Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

If you were using Urban Decay Rollergirl Eyeshadow Palette, how would you wear it?

What products would you use? Where would you wear it? Would it be the star of the look? Create a look using whatever you want, as long as you include today’s look book product!

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40 thoughts on “How would you wear Urban Decay Rollergirl?

  1. medha

    i have a question instead. do you know when this will be available at sephora in stores? i don’t wannna order online and i call sephora about every 2 days and they don’t have it in stock and don’t tend to know when they’re gonna get it in. i’d like to look at it before i buy it, cos i have once saved myself money by doing that. thanks!

  2. Woodstock all over the lid, Darkhorse in the crease and Suspect to highlight. I’d line with UD’s Bourbon and use Woodstock as blush. I’d use BE’s Buxom lips in Racquel on my lips.

    • salamander

      That’s my eye look! Why layer all that stuff on your face if you don’t end up with neon pink eyelids? I’d put Verve in as an inner corner highlight too, I think, although I’m not sure if it’s as shimmery as I want for that? Probably very, it’s UD.

      • Megan

        I have very pale skin, and on me verve is super light. It is shimmery but you can’t tell that much on really pale skin.

  3. Megan

    The first look I did was this palette wasn’t super special but it was cute. I did a somewhat smokey eye using verve on the inner half, suspect on the outer half and darkhorse in part of the crease and the outer corner. I used woodstock as a liner on 2/3 my lower lash line. (Things I used that weren’t in the palette were the heavy metal glitter liner in catfight on top of woodstock, eldorado eyeliner on the inner 1/3, and virgin to highlight my brow bone.) I got a lot of compliments and everybody was asking about woodstock. :)

  4. I just ordered this palette, along with a few other things for Mother’s Day. I plan to use ‘Woodstock’ as a liner and the other shades for various eye looks.

  5. Carrie

    I would probably put Suspect on the lid, mix Woodstock with Darkhorse and place that in the crease, then use Verve in the inner corners.

  6. Kaitlyn

    I would use Suspect on the lid, Darkhorse on the crease, Verve as a highlight, and Woodstock on the lower lash line. Or Suspect on the lid, Woodstock on the crease, and Verve as a highlight

  7. Julie

    No, No, No girls. Go dramatic. Use darkhorse all over the lid. Use woodstock to blend up in a “splayed” effect kind of way towards the brow bone. Use suspect to soften edges of woodstock and highlight right under brow. The use verve for inner tear ducts. That would look hot.

  8. Poppy

    Verve = Highlighter, in the center of the eye, and in the outer corner.
    Suspect = Liner, on days I’d prefer subtle definition (foiled).
    Darkhorse = Liner, on days I’m feeling feisty (foiled).
    Woodstock = Heavily blended blush.

  9. Dorna

    darkhorse on the outer V, suspect wash all over the eye, verve highlight and inner v, and a thick wet line of woodstock on the top lid with a thinner line of black liquid liner. Black liner on the waterline with a 24/7 pencil liner just under the lashline.

  10. Jan

    The neutrals on eyes and the bright pink as a blush/lipcolour.

    Eyes: Verve on lids, Suspect on the outer corner and in the crease.Bourbon to line, and Darkhorse over it to seal and soften the line.
    Cheeks: Dip a blush brush in Woodstock and apply to the apples of the cheeks
    Lips: Use a small brush to grab alot of the powder, then put on the back of the hand. Put some clear/sheer lipgloss/lipbalm over the pink and then apply to lips with a finger/lipbrush.

  11. Elizabeth

    I’m using Woodstock today as a blush and it’s working surprisingly well! I like other peoples’ idea of using it as a liner to go with a slightly smokey eye; I’ll have to try it tomorrow. ^_^

  12. Ashley

    Suspect all over the lid, darkhorse in the crease. then i’d wet a liner brush and use woodstock as a liner on the top lash line. and then verve as a brow highlight.

  13. Suspect on the lid, Darkhorse on the outer v, and Woodstock on the lower lashline with Bourbon in the waterline. Maybe NYX Perfect on the lips.

