Monday, December 24th, 2007

If you were using MAC Woodwinked eyeshadow, what look would you create with it? What other shadows would you use? What would you use on cheeks? On lips?

Create a look using whatever you want, as long as you include Woodwinked!

P.S. – This is a new idea, so please let me know if you love it or hate it…

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51 thoughts on “Look Book – What would you pair MAC Woodwinked eyeshadow with?

  1. Ashlee

    I just used woodwinked playing around last night. it was my first time using alot of colors at onces.

    I paired it with.

    -Shroom[wash on whole eye].
    -White tie[highlight].
    -Goldmine[inner corner].
    -Woodwinked[middle of eye].
    -Valet[outer corner].
    -Cranberry[outer most of eye].
    -Amber lights[inner bottom lash].
    -Mulch[outter bottom lash].

    I usually pair it with bronze and mulch though.

  2. Tanya

    hahah funny I just played around with my woodwinked yesterday too :) great minds think alike!

    I put Ladyship on my lid, then woodwinked in the crease line and on my lower lash line. In the horrid light of my bathroom where everything looks good, I thought it was nice BUT once I got into the car and checked the rear view mirror…ugh I had put way too much woodwinked in the crease line…a little goes a long way. I think it would have been better when a slightly more matte color.

    • Tanya

      oh and yes, I think this is a really fun addition to the site. I am always wondering what great color combo choices I am missing.

  3. I personally *adore* these combos:

    1) Woodwinked all over lid, Bronze in the crease, Showstopper in the outer crease, Ricepaper above crease to brow

    2) Ricepaper all over lid, Woodwinked on the outer lid, Expresso in the outer crease, Shroom from crease to brow

    3) Goldmine all over lid, Woodwinked on middle of lid, Bronze on outer lid, Expresso in outer crease, Ricepaper above crease to brow

  4. Janelle

    That’s so funny, I used my Woodwinked last night too! I kept it simple though. After applying UDPP, I applied Woodwinked over my whole lid, up to the crease. Then used Stila’s Pigalle e/s on the outer corner & blended inward a little. A very pretty Holiday look! Gold & red!

  5. Skyler

    This is an awesome addition to the site because it helps us all expand our shadow combinations (or helps us use shadows we don’t use enough!). 😀

    I use Woodwinked with Bronze and Retrospeck most often. Sometimes I want something darker than Bronze in the crease, so I will choose a darker brown-toned shadow. :)

  6. Lala

    I tend to place naked lunch all over my eyelid ..

    place amberlight in the middle of my eyelid…

    place woodwinked in the outter corner of the eye… in the crease and tab bit over. … load up the mascara…and all done!

  7. Tonee

    I would use either Goldmine or Expensive Pink or Sumptuous Olive along with Woodwinked, and Blacktrack to line the eyes.

    Blush: Ambering Rose or Format

    Lip: Del Rio

  8. aziajs

    I’m a fan of using woodwinked all over the lid and goldmine in the inner 1/3. very pretty.

    i love this new idaea. it would be even better if people posted pics of them wearing their combos. that would be a cool little feature. i like the idea of everyone using one central product and adding their own twist. you could do it for other products as well – ie. lipstick, blush, etc.

    • I adore Goldmine. I think it’s one of the few shadows I have a major dip in!

      I’d love for people to show their photos – I’ll be sure to ask in the next Look Book for people to do so!

  9. victoria

    woodwinked is my favorite neutral color. i use it with every single neutral e/s i have. the common combination would be;
    white tied for highlighting, woodwinked all over the lid, valet for the crease and outer corner and embark to intensify the crease and around the lower lashline, then black liner. i usually wear nars orgasm and my favorite l/s mac sophisto.

  10. JackA

    Rubenesque p/p as a base, all over lid.
    Club e/s in the middle of lid
    Woodwinked e/s on outer 1/3 lid and lower lashline
    Sweet Sienna pigment in crease and outer 1/3 lower lashline
    Naked pigment on browbone and inner tearduct to highlight

    Blitz and Glitz f/l to create a nice cat eye

    Depending on the eye color, I’d go with a colored Technakohl pencil (Purple Dash for brown eyes, Foxtail for green, Smoothblue for blue eyes, etc.)

