Friday, February 1st, 2008

If you were using MAC’s Paradisco, what look would you create with it? What shadows would you use? What would you use on cheeks? Anything added to the lips?

Create a look using whatever you want, as long as you include Paradisco! Feel free to share links to photos of your look(s) using it in the comments.

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60 thoughts on “Look Book – What would you pair MAC Paradisco eyeshadow with?

  1. Kristen

    I actually wore this today. I did Paradisco on the inner half of my lid and Sushi Flower on the outer half. I blended Passionate into my outer crease. Not my favorite look, but not bad either.

  2. Teresa

    It’s a very simple day look, but I like it, you can do a bit more Sketch on the outer corner to go from day to night.

    BASE-Cotton Candy
    LID-Paradisco over it
    CREASE-Swiss Chocolate


  3. Lydia

    I don’t really like this color… but I think I would go up the brow bone with vanilla, put paradisco on my lids, do shale for the crease, I would use Fusion gold as a highlighter, and then just some black eyeliner.

  4. Tekoa

    Okay..I’m going to cheat and use a MAC bridal inspired look
    Eyes: Vanilla on lid, Shale in inner crease and corner, Paradisio on outer and middle crease blended well with everything. Lined with black eyeliner of your choice.

    Cheeks: Pinch O Peach

    Lips: Plink!

  5. I have a hard time even getting paradisco to be vivid and to show up.
    But I have tried it with Moth Brown and it looked ok.

  6. Erin

    Ooh, I’d use Romp and Expensive Pink.

  7. i wear paradisco all the time. I either pair it with orange and rule. or i will pair it with…amber lights, shadowy lady, embark. when i am using it for just a shimmer look, i use by itself.

    any time i use it, i put on bare canvas paint as a base.

  8. Erin

    Oh! Also, Honeylust or Honesty.

  9. Erin

    And tete-a-tint. Wow, I must really be pondering this throughout the workday.

  10. Vanessa

    I love when you do these “what would you pair MAC _____ with”!!!

    Whole Lid – Paradisco
    Outer Corner – Antiqued
    Highlight – Vanilla
    Liner – Photogravure (Technakohl)

  11. Lindsay

    I just bought this today! Yay!!

    The combo that sold me on it was Nocturnelle and Retrospeck…I looked at the MA like she was crazy and then totally fell in love!

    • Lindsay

      I wore this combo today with Jest on the inner made my green eyes POP like I have never seen! I am totally in love!

  12. kate

    i love this color

    i use it with jest, peppier, and naked lunch.

    jest on the lid, paradisco on outer lid, peppier in the corner/crease and naked lunch to highlight.

  13. I love using Paradisco on the lid with Aquadisiac in the crease and as bottom liner, and then a bit of Teal pigment to add a little more dimension to the crease.

    I also like using Paradisco over my entire lid and crease and then putting Chrome Yellow (lid) and Orange (crease) over it. It softens the brighter colors so that it all looks like a very pretty sunset.

    Paradisco also makes a nifty blush, for the record.

  14. wow dis seems to be a popular colour. havent tried it yet .. i normally just stick to bronze or grey looks really .. i know, sooo boring!! i must try a pink look .. sounds interesting!!

  15. Tonee

    First of all – I LOVE Paradisco. It looks amazing on tan/olive skin. Next to Seedy Pearl, it’s one of the oldest MAC shades I have.

    Eyes: Rubenesque or Beige-ing as base, Gleam or Retrospeck on the inner lid, Paradisco all over lid, either Golden Olive/Bronze/Trax on the outer-lid v (I also pair it with Sushi Flower for a more simple look), Rich Ground to line upper lid or Blacktrack used to tightline and on the waterline. (I know these are a lot of options but I have been using Paradisco for so long I can’t really pick a favorite combo!)

