Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

If you were using Urban Decay Junkshow Eyeshadow, how would you wear it?

What products would you use? Where would you wear it? Would it be the star of the look? Create a look using whatever you want, as long as you include today’s look book product!

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40 thoughts on “How would you wear Urban Decay Junkshow Eyeshadow?

  1. Gillian (AKA Munchy)

    This is probably not the norm, but i would wear it as a liner almost. I would outline my lids all the way around with junkshow, maybe over a black eyeliner depending on how sheer it is. Then get the blackest eyeliner for the waterlines and the blackest mascara they make. Contour the cheeks and some very glittery lipgloss, like a dazzleglass. It would be a really fashion forward look but it might work on a lot of skintones.

  2. with a sparkly black cut crease and white in the lower waterline. lots of mascara, funky

  3. Renske

    I wouldn’t:P No, I love this colour, but I don’t think I could pull it off.

  4. Mariella

    I am SO eager to see the replies because I bought the palette and this is the one “hunh?” shadow for me. I’ve actually been using it as a blush (very lightly – it is SO pigmented!)

  5. JCz

    I like to wear a color like this with a neutral lid to add some pop. Similar to the Rollergirl palette, I like to do a shimmery taupe lid with dark brown liner, and put the bright pink on the outer like, quarter of the lid, in a slight V shape, so you can only see a peek of the pink when my eyes are open, and a slight flash of bright when I blink. I’d pair this eye with soft pink cheeks and lips. I really like the pop a pink like this gives to a neutral brown.


    I was at ulta last night and one of the makeup arists was doing a look on a customer using junkshow –

    Junkshow was on the lid, and Omen (purple) was in the crease and then he used the new waterproof liquid eyeliner by Urban Decy (ink one) to line the top lids. It was so CUTE!!!

  7. TLC

    I just bought my UD 15th anniversary palette and opened it up yesterday. I LOVE JUNKSHOW, but have not tried it yet. I am thinking I would use a very neutral colour on the inner corner of my eyelid, and then go bold with this colour on the outer half, place it in the crease and smoke it out. Maybe use a bit of black in the corner for some definition. I would probably use black eyeliner and lots of mascara -> Lancome Hypnose. I can’t wait to try this colour. And for all of you Canadian girls, The Shopping Channel is now selling UD products. YEAH!!!

    • Mariella

      I saw that the other day – they had the Naked palette (which I already have) – I was thrilled that people who’ve been wanting it would finally be able to get it and at a pretty good price. I was wondering if they’d have the 15th anniversary palette but I’m glad I didn’t wait as they didn’t have it! Wonder if they will continue to sell UD on TSC!

  8. Laura

    I just got this palette and was wondering how to wear this, so it’ll be great to see some of the looks that people come up with!

  9. Mel

    I’d put this on the lid with a matte black on the outer v and the crease and really smoke it out. Smudge the same matte black under the lower lash line. Pile on the mascara. Very rock and roll, I think.

  10. I am waiting for my 15th anniversary palette as I type! So exciting. Think I will use this colour with the teal, but I love colour clashing eye-looks.

    • Monique

      I wore this color all over my lid, used buck to soften the edges. Junkshow looks a little on the purple side on my skin.

  11. Sarah

    I’d use junkshow almost in a highlighting sense; I’d put it on the inner lid-ish, focusing more towards the nose, and blend the color up along the nose to the eyebrow to create kind of 20s style makeup (only not with black). Then, I’d pat on a color like MAC’s brule all over the lid, softly contouring the crease with haux and/or star violet (also MAC colors).

  12. How would I wear it? With a giant smile on my face! This shade is stunning! To actually answer the question, I’d most likely use a brown shade in the crease so the lid shade stands out and a very thin line of eyeliner. I’d want all the attention on that hot pink! Also, I’d use it as a pop of color on the lower lash line.

  13. I would use it like this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VphooKWmIQk I did a great tutorial with some fun lashes!!!

  14. my look is here http://blushingnoir.blogspot.com/2011/08/urban-decay-15-year-anniversary.html

    as a crease and outer V, paired with Omen on the lid and vanilla in the inner corner and above the crease. it definitely is a strong color and was over powering to Omen. It’s not normally how I’d wear such a bold color, but I think it’s beautiful and wanted to do something fun for my first look with this awesome palette!
    Normally I’d use it as a liner or just minimally on the inner corner.

  15. I wore it yesterday and it was amazing!
    I put Omen on my lid and Junkshow on my crease and it had such an amazing effect.
    I put vanilla on my inner corners and on my browbone. I also used M.I.A. as my liner.
    In the summer I would wear colors like these all the time. I want to add that I wear glasses so wearing brights don’t look too bright under them.

