Friday, August 13th, 2010

11 Back to School Makeup Looks

  • Keeping it light is always a favorite way to do school or work-safe makeup. It’s flattering, effortless, and you’ll never look overdone.
  • Brighten up tired eyes with pops of shimmery peach on lids. School can be exhausting–from extracurriculars to studying to hanging out with friends–so camouflage any tired peepers by using light, shimmery shades all over the lid!
  • Darken the crease for a bolder look that’s still not overdone or too smoky. It can give your eye more definition!
  • Soft and subtle is easy to do once you have a set of go-to neutrals.
  • Try softer crease shades for your natural looks–you’ll still get the definition and depth you want, but it will be more sophisticated.
  • Try subtly darker neutrals for a more intense version of the natural eye. You’re still not going full-frontal with color, but you’re punching up the color a little bit.
  • Add color on the lid in shades that are noticeable but not neon, and you’ll be able to dabble in color without feeling like you’re wearing too much.
  • Smoky eyes are totally school-worthy if the mood hits! Try something like a champagne on the lid and really smoke out the crease and lash line.
  • Greens, grays, and blues are all perfect for fall! If you’re not afraid of color, rock them!
  • Go bold or go home! I know we have to have some readers who are going to wear the brightest shadow no matter where they’re going, so this is one of my favorite looks for something ultra bright!
  • Cute and fun and just right. It’s colorful, but it’s not neon – this always reminds me of ice cream, but it’s also very youthful.

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49 thoughts on “11 Back to School Makeup Looks

  1. Laura

    I love the violet glow look!! I did it for the lady gaga concert!!

  2. elise

    Love the options, Christine! I think the colorful looks might be better for nighttime on me, though, even though they’re gorgeous. Do you ever get your brows professionally shaped, and what brow powder color are you wearing, b/c they look great w/these looks!

    • The last time I had them shaped was maybe 2 years ago, lol! I am really, really lazy/bad about things like that. I just try to maintain them myself after I get them done, though.

      I use MAC Espresso eyeshadow :)

      • elise

        Thanks for answering so quickly, I had to ask because your brows are in such good shape (mine are def. wonky and wild!) I’m going to have to print these out on photo paper and put them in a binder for fast reference for my mornings (pre-coffee). You should seriously think about doing a NARS-type makeup look book with spiral binding or something, not like you have the free time or anything– lol :oD

    • melissa

      some of the best brows I’ve seen!

  3. Thanyou Christine! U gave me ideas for next monday

  4. DarkGlamour17

    In the “Go bold or go home” look what eye shadow/liner did you use?? I LOVE it so much! (especially the purple bottom liner!)

  5. go bold or go home is my favourite! awesome job, christine!

  6. Caitlin W

    The first look on the 3rd row is lovely! I could see myself wearing that a lot!!

  7. Love all the subtle neutral variations. Very nice.

  8. Annie S

    where can we find links to these looks?!

  9. Roxanne

    WHERE’S THE ‘LOVE IT’ BUTTON?! Need it asap for this post!!! 😉

  10. Dude. How did I miss that neon one?!

    Love the other neutrals, though I don’t wear neutral very much at all. I do love seeing these collections though.

    And I’m insanely jealous of your brows. I’m growing mine out to have them professionally shaped again because they do NOT handle DIY brow care well at all! The back ends are VERY sparse, and one of them grows higher than the other, so I think I need to groom one from the bottom, the other from the top, to get them symmetrical. ARGH. I’m at my wits end with it!

  11. Etaoin

    I still have yet to create that ice cream look (the last one) but its my favourite of yours ever! No more school for me though, college is over! Whoop! (I hope)!

  12. Leea

    this is the perfectt post since i’m more of a neutral eye wearer :)

  13. Lina

    Thank you SO much for these options! i love the colorful ones too, except i wouldn’t have the guts to where them :)

  14. Caroline

    I love the looks christine but at my school your not allowed to wear makeup =/ what do you suggest to do. we all sneak conceker but what else can i do to get that fresh face with out wear makeup?

  15. I love the colorful looks. Those are the ones I’d use the most. :)

  16. I would wear them all for school maybe exept #1 but skip the brown/black/orange liner on the waterline, a little too ‘special event’ to me ^^

  17. AnGeLwInGz

    The “ice cream” look is my fave. I love to mix and match brights and pastels.

    fhasicohioasfhicofhasioc sooo pretty!

  19. Carie

    Just a random question I’ve had on my mind for a while – why don’t you use eyeliner on your upper lashline?

  20. Amanda Enn

    What eyeshadows did you use for the second, fifth, and sixth one? (:

  21. Sydney


  22. Kristi

    Christine, can you do a tutorial of how you do your lashes?? I can’t imagine how you get them SO perfect and gorgeous! In the bottom left image, for example, your lashes are just clumped together perfectly. Is there a certain way to do that? When I put mascara on, the lashes all just separate.

  23. Christine, thanks for this post! These are great ideas! I’d love to see more advice/idea posts like this. :)

  24. Jennifer

    Love the neutral looks! I only wear neutrals, but love how you can still play and change it up a bit, thanks for the inspirations!

  25. Stacie

    I love the cute and fun one, Christine!! Tutorial? :)

  26. Chloe

    i love them all ! though i don’t think i could get away with the last three for school but they are still fab! i would love to see a slightly smokey school look or something a little more out there ( but still neutralish ) for older girls at school say 16 +? 😛

  27. Ashley

    I hope you do an updated version of this. I rocked almost all of these last year!