Saturday, May 21st, 2011

If you were using MAC Surf USA Eyeshadow, how would you wear it?

What products would you use? Where would you wear it? Would it be the star of the look? Create a look using whatever you want, as long as you include today’s look book product!

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22 thoughts on “How would you wear MAC Surf USA Eyeshadow?

  1. Pamela

    I’d put Shimmermoss on the lid with Surf USA in the crease and outer corner. I’d finish with a light touch of Marine Life on the cheeks and Krazy Kahuna gloss on my lips.

  2. I’ve been wearing it with MAC Satin Taupe, MAC Brule, MAC Tilt and ELF Beachy :) looks gorgeous either way! Gonna try it with MAC Woodwinked soon.

  3. Mariana N

    with a neutral eye, on the lower lashline as an accent color :)

  4. Lize

    I have it, and I just use it as a liner with a soft look on the lid, such as Brulé all over and a bit of Omega in the crease, with Dazzlelight or Vanilla as a highlight :)I’m NC15 btw.

  5. Picard

    I made the same question in my counter! hahaha. There are no face charts with this eyeshadow, true?? only a little in one very very blended..
    I think the most wearable is used to draw the line under eye and waterline on any blue or green pencil. And in the upper eyelid a tone as coral, orange, brown etc..
    I tried to make a smoked whole eye, but I see a very fluorescent color. I think we should soften at the edges with gray, for example ..

  6. Surf on the lid, humid on the outer corner and a matte black to smoke it up. For a highlight, just use a shade slightly lighter than ur complexion. R&R blush in bedroom. For the lips I’d use MAC Viva Glam for a pink nude. :)

  7. amalia

    yesterday i did sun blonde in the inner half of the lid with surf usa in the middle and outer half and plumage in the outer v and brown script in the crease. got lots of compliments

    • Lilly

      I think that’s the key look. If you have noticed, almost every single brand has launched a bright blue and a bright yellow for summer (Givenchy, YSL…). The key to this look is exactly what you’re saying. It is about defying everyone and everything with a risky combination of two colours that, when worked out appropriately, look just amazing. I’ve done the same too, but I used a little bit of Shimmermoss in the area where Sun Blonde and Surf USA match together to create a tiny area of mermaid green. Looks amazing!!

  8. Rina

    as a lower eyeliner

  9. Kimberly

    When I first saw this, I thought bright purple. So…surf u.s.a. on the with a medium-toned purple in the crease.

  10. meme

    Only in the very outer corner and a tish along the out end of my lash line – top and bottom lash line.

  11. I would wear it in the outer corner of my lid and crease with lime on the lid and sun blonde in the inner corner. Blue noon liner on the lower lashes! You can see my look on my blog if you’d like

  12. Suki

    I would use it in the crease with Sweet and Punchy on the lid.

  13. as a wash of color all over the lid, maybe a bit of a darker color such as a navy very lightly in the crease just for a tiny bit of definition, and with Illamasqua Laid Cream Blush and Hibiscus lipstick.
    can’t wait for Hibiscus!

  14. I wear this great eyeshadow on the upper lashline and blend it soft higher. On the outer part and in the crease i use Satin Taupe.

    On the lips i wear a great pink lipstick and a soft shimmery MSF By Candlelight. This looks always shout: SUMMER!!! 😉

  15. jessica

    i’d definitely pair this with neutral colors.

  16. Gina

    Once I get it, I’ll be pairing it with MAC’s Strange Potion and Korres bronzer 😀

  17. brighton

    Probably surf usa on the lid with bronze e/s in the crease, then something dark but greenish in the outercorner like smut e/s, black liner, peachy cheeks and then a pretty pink like angel l/s on the lips

  18. Lizzy Claiborne

    I don’t believe in six of practically the same color in one eye do. Think Endora, from Bewitched! Except you have MAC Eye Primer and no wrinkles and a better color! Could be very Mad Men At The Beach.
    So get some bronzer on to make this color pop! That’s the key to this one. Eye make up is always a part of a Face, and this one needs a golden/bronze glow. For day just MAC Eye Primer (a best kept secret; Very different from genie bottle – like no Evil Wand Of Germs! And it blends before locking up).
    Then just this color packed on from lashes through the crease. I’m liking the white Kohl pencil for lining inside the lower lid; a very classic ’60’s look with bold black liquid liner on the lid, none on the bottom, and plenty of mascara.
    That’s a classic period look. If you bought purple mascara that, with purple liner (Fluidline in Nonconformist, or if you have the ElectroLady in the old liners in a tube whose name I don’t remember…) This is where you get it out. And of course- gold! For evening this in the crease, and plenty of it, with a rich gold on the lid and light gold or Solar white on the brow bone.
    And if ever a color said Big Lashes! this one is screaming it. Got a big night? Get bronzed, get golden and Surf USA’d, Get lashed and lined!

    If you need five colors… The Piggie Stacks are very Beach Landscape. Even if you don’t want to mix pan with loose look at the colors and pull pans that are that shimmering but earthy feel and go to town. There’s a gold based brown piggie, a blackened navy, the colors in this collection are amazing! I tried some very old Turquatic with a gray and it really worked well.

    I just looked at the others; How do you already have this? I had to take a wild guess at the color. Used Blue sorcery from Xmas 2009.

  19. kerry

    I did surfin usa in the corner v and blended into the crease with paparazzshe…(spellling?)over a paint pot as a base. My paradise on the apples of the cheeks. for lips I used “painted on” lipgloss. such a fun summer look..I think Ill use it today with sweet and punchy and surfin usa in the crease

  20. Gillian

    Surf USA on eyelid, blue-brown pigment in crease. Black top liner, short shorts line the bottom lash line, with a bottom wing. Dainty blush, and a combo of victorian lipstick and summer shower lipstick to compliment the blue on top. kind of a mystical summer mermaid look.

  21. Lindsey

    i love it with vex in the inner corner.. aqua in the outer 2/3 and surf usa in the crease! i soften the inner crease to the inner corner and lower lashline with the surf the ocean crushed pigment in the light green shade.. gorg! wore it and had many compliments!! it is also gorgeous with gorgeous gold on the lid and surf usa in the crease..and with electra! just an amazing color all around! i havent tried it yet.. but i think it would look pretty with stars n rockets as well