  14. Gina

    Probably Suspect on the lid, Woodstock in the crease, Verve as an inner corner highlight and Darkhorse as a liner =]

    • Stacy

      Ive put woodstock on my lid up to the crease and Zero on the outer corner and into the crease blended in with the woodstock and a light color as a highlighter and put woodstock on the inner corner lower lash line and zero on the outer corner lower lash line and used the zero eyeliner

  15. brighton

    Definetly getting this palette! looks gorg. I would probably wear it with verve in the inner third of the lid, woodstock and the other two thirds and then dark horse in the crease!

  16. Nora

    Impact all over the lid, Darkhorse in the crease and Verve as a highlight: the basic neutral eye. Then I’d apply Woodstock on the inner corner in the tear duct to add a big pop without the pink totally taking over the lid.

  17. camille

    verve as a highlight (under the brows and in the inner corner) suspect on the lid thru the highlight color, woodstock in the crease, a lil above the crease tho. with winged out eyeliner, then making the crease color a lil flick (like to follow the eyeliner shape if that makes sense) then a bit of the dark brown on the lower lash line.
    glowy bronzy or pinky cheeks, keeping it natural looking, nude or pink lips.

  18. Natalia Bortoli

    Suspect in whole lid; verve at the inner corner; in the crease I would put darkrose and woodstock above darkrose…

  19. Megan

    I think putting woodstock on the outer 2/3 and suspect on the inner 1/3 then smoking out woodstock a tiny bit with darkhorse on the very outer edge and using verve a little past the tear duct would be super playful but not so dramatic that it isn’t wearable. I would still use virgin as a highlight though, I don’t think verve would make a very good highlight, but it could work.

  20. Verna

    I would probably use suspect all over the lid and put woodstock in the inner corner to brighten.I would put dark horse on the out corners and use verve to highlight my brow bone.

  21. Lee

    I wore this yesterday! (and I got it a couple of weeks ago from Sephora online) I used Verve as the highlight (will probably sub in Shroom in the future tho’, Verve was a bit too shimmery for me) and inner corner, Suspect on the lid blended into Woodstock on the outer third, and Darkhorse in the crease. It worked really well for the office, neutral with the pop of bright pink and I got compliments on it.
    For cheeks, I wore Mac Shell Pearl beauty powder (a light, neutral peach) and MAC Lovelorn (A relatively neutral pink for me) for lips.

  22. Jillian

    I would use woodstock as my blush…very dramatic and the focus of my face…and then verve as a highlight and inner corner color, suspect on the lid, and darkhorse in the crease. then the liner smudged on the upper and lower lashlines and in the waterline. i actually think i want to buy this now!

  23. Taylor

    I would use this palette to create a fun, bolder version of the 60’s eye makeup look! Verve all over, focused on the lid. Using a detail crease brush to apply Woodstock in the crease and slightly extended. Thick black liner on the top lash line extended to run parallel to Woodstock. Make sure Woodstock pops! Mix Darkhorse with Juipect and lightly apply to lower lash line. Fake Lashes and Lots of Mascara!!

  24. Queentut

    @medha, I purchased this at Sephora Saturday April 30th. I asked and they told me it was in the stockroom, but it would be for sale Monday. I simply said “Would you be willing to just go ahead and sell it to me today?” They did! Score! I LOVE IT! and the look that Christine posted using all 4 shades is the one I’m rocking. It is GORGEOUS! Go get it girlfriend :)

  25. Lid: Suspect
    Crease: Horse
    Browbone and Inner Corners: Verve
    Outer V: Woodstock (blending upwards and warming up the crease color)

    I really wouldn’t get this palette, but I want the Whiskey eyeliner so bad!!!

  26. Lakitha

    I originally wanted this collection from Urban Decay. I went to Sephora a week ago and it was not in stock. I purchased Smashbox’s Style Files instead. This collection was gorgeous and I got so much more for my money.

  27. Joy

    This is now on sale at sephora.com in Canada for $18!