  16. What a gorgeous shade! Too bad we don’t get Urban Decay here. I’d pair it with MAC Sable all over lid with Junkshow in outer corner and crease, MAC Naked pigment on inner corners and browbone, thin black glossy liner- Bourjois clubbing liner ultra black, MAC Smolder as kohl and black mascara. On the lips I’d wear Revlon Colorburst lipgloss in Strawberry.

  17. I use it to smoke out eyeshadow.. I’ll be posting a FOTD soon on it, I’ll be sure to link it to here!

  18. Mia

    Definitely with some UDPP underneath,this all over the lids,a great gel liner wing,24/7 Eyeliner in Perversion on the upper and lower waterline,lots of black mascara. :3 God,I love this color!Since this is so bright,I’d go with a light lipgloss and some really natural blush. ^-^

  19. Meow

    I’d wear Junkshow generously on the lid with Mac’s copperplate eyeshadow blended into the cease and a tad of ricepaper as a highlight, I’d then take a bit of Star Violet and dust it into the outer V and lower lid of the eye, dragging it down toward the rest of the lower lash line with Urban Decay’s bourbon liner mixed in as well.

    For the cheeks I’d take Nars Gilda blush and apply it gently on the top of my cheek bone and then add a matte grayish taupe contour powder to gently blend underneath.

    And for lips I’d use a pinky-peach liner with a pale nude shade

  20. BeyondtheBath (Stephie)

    I would wear this as a blush, honestly.

  21. Amanda Dubs

    This is one shade from the palette that I actually haven’t used yet, but when I get the chance, I start a full time internship tomorrow that only allows me to wear neutral makeup and fingernails :(,I would try this out with ace on 3/4 of the lid, omen on the outer V and crease, and junkshow smoked out a bit on top and above omen.

  22. alex

    i would put this very lightly on the the lid after primer as a base, then i would layer neutral shadows over it. the pink would warm up the colors placed on top of it.

  23. Quinctia

    I took this as a challenge, haha. I decided to wear Junkshow as my main lid color, with SWF in the corner, and Bordello in the outer v and crease. I put Ransom eyeliner on my lower lash and waterlines, and topped it with Maybelline XXL extensions mascara. I wore Lip Junkie in Wallflower on my lips.

  24. Okay, crazy thing…I was working with my model and we needed an avant garde-type look. I put Cream Color Base in Black on her lips and pressed this into it. Result? Beautiful purple lips! Yes, I get that this is a pink shadow, but over CCB it’s purple. Those pictures are so beautiful and I only used the UD anniversary kit on her eyes. I wanted to send it to UD as a thank you…. If you have the cash, it’s a good set of shadows.

  25. Liv

    I would wear it as an pop of color on the lower lashline (:

  26. Jill

    I just used it today! I posted a pic to UD’s Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=630051430141&set=o.60999753199&type=1&theater.

    I put Junkshow in the crease, Virgin (Naked Palette) as the brow bone highlighter, Vanilla on the inner half of the lid, Painkiller (Preen palette) on the outer lid. Omen as a lower-lash liner and Zero 24/7 Liner on the top smudged with Black Out :)

  27. artemis

    omg i love hot pink! very emoish 😀 i wear it on the crease with thick black cat eyeliner and lining the bottom lashline and waterline too w/ black and w/ pale nude lipstick (wish i find one)

  28. Snowflakes

    I am wearing this today actually!! Love the color. Not too bright and not too sheer… Just perfect!!

    First, of course used my UD PP. Then, I just went left to right in the row in the palette. So I put Midnight 15 as my main color in the 1st part of eye near the corners, about half way in did Junkshow and then did my V in MIA. Perfect! Total love! Used a dark brown eyeliner and a natural blush.

  29. Calayna

    I’d wear it all on my lid with some purple at the crease. I’d use a black liquid liner with a hint of glitter liner. OR instead of using a glitter liner I could add some hot pink glitter from my NYX glitter pallet I have laying around to really create some drama.

  30. Cassandra H.

    I put tainted on the lid, junkshow in the crease, and put a little bit of MAC sketch in the v area. It made it wearable enough to wear to work at a law firm :)

  31. Monica

    As a eyeliner or over a pink lipstick

  32. honestly you could wear it in hundreds of ways… my personal favorite way to wear a bright blue or pink is on the inner corner of a smokey black eye or an all over the lid color pop sort of thing 😀

  33. I wear Asphyxia, as a general all over colour, junkshow in the crease, kiddie pool or a blue underneath the eye, and a little bit of psychedelic sister in the outer corner blending into junkshow for some definition. Maybe bring the outer colours into a flick with some black liner.

    A very daring look but it is something I try to get away with as much as possible 😀

  34. bianca

    I wear mine as a lipstick. I put on a little bit of vaseline than apply the color with a lip brush. ;o)