Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

If you were using NARS Outremer Eyeshadow, how would you wear it?

What products would you use? Where would you wear it? Would it be the star of the look? Create a look using whatever you want, as long as you include today’s look book product!

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17 thoughts on “How would you wear NARS Outremer?

  1. Meghan

    I love blue and gold eyeshadow together, so I’d probably start with a gold eye and then blend outremer into the crease.

  2. Rhonda

    Since it’s a matte shadow, I might use it to add depth. If I’ve got a sparkly shade on my lids, I’d use it in the corners and crease. I might also line my eyes with it, especially on the bottom. Since it’s build-able, it might be a good one to use for a smokey eye too.

  3. amanda

    as a bright wash all over the lid and into the crease, with dazzlelight to highlight and Woo Me on the lips

  4. Nora

    I’d use it all by itself, almost like a smokey liner all around the eye. A bright pop of blue, and blended out with a flesh tone (I’d probably use Vanilla by MAC).

  5. Hannah

    For a dark dramatic look :) Outremer on the outer two thirds of the lid and a lighter cool toned blue on the inner lid. Then probably a dark grey in the crease, deepened with black and blended up into a purple colour (poison plum-esque?) Then outremer on the lower outer portion of the lashline (or the purple…) and on the inner lower lashline a bright lime/golden colour to contrast the cooler colours (venomous cosmetics margarita in mexico)
    Been loving using gold and silver toned colours to subtly contrast each other in the inner corner. Black winged eyeliner at the inner corner helps separate out the colours and make it slightly less BAM gold and silver :)

  6. I did a post on this! “A Few Ways to Wear NARS Outremer”. Some are nice, some are scary, haha.

  7. Emma

    either put it on the lower lashline with a neutral eye or use it as a pop of colour on in inner part of the lid in a dramatic smoky eye x

  8. Jennifer

    I wear mine with jealousy wakes! I put a little bit of white in the corner of my eye, jealousy wakes on the lid and outremer in the crease :)

  9. I think this would be a super beautiful eyeliner. Or as a cut crease. Not sure what color i’d wear on the lid with it though.

  10. lesley

    I’ve used it with both gold and champagne shades and as a liner, but my favorite way to wear it was Vex in an attempt to somewhat recreate the campaign look :)

  11. Martha

    mac’s IDOL EYES for the eye lids and nars OUTREMER for the corners.

  12. Lorraine ER

    I’d use it either alone or as a a dramatic cat eye. Some peachy-bronze blush applied lightly underneath the cheekbones and peachy-gold lipgloss on the lips (maybe shimmery and sheer?) would look great. Also a either a messy bun or alternately super-sleek ponytail with the hair!

  13. Veronica

    Carefully! :) Intense blues can look really odd with my brown eyes and pale skin. I’d probably use it as a highligher color along the outer lid or crease. Probably with a gold/bronze to warm it up, silver if I wanted to remain cool.

  14. I think I’d use it with white, or a light blue colour. Mainly because I love colder colour combinations:)

  15. Lakitha

    I would wear this shade as a middle to outer crease color. I would use either MAC’s Orange or Rule eyeshadow in the inner lid region of the eye. For the inner crease, I would use MAC’s Bronze eyeshadow. For the brow bone, I would utilize a shade such as MAC’s Shroom

  16. Soyeon

    I lovelove love this eyeshadow
    I know it is so hard to work with but i love this shadow anyways
    but I really wanted the look of the model of this eyeshadow.

    I went to the nars counters and asked how can i get this intensified look from the promo pictures? and they told me it is just the lighting that is why the blue on the model looks so bold and you really can’t get that look…
    but anyway I bought it knowing I really can’t emulate the outremer model’s bold blue look.
    I tried to use it as a liner, so packed the colors on using water,
    I didn’t want to use any mixing medium or other primers on the brush,
    because I might ruin this beutiful eyeshadow…
    long story short, you can not pack this tooo much on your eyes to get the bolder look,
    because the powders will fall under your eyes!!
    I had to keep wiping them off through out the day

    what i am thinking is maybe if i want it as a liner, i would have to use benefit’s She Lac, but then, if it is sealed it will look shiny because of she lac, hence loosing the matte bold look.

    so if you want to use the eyeshadow only because you want the exact bold blue like the model on your eyes…
    forget it!
    you have to use a true blue base, or something darker underneath and work really hard!

    BUT it can be used versatile
    so if you want this bright, you would have to use a darker blue base and put it on.

    For everyday look, I try to pair this blue with a white shadow right above outremer, because I am asian, this color tends to look a little darker blue on my lids, so I want the contrast of something bright

    I love this color, although it is so difficult to work with,
    I wish I could take this to a professional makeup artist and
    ask to get the model’s look!!