Friday, April 3rd, 2009

8 Ways to Wear MAC Sumptuous Olive Eyeshadow

Smoked out with black. Try wearing Sumptuous Olive all over the lid, perhaps even on top of a deep green/black base for extra drama. Darken the crease with a matte black eyeshadow like Carbon to really make it sultry and dark. Line with a bright gold kohl or ultra black gel liner as desired. Highlight browbone with your favorite neutral shade like Nylon or Vanilla.

With golds. Sumptuous Olive has great flecks of gold tones to its color, which makes it a perfect color to pair with other bright, warm-toned golds like Goldmine eyeshadow. Try Goldmine all over the lid with Sumptuous Olive eyeshadow in the crease, or add Humid eyeshadow to brighten up the greens. Finish look by adding a pop of gold color to the inner tearduct and/or lower lash line. Highlight browbone with your favorite neutral shade like Nylon or Vanilla.

Try warm warm browns. Wear an antique brown like Woodwinked eyeshadow or Patina eyeshadow on the lid with Sumptuous Olive eyeshadow in the crease to add depth. Bring a little Woodwinked to the outer third of the lower lash line to tie look together. Highlight browbone with your favorite neutral shade like Nylon or Vanilla.

Smudgy liner. Try wearing Goldmine eyeshadow all over the lid with Antiqued eyeshadow in the crease. Something simple, but warm with golds and browns. Line your lower lash line (whether it’s the entire area or just half or a third–whatever your preference is!) with Sumptuous Olive. You could even mix in a bit of Goldmine eyeshadow to brighten the color. Highlight browbone with your favorite neutral shade like Nylon or Vanilla.

Check out four more eyeshadow combinations! Pair with teals. Wear a shade like Tilt eyeshadow on the inner lid, Steamy eyeshadow on the middle lid, Shimmermoss eyeshadow on the outer lid, and then use Sumptuous Olive to layer in the crease to add depth. Use a shade like Gorgeous Gold, that’s cooler-toned in its gold shade, to dust on lower lash line or inner tearduct. Highlight browbone with your favorite neutral shade like Nylon or Vanilla.

Go green. Apply Juxt eyeshadow to the inner third of the lid, then add Humid or Swimming eyeshadow (depending on how intense you want your look to be; use Swimming to tone it down) on the middle of the lid. Darken the outer lid with Sumptuous Olive and bring the color into the crease. Highlight browbone with your favorite neutral shade like Nylon or Vanilla.

Look just peachy. Grab a shade like Motif eyeshadow and apply it to the inner half of the lid. Apply a peachy-pink like Expensive Pink to the outer half of the lid. Use Sumptuous Olive lightly blended in the outer crease for depth and color. Line with your choice in color, then highlight browbone with your favorite neutral shade like Nylon or Vanilla.

Golden lemon. Use Golden Lemon pigment as a base all over the lid. Gently apply Sumptuous Olive on the outer half of the lid. Sweep Humid eyeshadow into the crease with a fluffy brush like the 226 to add a pop of emerald green. Smoke out with Carbon eyeshadow on the outer corner/lower lash line. Highlight browbone with your favorite neutral shade like Nylon or Vanilla.

How do you like to wear Sumptuous Olive eyeshadow?

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34 thoughts on “8 Eyeshadow Combinations to Try with Sumptuous Olive

  1. El

    I wear Sumptuous Olive with Femme Nior outer V and blend mid-way in crease

  2. Contessa

    I’m so glad you posted this. I bought Sumptious Olive a while back because I thought it was the most gorgeous color, but I have had no idea how to wear it until now. I’m used to wearing lighter and more neutral colors. But I’ll definitely try some of these. Thanks!

  3. I wear mine like this a lot:
    Gorgeous Gold e/s – inner lid
    Sumptuous Olive e/s – outer lid
    Smoke and Diamonds e/s or Sweet Sienna p/m – crease
    Blanc Type e/s – to higlight
    UD Stash 24/7 liner on lower lashline

    I like all the combos you posted. Will try them very soon :)

  4. Ariana

    This is absolutely one of my favorite colors! I usually wear it all over the lid and do a smokey eye by adding carbon to the crease and a light color in the highlight.

    I’ll also wear it in the crease if I’m wearing a neutral base color on the lid. It really makes my blue eyes stand out alot!

    Looks great with UD Stash on lower lashline too :)


  5. Sandy

    I was JUST wondering how to wear this…thanks!!

  6. Christy

    I just got this yesterday! I used it with painterly all over the lid, tan pigment on inner lid & brow bone, sumptuous olive in the middle and to the outer corner, then artifact paint pot in the v with club over top and in the crease.

  7. i’ve been searchin for an olive e/s. this look good! is this from a collection or a perm color?

  8. this is a go-to for me… I wear it green smokey with rosemary & thyme eyekohl, and nylon inner tear duct,
    or I wear it with browns b/c over a dark grey/taupe base it can look brown. I love it with Go, Magnetic Fields, and Warming Trend – I have these four in a quad and use them often.

  9. Nicole N.

    I wear it with Star By Night in the crease.

  10. Karenloveseyeshadow

    I love it on the lid with Knight Divine in the crease and a good highlighter like Shroom.
    It also looks really nice alone on the lid, with Vanilla pigment to highlight and Buried Treasure power point to line, a little smudged out.

  11. Saira

    Great post! Thanks! I have a shade similar to Sumptuous Olive and I really like putting it on the lid, on top of a gold base (Cash Flow paintpot), with some Goldmine in the inner corner and a shade like Humid in the crease.

  12. Faheema

    Thank you so much for posting this! Sumptious olive (along with Amber lights) was the first MAC eyeshadow I ever brought. Come to think of it, it was the first ever MAC product that I brought. Lol

    Lol coincidently I wore it today :P. I wore it allover the eyelid and put amber lights below.

    This post was reallly helpful!

  13. THanks for this post ^-^ Sumptious olive was also one of my very first MAC purchases along w/ the eye shadow Gleam. It’s a very beautiful color!

  14. I just bought this e/s yesterday :) So happy to see this post!
    The MUA recommended wearing it in the outer crease,brought into the inner crease, with dear cupcake on the lid and a higlight like shroom on the brow and inner-eye.

    I thought it was a strange combination, but it works and I actually like it. I’m wearing it today with some UD 24/7 black liner (because I don’t have an olive green liner)on lids (thin) and waterline , nars orgasm blush and lollipop loving l/s

  15. Bettina

    One of the girls I know at the MAC counter in the mall I work at told me she did sumptuous olive with nocturnelle on the outer corner, I haven’t tried that yet but she said it was a pretty combo.

  16. Nola-sue

    I have found that sumptuous olive really brings out the colour of hazel-brown eyes.
    I like to wear it over the inner & middle third of the eyelid and then a darker shade like Showstopper in the outer third & blending into the crease. I also put it along the lower inner lashline meeting showstopper halfway to the outer lower lashline.