    Fluerry blush on the apples of the cheeks, with Natural Flare beauty powder to highlight

    Elaborate l/g on the lips and a couple coats of mascara to finish it off!

  11. Vanessa

    I just work Woodwinked today.
    Indianwood paintpot (base)
    Romp (crease)
    Woodwinked (center)
    Shroom (inner corner)

    I go either warm or cool with the lips depending on what I have on my cheeks. Normally it’s whatever I pull out of my bag.

  12. Carrie

    oooh, I’ve been wanting Woodwinked for a while, but haven’t been able to justify it to myself! This makes me want to go pick it up :)

    I agree, this is a nice feature and would be even better with photos. I guess we could add links to our photos in our comments?

    • Hey Carrie! It seems like there isn’t a soul who hates Woodwinked 😉

      I will definitely offer it up to people to leave links to their photos next Look Book!

  13. Zsofi

    absolutely love love love this idea!!!!!!!!!!!!! and love all Your new ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Joy

    I LOVE woodwinked! I put it all over lid, with subtle in the crease. Club goes in the outer crease and a dark brown goes on the outer lid. Usually ricepaper to highlight and a bright color underneath my eye to line it.

  15. Charlene

    wow, i had never even heard of woodwinked until tonite!! Since I have no Macy’s here in Jamaica, I don’t have the liberty of choosing whatever shade I like…each store that sells MAC has a limited amt. Luckily i was able to get the family silver, etc. but the eyeshadow shades are limited…i want to see a pic with a look containing woodwinked. This is a fabulous addition…look how many ideas are being provided from the fabulous readers :) MERRY XMAS everyone!!!

  16. Ana

    I don’t wear woodwink (but now I got some fabulous ideias to do it!) but I just wanted to say that this is a great idea!!!! I think that now, I’ll be starting to use some of those products that I have stranded in my traincase!
    Merry Christmas to everyone!

  17. Niqui

    I usually like woodwinked all over my lid with expensive pink on the middle and bronze (or another dark brown) in the crease and dazzlelight (I think…it is white-ish) or naked lunch on my browbone.

    I kinda did that tonight, except I did constructivist paint pot as a base on my lid and put a little up into my crease too, then I did woodwinked on top of it on the lid, and expensive pink in the center of my lid. It made the woodwinked darker, but it also made it pop more :)

    PS I love this, I was just wishing for a section like this!

  18. ross1977

    I love woodwinked, the texture is awesome!!!
    I pair it with amber lights in the inner corner and nylon to higlight.

    PS: This section is very useful!!! You ‘ve had a great idea!!!

  19. Venita Lockett

    I usually pair woodwinked with the following:

    All that glitters
    Stars n Rockets
    Lucky Green
    Say Yeah

  20. Marta

    I love your idea for this section!

    My favourite is woodwinked on inner half of lid, sumptuous olive on outer half of lid & antiqued in the crease.

    PS would you ever consider doing a section/article about what colour combos pop for different colour eyes?

  21. Erin

    I really really like Romp. I think it’s a bit better looking than Woodwinked. Gold tones work better on me, though. I like Romp and Patina with Shroom, maybe a little Amber Lights in the inner eye.

  22. dawn

    Dazzleray pigment on the lid, goldmine on the inner lid and on the lower lid and woodwinked on the rest of the lid and the crease.
    For my lips I wore dark side lipstick topped decorative lusterglass.

  23. omg woodwinked is one of my all time favourite eyeshadow shades!! i wud go for … rice paper all over lid, woodwinked outer lid and crease, a bit of bronze brushed gently on top of the woodwinked. then i wud use a wet hard angled brush to apply a line of bronze along the lower lid. black kohl liner in the inner rims of course and plenty of coats of mascara. style blush on cheeks, fresh brew lippy a bit of c-thru glass on lips. tousled beach hair wud complete this look.

  24. Laura

    I use woodwinked with all that glitters, brule, and sable. Such a hot look for green/hazel eyes.

  25. Stephanie

    I am recently a proud owner of woodwinked eyeshadow. I love it sooo much. Well that was my first mac eyeshadow so I paired it with my Wikiki strip by physician’s formula. I put woodwinked all over my lid and blended it slightly to my crease. I chose the darkest brown in the PF strip and used it in my outer V and into the crease. I used a matte white for my highlight and used woodwinked on my inner tear duct. So pretty, I wore it to work!