Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

If you were using MAC Blue Candy Eyeshadow, how would you wear it?

What products would you use? Where would you wear it? Would it be the star of the look? Create a look using whatever you want, as long as you include today’s look book product!

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36 thoughts on “How would you wear MAC Blue Candy Eyeshadow?

  1. I just ordered this so I’m interested to see how others are rocking it.

  2. Perhaps with MAC Bright Sunshine (a bright yellow) to dreate an nice summer make up?
    Or with a darker blue and black to create a smokey eye?

  3. Lauryn

    I would probably do something simliar to what I’m wearing today.
    Blue on the lid, (today its Moons Reflection and Tilt)
    Bronze in the crease
    Carbon in the outer V
    Dazzlelight to highlight.

  4. *Warning: this response contains 1980’s costume ideas. The 1980’s fashion, makeup and hair can be damaging to those with a weak constitution or those with any sense of style.*

    Blue Candy just begs to be color blocked with MAC’s Lime, Sweet-n-Punchy or any of their variations on a sour, acid yellow. That would be a fun 1980’s costume, considering the season. All you’d need is a pink or purple to add to the color-blocked eye along with too much hairspray, a sweatshirt that’s far too big with the collar ripped out and either a leotard or a leather mini skirt and white boots or black stockings and pumps. Remember, extra points for a bright scrunci and bright pink lipstick! Frosted pink…now you’re talking.

    Another alternative would be the Knots Landing/Dallas/insert-embarassing-night-time soap here. Go to Goodwill, get the trashiest black evening gown that they have, use big shoulder pads – JoAnn’s, Hancock Fabrics, WalMart – and then do your makeup. This is a creased eye with white and silver eyeshadow and MAC’s Blue Candy eyeshadow just in the crease. I know, this is the opposite of what we know is acceptable, but I swear that I saw Donna Mills do this. I still have flashbacks and have to find my happy place…. Remember, to go full Falcon Crest, sculpt out your cheekbones and do blue-red lips. Put your hair up with trashy clips with extra rhinestones. Extra points if you call yourself Krystle….

    For the color-timid or every day, I’d try incorporating it into the inner corner with a brown, maybe Mystery, or a gray, maybe Print. LORAC makes a gray called Drama that’s fun. As long as you don’t have round eyes, use it as an undereye liner. For big eyes or round eyes, keep it on the lower lashline, but more in the outer corner, as strong or dark color may pull your eye down or detract from your eyes.

  5. Probably as a liner on the upper lashline, paired with a pink lipstick like NYX Doll.

  6. I would wear it over my entire lid, but lightly, with some silver iridescent shadow on top for more of a ‘dreamy’ dimension. I would probably use one of the new Chanel ‘Fantasme’ cream shadow on top and in the inner corner. I would use TONS of mascara, most likely Voluminous. I would wear a dark, rich, plum/burgandy on the lip (like you fall lip colours you have up today). On top of that I would use a little Funtabulous Dazzleglass on the center of my lip. On the cheek I would wear a peachy-pink blush wiht a little bit of a Stila highlighter.

  7. This would look great with a neutral colour on the lid with this in the crease!

  8. Gina

    I’d put it all over the lid, and add Jealousy Wakes to the crease with a skinny blending brush like MAC’s 222. Then I’d probably wear MAC Style blush on cheeks with a little bit of Korres bronzer, and MAC Nymphette on lips. It’s such a bright blue, and I feel like it deserves to stay bright!

    I always feel like such a suck-up whenever I mention using Jealousy Wakes on Temptalia, but it really has become a shadow I reach for often!

  9. Emma

    Um, I wouldn’t. To be honest I think that blues like that tend to look very… slutty. I’m not saying that they do on everyone and if worn correctly it’ll probably all right but I thnik its dangerous. Also, blue just doesn’t suit me.

    • Agree. Maybe as a liner but other than gorgeous looks online I’ve never seen a person in real life pull of a vivd coloured eyeshadow

    • Emily O.

