Sunday, August 16th, 2009

5 Ways to Wear: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish

Have you ever wondered what exactly MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes are for?

Here are five ways to use these multi-tasking cult favorites…

  • As a highlighter. Depending on the shade of the skinfinish and the shade of your skin, often they’ll act as great highlighters. Pinker ones can be used as cheek highlighters, while more peachy/rosy/bronze ones can be used all over the face (e.g. Soft & Gentle). I like using the 165, personally, but the 187 is nice, too.
  • Wet. Spritz your brush with water/Fix+ and then grab some of the product and apply it wet. It’ll give you a different look with a smoother, finer appearance. Because the products are baked, you don’t have to fear any wet spots appearing on the product either.
  • As a blush. More pigmented, deeper shades of the skinfinishes can be used to add healthy color to your cheeks. Paler folks will love shades like Porcelain Pink, Petticoat, and Stereo Rose for soft, pinky-raspberry shades. Deeper skin tones will enjoy Petticoat, Stereo Rose, So Ceylon, and the like. Your mileage will vary depending on just how pigmented the product is. You can use a regular blush brush like the 116 or 129 to apply.
  • On the brow. Whether you use it wet or dry, many of the mineralize skinfinishes work well to highlight the brow bone for an effortless, barely-there makeup look.
  • As a bronzer. More bronzy shades (like the recently released Sunny By Nature) make excellent bronzers. They can give you that just-kissed-by-the-sun look. I recommend using a fan brush like the 184 or an angled brush like the 168.

How do you wear your Mineralize Skinfinishes?

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74 thoughts on “5 Ways to Wear: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish

  1. I absolutely love MSFs, I have almost every MSF released (except for a few really dark ones eg. Brunette and Metal Rock – which is also very hard to find anyway) and I use them all the time. I mainly use them as a blush or highlighter, but with the lighter shades also an all-over powder (like Light Flush). My favourite ones are Stereo Rose, Light Flush, Pleasureflush and Cheeky Bronze, but there are so many I love, it’s hard to rank them, but Stereo Rose is definitely the most gorgeous blush ever.

    On that note: there is someone selling a Stereo Rose MSF on eBay and it’s currently been bid up to $112! :O Don’t think it’s worth anywhere near that much, I think I paid $50 for mine (it’s not brand new though) and $75 for my Pleasureflush (brand new), but that’s my absolute maximum.

  2. ashbash

    Sometimes I use my mineralize skinfinish dark as a foundation over concealer. Also use it to set liquid foundatior or as a bronzer. I recently started using it on the browbone, too.

  3. Oh yes, of course you can use the natural MSFs as a foundation or setting powder, I really love my Medium MSF natural & shimmer duo, it’s great. :) Can you tell I love MSFs? 😉

  4. Nadine

    I have medium light natural and I LOVE it as a foundation. I used to only wear liquid foundations, but this is to light and natural while still looking flawless!

  5. glitter princess

    love this guide i love using my smooth merge as e/s or as a cheek highlighter with the 165! i use the refined msf which was released with sugarsweet as a all over powder with the 129 ! xx

  6. Sharon

    I have brunette and warm blend, they’re great blushes in my opinion. How do you feel about the 130 brush? I have it but I prefer to use my 187.

  7. Annika

    In addition to what you listed, I also use my Perfect Topping as an eyeshadow – stays on better than regular powder eyeshadows on me :)

  8. never knew it could be used on the brows!

  9. great tips! I use mine mainly as blush/bronzer. Might have to try as a highlight on eyes.

  10. the bee

    thanks for the tip and i also liked 165 brush for highlighting

  11. Jay

    I mostly use mine as highlighters and blushes. Petticoat is the prettiest eyeshadow!

  12. Connie

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving different ways to use the skinfinishes. I asked at a demo one time the differences between the beauty powders, skinfinishes, and blushes and really did not get a good answer to that. After much reading on here, I am finally beginning to get it.

  13. i love my msf both as a blusher n highlighter! they are just gorgeous! 😀

    thanks for the tip darling! 😀

  14. Brandi

    i wear my msf natural dark/ shimmer as a highlight/foundation and msf natural as a setting powder/foundation and lightflush as eye color also i use them as blush and all over face color or bronzer

  15. Rita

    Mainly as a blush, but So Ceylon as a bronzer, too.

