the lid, Yogurt as a highlight, Nocturnelle in the crease/outer V. I then took Vanilla and swept in right under the browbone (on top of Yogurt). I use a black khol liner to line upper lids — top with black mascara. I used Pink Swoon blush on apples of cheeks. For lips, I have on Blankety lipstick, Stripdown liner, and Oyster Girl lipglass (I just kinda threw together this lip look and am loving it for a pink nude lip!!).
    For evening, you can smoke it out with Shadowy Lady (also mentioned in the post before mine) in the outer V — use black khol in waterline and drag Shadowy Lady under lower lashes — smudge.

  6. Carmen

    I just recently got Beautiful Iris and have also used it with a taupe shadow. I used BI as a was all over and the taupe (Fresh’s Black Tea) on the outer half and smoked out. Then Signed & Sealed smudged on the lower lid as a liner and smoked out over Black Tea. Then of course black mascara.

  7. hi

    BI on the lid, Shadowy Lady and Creme de Violet on the outer lid and crease to smoke, Shroom to highlight, UD Ransom to line the lower lashline and Graphblack technakohl on the lower waterline blended into Ransom, Plushlash mascara and Well Dressed blush. I’m tired after a big German meal so I’m not pulling out all the stops for this lookbook entry like I normally do..Sorry guys..

  8. Steph D

    I looove using Beautiful Iris on the entire lid paired with Satin Taupe on the outer half of the lid and taken in to the crease a little bit and 100 Strokes to darken the outer v, dragged in to the crease as well and taken under the lower lashline too. Favourite look with Beautiful Iris!

  9. coco72

    Mi last combination was Bright Future, Beautiful Iris and Surreal on the lid. Rave at the lash line and Vanilla under the brows. A very colourful and summery look

  10. Ada

    I usually use it with BI in the inner corner, Satellite Dreams outer 2/3’s, and then Smut for liner and crease. Have also used it with the pinks in the Cool Eyes palette from Holiday 08. I’m going to try it with the other colours people have suggested, I’ve never thought of using it with Satin Taupe, Humid or Surreal. I learn something everyday here!

  11. Saira

    Some really nice ideas here – I hadn’t thought of using Beautiful Iris with taupe or greenish colours. I often wear Beautiful Iris with purplish shades. I really like it with Beautiful Iris on lid, UD Ransom in crease and UD Polyester Bride or Vanilla on the browbone to highlight. It also looks lovely on the lid, with Purple Haze in the crease, UD Ransom in the outer v and Vanilla to highlight.

    Today, I felt like wearing it a bit differently, so I paired it with Nylon on the lid, Beautiful Iris in the crease, Shroom to highlight and some Nylon placed in the inner corners. I also put Steppin’ Out dazzleglass on the lips. I really liked how it turned out – was really nice and fresh and light with a small pop of colour.

  12. Beautiful Iris looks beutiful with just about anything. I love to pair it with Satin Taupe, Parrot, Aquadisiac, Parfait Amour, Contrast, Top Hat, etc. The possibility is just endless.

  13. beautiful iris w/ electric eel in crease, and carbon to deepen! must be well blended though!!! can we say gawjus?!?!?!

  14. I love Beautiful Iris…I used it twice so far!

    1st time
    Beautiful Iris: Inner Corner
    Copper Ring: Crease
    Mufe #92: Darken Crease

    2nd time
    Beautiful Iris: Lid

  15. Kristen

    I put this on the lid with a black/gray in the crease and smoke out. Looks so good.

  16. Bettina

    LOL I’ve never paired it with brown Christine. I was looking in here for ideas on ways to smoke it out, I kinda saw one idea for that in here..if I find another I’ll post it for sure.

  17. Bettina

    •Beautiful Iris with Shimmermoss.
    •Beautiful Iris with Parfait Amour, Crystal, Digit, Plum, Vex.
    •Lovely Lily with Parfait Amour & Beautiful Iris with Vanilla to highlight. Macroviolet to line.
    •Beautiful Iris in inner corner, Star Violet on the outer half & Satin Taupe in the crease.
    •SA recently showed me w/Plumage as a liner, but I think Blu-Noir would be even nicer: Beautiful Iris as a wash, Parfait Amour in > or crease or all over lid, & Seedy Pearl to highlight.
    •Idol Eyes as base, Beautiful Iris on lid, Parfait Amour on inner/outer corners.
    •Beautiful Iris with Bronze.
    •Flammable Paint under Beautiful Iris, Cranberry or Beauty Marked.
    •Beautiful Iris on lid, Black Tied in crease, Maroon pigment on top of Beautiful Iris, blended well & used to smudge into lower lashes, Naked Pigment washed from crease to brow, blending really well into the crease to soften the black tied. Blacktrack Fluidline to line. Orgasm blush. Laguna Bronzer. Shimpagne Skinfinish buffed lightly to add more glow.
    •Beautiful Iris, Tilt, Vapour, Blu-Noir.
    •Beautiful Iris w/ Satellite Dreams.
    •Beautiful Iris on lid, Mystical Mist in crease & Vanilla Pigment to highlight.
    •Beautiful Iris on lid w/ Sumptuous Olive in crease & outer lid.
    •Beautiful Iris on inner lid blending into Mystical Mist on the outer lid, Hepcat buffed into crease, Blu Noir in outer crease & Blacktrack to line.
    •Bare Canvas Paint as a base, Beautiful Iris on lid blended into crease, Vanilla Pigment to highlight, Humid under lower lashes.
    •Mauvism Paint as a base, Beautiful Iris on lid, Au Contraire in crease, deepened with Plumage & Plumage to line.
    •Beautiful Iris on lid, Coco Pigment in crease.
    •Select Cover Up on lid, Aquadisiac packed on lid, Swimming in crease, Nylon to highlight brow bone, & Parrot & buffed some Beautiful Iris into it, on lower lash line.
    •Beautiful Iris & Moth Brown.
    •Shale & Beautiful Iris.
    •Swimming on inner lid, up to brow bone, Nylon on outer lid to brow bone, Omega in outer crease, Velvet Moss on inner crease, Slate to line w/ Beautiful Iris on inner corner to line. Cheery BlushCrème.
    •Buried Treasure Powerpoint to line, then using my fingers, I applied a “wash” over my entire eye of Satin Taupe, topped off with a wash of Beautiful Iris. Nocturnelle in the crease.
    •Beautiful Iris on the lid & then Knight Divine in the crease.
    •Shimmermoss gets me tons of compliments from Mac MAs when I wear it with Beautiful Iris.
    •Electra (all over lid), Beautiful Iris (outer 1/3 lid), Dazzlelight (brow bone highlighter).
    •Beautiful Iris on inner lid, Sumptuous Olive on outer lid.
    •Artjam Paint on the lid, Moth Brown on top, Beautiful Iris in the crease, Seedy Pearl to highlight