    Cheeks: Margin or NARS Orgasm

    Lips: MAC Whirl topped with Stila Starfruit

  16. Shefali

    OMG I went to the Pro store here in LA yesterday and bought this for my palette. All these ideas…I can’t wait! I also bought Bottle Green which is an eyeshadow you can only buy in Pro stores, and I bought Golden Olive (only my 2nd pigment) to go with it. I also bought a lipstick you can only buy in Pro stores, Charred Red. I’m really excited to use all this stuff, but really excited about all the use I’m going to get out of Paradisco!

    BTW – they had already released the Slimshines ready for purchase. I checked out the new colors but didn’t have a camera so I couldn’t do swatches :(. I had no idea I would encounter those. I guess they’ll be in stores on Thurs 2/7.

    OK that was major diarrhea of the keyboard…but I’m so excited about my Pro store visit yesterday :)

  17. Cyndi

    I LOVE Paradisco(middle of eye lid) with Sumptous Olive(outer corner and lower outer lash) and Retrospec(inner lid and lower inner lash)icepaper as a highlighter. I would use Nars the Multiple in Orgasm on cheeks and PRRR lipglass. Gorgeous! =]

  18. Allison

    Paradisco goes with so much..My favorite pairings are Moth Brown,Cranberry,Bronze,Antiqued,Twinks,Falling Star&Blackberry(this is my #1 pick)

  19. Brianne

    I love using Paradisco as a wash over the lid, with Cranberry & Antiqued, Rich Ground fluidline to line. Vanilla pigment on browbone.

  20. carrie spooner

    Everything! I’m Nw20 and this is my baby. I love it with gold mine, cranberry.. you name it. I can add it to any look and it’s always perfect.

    This was one of my first Mac purchases and I’d say the one that hooked me!!!


  21. Elle

    I love wearing Paradisco all over my lid with Plum Dressing on the outer crease

  22. Ess

    Paradisco all over eye, remotely grey in crease!!

    Sublime culture lipliner
    3N lipstick
    Love Nectar gloss

    Such a gorgeous look!! I’m an NC40 btw!

  23. Lydia

    Ooo that remotely gray color is really pretty but its sold out right now!

  24. Celly

    Bitter on the lid and paradisco on the crease.

    Reminds me of a watermelon but it’s really pretty and paradisco softens up the brightness of bitter.

  25. Chrystal

    Paradisco and Newlyminted

  26. Marcella

    Hi! Paradisco is a beautiful color but I do agree it is hard to get to show up. I use cotton candy or bare study as a base. I put paradisco in the inner corner of the lid, jest in the middle, and mystery in the crease and outer lid. I use prunella to line the eye and embark on top of prunella for better staying power. Give it a try!

  27. Amaranth86

    I loved the color but could never find a good look until recently.

    I use painterly as a base for the entire eye area, then layer perky over above the crease into the highlight area.

    On the lid I use sunpepper pigment all over. In the crease, blending upwards I use paradisco using my 217 brush. I add depth to the crease with expensive pink in the outer crease. I highlight with ricepaper. Then in the outter lid, I place concrete shadow.

    The good news is perky makes a great base for paradisco without losing the unique bright sheen of paradisco.

  28. noelle marquez

    i wear it with orange

  29. shy

    I just tried this today and its so pretty, paradisco with cranberry at the edges and vibrant grape in the crease. I know it sounds strange esp with the grape but its so pretty!

  30. sandra

    I paired Paradisco with Gleam and Naked Lunch today (Naked Lunch all over & as a highlight, Gleam on lid and Paradisco in crease and outher V). Added some gleeful mineralized blush (all MAC) and some bronzing powder MAUI (pink shimmer) of Bobbi Brown. Lipgloss: Dazzle’s Pink Venus.

  31. Crystal

    I’m fair skined.. I just got This color

    Gleam on lid
    Paradisco on crease
    Woodwinked one outter v mulch on top of that and brule to high light!!
    It looks amazing!! Beautiful coral bronzy summer look!! 😉