Friday, January 16th, 2009

If you were using NARS Silent Night Eyeshadow?, what look would you create with it? What shadows would you use? What would you use on cheeks? Anything added to the lips?

Create a look using whatever you want, as long as you include today’s look book product! Feel free to share links to photos of your look(s) using it in the comments.

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25 thoughts on “Look Book – What would you pair NARS Silent Night Eyeshadow with?

  1. Sara

    don’t have it, but i think i’d do carbon on the inner and outer corners and that in the middle. light flush on the cheeks annnd….myth+love nectar lustreglass. yeah…that sounds good! lol

    • Haha, yes, this does sound good!

    • hi

      I would do a nice bronze-gold smokey eye with this. Apply a very flesh-toned beige frosted gold from lash line to brow bone. Then to tone down the boldness of Silent Night, mix the beige gold with Silent Night (about 3 fifths beige gold, 2 fifths SN) and apply it from lash line to crease, leaving a little of the beige gold you applied before near the inner corners untouched. Next, mix milk-chocolate brown matte shadow with SN (about half and half) and apply it to the outer portion of the lid, from lashes to crease. Highlight brow bone with a little beige gold again, and then line the top and bottom lash lines with a mahogany black-brown pencil, making the line thicker and thicker as you get closer to the outer portion of the eye. Smudge with the matte chocolate shadow. Top the eyes off with one or two coats of black thickening mascara on the top lashes only. Next, shape, color and fill in as needed with an eyebrow pencil that matches your haircolor. If you’re blonde, go with a light brown. For redheads, choose a medium-brown and make SURE the shade of brown has no orange tones in it, no matter how red your hair is. And all you brunettes out there, choose the same shade as your haircolor but don’t overdo it because you most likely already have pigment in your brows naturally. Clean up any eye makeup spilled on the skin. Apply a foundation that matches your skin tone to the face and neck to make sure the application is seamless and natural. Blend a very small amount of peachy blush to the apples up the temples to highlight the cheekbones, and contour cheeks with a bit of muted matte face powder two shades darker than your skin – apply it directly under the bones by sucking in your cheeks and putting it on the sunken-in places. Finish this look with a little nude pink gloss and blot until the gloss is only a subtle sheen.
      P.S.: This a great look for all you fair-skinned girls! Most of the colors are universally flattering and none of these colors will not wash out fair skins. If you have very dark skin then use black liner instead of mahogany, and use a dark peach blush. As for the beige gold shadow, choose a slightly darker shade that has more beige than gold.

  2. Katherine

    It’s very pretty with NARS Fez.

    Also, just a note to everyone – I just bought the new spring e/s from Nars – Night Sun (spring collection) from It’s almost an EXACT dupe of this so I returned it (glitter flecks and all). Just wanted everyone to know so they wouldn’t spend the $$ if they already have Silent Night.

  3. reany

    no retarded christine she is saying she returned silent night. learn how to read.

  4. reany

    and that night sun IS better. HENCE, she bought it.

  5. Katherine

    No, I bought both – Silent Night and Night Sun. I kept Silent Night (although I’m not crazy about it). I just bought Night Sun – swatched it at home against Silent Night and they are the same. So returned Night Sun. No use having two of the same when I’m not even crazy about one!

    • Thanks for clarifying that for us, Katherine :)

      It really is too bad. I have Night Sun on the way to me, and I can’t tell you how disappointed I am to hear it’s not better. Why can’t there be an amazingly smooth and pigmented gold in that color?!

      • Evelyn

        Christine, have you tried UD Eldorado or Honey? Eldorado in particular is yellow-gold and sparkly, but there is actually some colour payoff (as opposed to Silent Night, which is why I passed on it). Honey is way smoother and more pigmented (it’s a deluxe shadow), but more of a true gold. You probably already know these things. :)

      • Katherine

        I hear ya! If it was only more pigmented and less flaky/glittery it would be so gorgeous! Actually, I have tried it over UDPP yet. I might try it over UDPP with a sponge applicator instead of a brush and see if it builds the intensity more. I was so hoping that Night Sun would have the texture and color payoff of Fez, but the color of Silent Night. How awesome would that be???

        • A sponge applicator might work, since it’s so flakey! Ugh, I was hoping Night Sun would just be the color of Silent Night, with the pay off of most NARS shadows. I don’t know wtf they were thinking on either!!

  6. IZzySA

    me thinks Reany is off her meds (and can’t read ).. Thanks to Christine we are all able to talk about different products and looks.. now Reany play nice or go lie down and take your lithium:D

  7. carriespooner

    I remember the Sephora Catalog for Christmas had this color spotlighted. The girls working in the store were all wearing the cover looking using different lines.

    Basically they used the gold color on the lid and lots and lots of liner/mascara. It looked really cool. I didn’t like the texture of Silent night and to be honest most of them were using UD Honey instead. Several of the ones I talked to had similar complaints about SN.

    I already had Honey at home and never had used it. So I gave it a shot. It’s wow. Since it’s a Deluxe shadow it’s nice and creamy but so pigmented.

    Aside from doing the fun holiday look, I might use this in the center of my lid with Mac Humid or even in the tear duct area just for a pop.

  8. Stephanie

    black shadow, like carbon or mont black and do a pretty gold/ black smokey eye with a little reflects gold glitter. i’d pair it with nude lips like creme d’nude lipstick and soft wave lipglass and maybe bare neccessity dazzleglass. i’d wear whatever skinfinsh looks best on my skin tone, i wear brunette. pretty pretty pretty.

  9. Yeah, I got this color, but was so disappointed by its application and color payoff that I returned it. It’s too bad too…I really wanted it to be beautiful :-)

  10. livlah

    i would apply this heavily to the lid to create a foiled effect, take a strong satin navy to the contour and blend out with a neutral, i would smudge navy liner on my lower lash line, line waterline with black kohl, and line top last line with winged black gel liner..and of course add a bunch of mascara.
    i would keep cheeks a natural beige-y flush with a bit of shimmer and give lips a sheer matt pale brown-red.

  11. Ohh, with Humid! I wouldn’t have thought of that!