      How is blue slutty? And how do you wear it correctly? I’m asking a serious question as I genuinely I don’t understand.

  10. yasemin

    ummm.. I wouldn’t :/

  11. Alicia

    i’d wear it with MAC’s reflects blue pigment

  12. Dana

    i would wear it with aquadisiac and jealousy wakes, with blanc type as a highlight to create an ‘ocean sunset’. i’d love to wear it to a Vancouver Canucks hockey game because it’s exactly right for their team colors.

  13. Angela

    I wouldn’t wear it =p But that’s just because I think it would look silly on my 37 year old green eyes. Now if I had brown eyes I would be all over it,well in a subtle yet rocking way =)

  14. luis

    i would were it in my inner comer as a pop of color with a silver lid matte grey smokey eye.

  15. Sarah

    I have worked it with platinum pigment, macs skyblue, aqua, jealousy awakes, lime, three ring, sugarpills Dollypop, Buttercupcake, tako & various inglot colours. Its a great colour to work with blending in 1-2 different colours with it. I like to work colours like that with other really bright stand out colours or soft blues to give it legs and stand out on its own.

  16. amanda

    i would use a hard angle brush over some white base on the lower lash line, with lots of black mascara on the top lashes only, a little bit of peach blush and some pinkishnude lipstick, if anything at all on the lips.

    • amanda

      and i’d make the line quite straight, and bring it right into the tear duct and slightly just beyond the outer v =D

  17. Diane

    I don’t really like blue eyeshadows… Something about them just screams trashy on most people in everyday life, yet it’s gorgeous in many looks I see online/in print.
    What’s with that? :/

    I would, however, use it as a pop of colour on my lower lashline, maybe with a bronzey eye.
    Very summery. :)

  18. I would make a smokey eye with it and combine it with a navy blue eyeshadow. A lot of mascara and nude lips.

  19. Aine


    That stuff looks bright!

  20. artemis

    i’d just wear it all over the lid and crease and outer V with black cat eyeliner and mascara w/ nude lipstick OR i’d wear it in the crease and outer V w/ a lighter blue on the lid and under the brows with black cat eyeliner and mascara and light pink lipstick

  21. Ashley

    I absolutely feel in love with this color at first sight… I refuse to adhere to any rules pertaining to my green eye color or light olive toned skin. I used this color to brighten another:
    Nylon: entire lid
    Lime: outer corner (2/3) and crease
    Swimming: stippled over Swimming to darken (just a tiny amount)
    Three Ring Yellow: crease toward brow
    BLUE CANDY: blended on the outer corner (Lime)
    Lower lash line to tear duct
    Use Nylon to blend and lighten the lower lash line
    Vanilla Pigment: blend and highlight

    I received numerous compliments on this look, it sounds like a lot, (and it was) but the outcome, once blended, was beautiful. All the shadows I used were Mac shades, and I used Laura Mercier tight liner to line to top lid and create a small winged look. I finished it with Benefit “They’re Real” mascara, Nars Strip Tease gloss and no blush.

    Hope this helps some of you to enjoy this shade just as much as I do :)

  22. Evie

    proboably lower lash line as a pop of color or for colored eyeliner on top!

  23. haleii

    i would wear stila kitten in the lid and blue candy and any dark navy shadow to smoke out the outer eye and bkue eyeliner

  24. cydoniac

    I bought this last week…I paired it with a dark grey Body Shop eyeshadow on the outer corner and dark purple eyeliner on both upper and lower lash line and lots of black mascara…I used MAC Style blush and Chanel Glossimer in Delight on my lips..the outcome was quite bold but all my friends said that they really liked it and asked me what I was wearing…! I am glad I bought this eyeshadow…it’s nothing like the rest of my eyeshadows…and I don’t see how blue eyeshadows seem slutty to some people…I think they are wonderful!

  25. beautyislove

    i love using it as a eyeliner or even as an inner corner highlight!!!

  26. beautyislove

    hahah it really is!!