The Foundation Matrix

Our goal is to help you find your perfect foundation shade, whether you’ve never worn foundation before or if you’re simply looking for a new one or want to test a different foundation. We can help narrow down possible shades that would work for you, and the top matches are vetted by community and staff members!

If you’ve already found a good shade match in one formula, you’ll be able to get matches for other formulas based on your existing shade. If you’ve never worn foundation or haven’t felt like you’ve found a solid match, we’ll ask you a few questions and help find matches based on your answers.
Don’t forget to vote on how close a match was for your skin tone–and if it wasn’t, tell us why. This vetting process helps the community understand why something is or isn’t a match, and it helps us better refine and categorize results over time so that we can continually improve our algorithms to better match you!

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Are you new to the world of foundation or have you never felt like you've found an ideal shade match? Not to worry -- we can still help!

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