Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

If you were using MAC Interior Life Eyeshadow Quad, how would you wear it?

What products would you use? Where would you wear it? Would it be the star of the look? Create a look using whatever you want, as long as you include today’s look book product!

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38 thoughts on “How would you wear MAC Interior Life Eyeshadow Quad?

  1. Meerschweinchen

    As a demonstration of what Make Up shouldn’t be.

  2. M.

    It’s a great color combo for me, but after your review, I probably wouldn’t bother.

  3. trayceeee

    After your bad review, I wouldn’t wear it at all!

  4. Boy this one would be difficult to work with, 3 of the 4 shades wouldn’t show up on my skin. Would probably do a soft smokey look with the darkest shade.

  5. Steph

    Isn’t this in the top 10 worst products? I wouldn’t wear it.

    • Sarah

      If I remember correctly, someone commented saying it was one of their favourite mac products of the year, which may have sparked this post :)

  6. Becky

    I wouldn’t!
    It’s a shame this quad failed so spectacularly because the colors are gorgeous!

  7. Madeline

    Burn it?

  8. Lucy

    I wish there were some decent accurate dupes of the shadows on this palette since they’re really gorgeous.

    Because how it badly performed on your review I’d probably just not use it

  9. Veronica

    If it didn’t fail so hard at existing, I would wear it everywhere and anywhere. One of my favorite color combinations!

  10. As an over-priced paperweight.

  11. Brie Wilcox

    I was disappointed to see how you rated this palette… I love it!!! Yesterday I had a matted purple smoky eye and today I have a grey Smoky eye… Both days i have paired with Macs wedge… P.s…. Go to the Mac store.. everyone of the girls is wearing this pallete!!!!! I love it!!

  12. Amanda

    I wouldn’t I would use the closest dupes that you recommended and see what type of a look I would get from shadows that are similar.

    I would use:
    MAC Seedy Pearl
    MAC Shale
    MAC Howzat
    MAC Black Tied

    I would use Seedy Pearl with MAC brush #224 as my highlight color. Shale as my Lid color (applied with the #239). I would use Howzat in the crease and blend it with seedy pearl using #227. I would then take the Black Tied, and using #213 apply it so slightly to the very corner. Then apply it wet as a liner with #211. And there you have it :). That’s how I would get a similar look to this quad without the poor quality of the shadows in it.

  13. Libby

    Probably the top left color on the inner corner of the eyes, the top right color all over the lid, bottom left color in the crease and bottom right as a liner along the top and bottom lash lines. They look like very pretty colors!

  14. You know, I swatched it and then picked it up because I loved the colors. I expected mine to be a chalky hot mess, but actually found that mine was really quite nice (as was the tester that I tried at Nordstrom). The only stiffer shade in my quad is Heather Belles, which wasn’t as bad as I had expected it to be. Don’t get me wrong- it is far from buttery smooth (and certainly isn’t even in the same ballpark as Le Metier de Beaute or Rouge Bunny Rouge), but I use it as a liner, and often wet instead of dry- so I really can’t complain too much. I was worried that it was going to be a repeat of the Evil Eye Quad fiasco, but I’m glad to report that mine wasn’t. That said, I think that MAC needs to get a whole lot more consistent–you can swatch 5 different Interior Life quads and get vastly different quality batches from what I can tell. The one that I swatched at Bloomingdales was HORRIBLY patchy! Who is sleeping on the job at quality control?!

  15. Kathy S.

    I’d like to buy one, send it to my friends at MAC – the happiest place on Earth – and tell them to get all of the colors like that one good one, then start saving my money, because I’ll buy 10!

  16. Melissa

    I’d use it as a physics demonstration as I slingshotted it toward a garbage can.

  17. Tekoa

    Since this was in the ten worst list… I would use it as a throwing projectile.

  18. Marta

    I got Interior Life and Tone Grey, and two of the shades in each quad work, so it’s not a total miss. I don’t use interior life that often, but when I do it is with UD PP as a base for the softest smoky eye (no black eyeliner or heavy mascara) and with a cool toned gloss on my lips (90% of times Evil Shades Deception). That said, I’ve used no more than 10 times and I wouldn’t think about it for spring, I only like it for winter looks and not that much.

  19. Arlee

    First, I would take the entire eyeshadow quad, and throw it in the trash. Then, I would apply my makeup as normal and continue about my life as usual.

  20. Natsume

    I wouldn’t. x:

  21. crazedstargazer


  22. Maureen

    I honestly would. I love grays and lavenders and reeeaally cool-toned palettes. It actually reminds me of a matte version of my first palette, Clinique’s Plum Seduction.

  23. I wouldn’t after the review and seeing it on the top ten WORST products of 2011. Is this an early April Fool’s joke?

  24. Brittany

    I used painterly paint pot and loved it the shadows are actually very beautiful and something about the texture of these are very smooth, no creasing what so ever!

    • Natasha

      I actually love this quad, I am tired of all the shimmering eye shadows and just like Brittany said no creasing at all, I did use paint pot before.

  25. angela sutherland

    I’m sick of spending good money on crappy products! Deff not getting this

  26. Dawn

    I absolutely love the colors! I couldn’t wait to try out the colors, that is until I read your review;(

  27. Sarah

    The comments are hilarious!! Personally, even if there *were* good eyeshadows I still wouldn’t wear them… On my skin tone I’d just end up looking like I’ve been in a fight and lost.

  28. Alex

    I LOVE this quad, you just have to have a very pale, almost dead-person-pale, skin tone like me! and I like that they are not as pigmented as most of eyeshadows, it makes them so easy to apply. I think I’m in the minority, but that’s ok!

  29. amanda

    painterly on the lid. the pale pink inner, then the darker color next then over lapping and blending with the third color. then making an outer v with the dark color. The quad swatched great over painterly paintpot. I am NW50-55 for reference :)

  30. Karina

    I wouldn’t.

  31. Eva

    I have it and I mix it with the Lavender Smokes palette by l’Oreal,it also goes well with the Mystic Mauve Dior palette, it’s also nice with a plum/brown colour or with a reddish-brown shade.