  16. Leah

    I love MSFs, I have a collection of 12 of them now, even though I skipped many of the metallicy- glittery Colour Craft ones. They can be really great blushes and highlighters. Today I wore brunette MSF and it was soo pretty. I used the lighter side of the degrade. The other day I wore So ceylon and Cheeky Bronze. All MSFs come out HG to me.

  17. DevilishDoll

    I use Smooth Merge as a blush, might try it as an eyeshadow. And I use Perfect Topping over top of my blush, on my temples and on my shoulders and collar bone.

  18. Natalie

    Ooh Christine! Thanks for asking this question! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MSF’s! I have 7 of the ones with color: Brunette, Warm Blend, So Ceylon, Gold Deposit, Petticoat, Light Flush and Warmed and depending on the season 2 of the natural ones: Medium Dark and Dark. These are the best beauty products ever. I use the ones with color as shadows, highlighters, blushers, bronzers and even with lipstick and gloss – I just scrape some off and dot it on over or under the gloss/lipstick, depending on the look I want. Sometimes I use 2 or 3 at one time as a highlighter, blush and bronzer. I have to laugh at the folks who collect them though, how many has MAC released anyway?

    • You have a good variety of shades, Natalie! :) I wish the MSF line didn’t break me out so — I find that MSFN does it even!

      I’m not sure how many they’ve released — just under 20 I think!

    • Nothing wrong with collecting things, I personally collect them because I love using them, not for the sake of collecting.

      I think there have been about 28 or so released, I have 24 (I think) and based on Christine’s database I don’t have 4: Gold deposit, Brunette, Metal rock and Global glow.

  19. Piper

    I only own two – Warm Blend and Deep dark. My MSFN in deep dark is the one I wear everyday either as a setting powder for my foundation or alone. However, I also use it on my eyes to blend and soften harsh lines. I was close to giving up on this item, I’m glad I didn’t.

  20. I love these too! There is so much products in them that they last forever…mine look as new as the day I got em!

  21. ahh i love love MSF! I got two so far, Petticoat and Redhard. What stopping me to collect them is that they are so big.. Thanks for the tip! Now I know I can use more of it hehe. Would love to have Stereo Rose though.. ahha

  22. I don`t have a MSF but I can`t wait buying one after reading you because it seems useful.

  23. Christy

    Love MSF’s! I can’t believe I didn’t get into them earlier! Since Color Craft launched, I have quite a few now. My 1st was MSFN Duo (got it in December) which I use on my lazy days when I don’t want to wear too much makeup or to set foundation. Since then, I’ve gotten quite a few that I’ve used for all over (like Refined), eyeshadow (eg. Perfect Topping), or a highlighter (eg. Soft & Gentle).

  24. Miss_M

    Great tips Christine !!

    I love MSF’s and I think I collected about 15 of them over the last few years. Silly thing is, ‘m afraid to use them since most of them are LE !!

    Porcelain Pink is one of my favorite, which I use as a blush. I even went back and bought a back-up this month, just in case it will never be re-released again. I really hope MAC will make some of the MSF’s permanent, like they did with the mineral blushes.

  25. Abi

    Should i get Mac Hello Kitty quad in Lucky tom or Mineralize skinfinish in Perfect topping ??

    • it depends on wchich product you will get mre use out of if you dont own a highlighter similar to perfect topping get that you can use this on a daily basises if you apply a creme blush and use perfect topping as a cheeck highligh, eyebrow highlight or all over powder!

      if you dont have many netural e/s then the e/s quad from hk is good this is getting compared to the new notoriety quad from teh mac artist collection.

    • Perfect Topping all the way!

  26. Minttu

    Which MSF could I use all over face,after foundation? I have light to medium skintone.There is no Mac here in Finland so I can`t go and see them myself.Natural is on my wishlist,but I can`t find it anywhere online to Europe..

  27. Navi

    I have a median skin tone
    DO you think mineralize skin finsh will look good on me if i dont get a bronzy color??????

  28. Corliss


  29. YaRiD

    Help Christine! i have tan skin , will soft and geNtle MSF work for me as a hichlighter??what shade would you recommend me?

  30. Cel

    I was just reading your recent reviews on the MSFs and was confused as to what they were so I went on to google and found this! Thanks so much for all the info!

  31. Cheryl

    Hey Christine! Do you think Mac MSF in soft and Gentle would work good as a highlighter for tan skin?? Thanks!!!:D