You’ve outgrown your current storage system, what do you do?

UPGRADE! Add more storage!

68%, 1,800 Votes

Downsize to make it fit!

31%, 805 Votes

Other -- I'll tell you in the comments!

1%, 34 Votes

Total Voters: 2,639

Thanks to Audrey for today’s question!

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I do a bit of both, actually. Although when I do downsize I cheat a bit because I usually just send them with the spouse so he can keep it in the self-storage unit we rent (that has all my stuff anyway, and is across the ocean from where I currently live).

I feel guilty when I have too much makeup that I don’t use or forget about. I keep my stash relatively small (lol) and give stuff to friends, or just throw disappointing products away.

For me it’s hard to downsize because all I can think is when I want to wear _ I’ll realize I threw it out and then just buy another one…and then after that thought all I can think is $$$$$. I will however throw away anything that has gone bad.

I’ve started to treat my makeup like my wardrobe (I have a small apartment). I switch them out seasonally, especially considering that I tend to gravitate towards certain colors and products during spring/summer and fall/winter. I take the cosmetics that I most likely wouldn’t use for a few months, throw them into a makeup back, and put it somewhere out of the way, such as in my closet, until that time comes.

first I go through all my stuff and throw out things that have gotten old, then I try to reshuffle things to fit better. if that doesn’t work, that’s when I upgrade 😛

I have several large makeup bins, so when they get full, I know it’s time to go though everything and start tossing stuff. I did this not long ago, and ended up with an excess of free space, so now I’m spending money trying to fill it all up again!

I try to declutter and get rid of things but I always end up accumulating new things so really I’ve just been adding onto my storage. I have an ediva organizational system which I love, I just need about 2-3 more of them!!

well, technically I’ve upgraded my storage a few times. But the last time I upgraded i decided I would never allow myself to surpas the space I currently have. which means I need to deal with what I have. that being said, I have ALOT of room to grow. but I like having things organised in a certain way. recently I did re-organise for 2 reasons. first because I was running out of room for certain types of products. 2. I wanted to start forcing myself to use more of certain other products and be more aware of what I had. so I just re-organised and did a mini clean out. no I’m going to attempt a minimal buy so that I can go through what I have and be more conceiensious of what I really use. as I am maturing I am finding I naturally gravitate towards diffrent stuff now so trying to be more aware of that and less having to get rid of make up that’s gone bad and/or I’ve rarely used.

I used to have a small makeup bag that everything fit into… Then a small plastic 3 drawer organizer… I’ve since upgraded to an Ikea Malm chest & vanity for makeup, and a closet in an infrequently used bathroom (for skincare, shower/ bath/ hair/ nail products)… I know – I have a problem!

I probably would’ve said “upgrade” a few years ago but now I think have plenty and definitely need to downsize. I’m more confident in what works for me and can let go of the stuff that doesn’t. Except pink lipsticks, can’t have too many of those. 🙂

when I moved, I bought an ikea alex desk combo. I purposely only got one 5 drawer alex system to force myself to keep my makeup collection down. I’m not a makeup artist or blogger or anything so it’s just rediculous to have so much. And what’s interesting, is I’ve found myself down sizing even more to fit my collection in fewer and fewer drawers. When I’m done, my actual makeup collect will only take up three of the five drawers. I’m really happy with that. I was starting to feel overrun by my collection and like I didn’t get good use out it.

My fantasy is a dedicated makeup ROOM with some light protected + some visible storage, move the small fridge in there + get a vanity + nice sound system. Why do my fantasies only come true with bank robbery?

Downsize fore sure… especially because I’m most likely going to be moving within these next few years to another apartment. I don’t want to end up leaving behind good products at my parents house or having to give them away to my friends because I can’t bring all of it with me! Also I’ve figured out what makeup items work for me so I’m not as impulsive when buying things (especially foundation) 😀

I start to put small bins into my husband’s closet until he says that I need more space. See…this way it’s “his idea”. Luckily, he’s increfibly talented and handy. He can build/fix anything. (A husban’s best trait….well, second best). Ha. Jk.
Last week, we turned my walk-in closet into my makeup room and then one of our extra bedrooms into my larger walk-in closet. I got a stainless steel Viper 41″ wide, 41″ tall, 11-drawer tool cabinet for my makeup storage. When that gets full, I’ll get the matching top chest.
LOL. Throw things out?! Do people really do that? He has golf..I have makeup. And clothes. And shoes. Hmm. I may need an intervention. Nah. I’m good. 🙂

I’ve actually done this! I used to use a small plastic desk organizer and it fit all of my daily makeup, but my collection grew and there was stuff I wasn’t using because I had it stashed away in a train case, not easily accessible to me. So I bought the ubiquitous Ikea Alex 9-drawer system and now I can have my pick of my collection every morning 🙂 I definitely use more of my products this way!

When I find I can no longer store stuff I go through and do a purge. I toss anything that’s gotten too old or I found just doesn’t work for me. Then with the rest I depot. I like looking at simple, streamlined stuff. Some people might enjoy looking at all their different fancy palettes and compacts (and I’ll admit to buying stuff for the packaging as well). But for me, I’d rather have a stack of half inch thick custom palettes all neatly piled up as opposed to 30 boxes that are ready to topple if you look at it funny. Even worse is having to open four of them to do a single look. If I’m in a rush, I want to just grab a ready made palette (or two), do my face, and go!

Generally, upgrading is my impulsive answer, but when I’m pinching pennies, I’ll try to reorganize and see if I can stuff things in different places so everything fits or if I can get rid of anything old to make space.

Good question, I’ve been trying to find an answer for a while 😀
Right now I have makeup everywhere in the house. Although most would probably fit in the actual storage space if it was better organized. I just don’t find the time to work on it.

I’ve been putting it back for years but I had to buy a storage unit from a caboodle box. I had make-up scattered everywhere in my room. I did throw away some make-up that was old but I can’t part with the vintage stuff so I keep them in the back of the drawer.

Downsize first. — Throw out OLD (mascara and cream products are usually checked first) or rarely used makeup (like a shimmery lipstick that makes you go “why in the world?” or a product that didn’t work because it’s bad or looks off on you and you lazily didn’t bother to return hoping it would work out somehow).

Then, if needed upgrade or re-organize to make some more room.

I just reorganized my stash. I need to find a way of depotting my non MAC singles. I would also love to have big palettes for my Dior quints. As it is I dislike having to open loads of singles to find the one eyeshadow I look for, same with the Dior quints.
The one thing I seem to have trouble with is lipsticks, they do take up a lot of space, and I do want the lable to be visable.
I guess I just need one more room.
In short I upgrade as I have a really hard time getting rid of things that still work.

I usually keep what I use daily/weekly within arms reach in the bathroom. Other items (which are usually special occasion items) stay in a plastic bin in the bathroom closet. Unfortunately, that bin has also become the catch all for products I bought but turned out not to like, plus all of my back-ups for daily wear. The bin is getting full…I need to reorganize. Also, my daily/weekly area is beginning to overflow. My husband made a comment that he thought that he may need to build me some more bathroom shelves…smh…I need to reorganize…

Check my stash, whether there are any products, which are expired or which I can give to friends (only powder products)! Having a makeup budget prevents me from overhauling and avoids buying too much.

I usually reorganize them every month, to change my daily go-tos to the current trend. Recently I have put away a lot of electric pink lipsticks , for example. Once or twice a year I do a thorough check, testing everything. If there’s a dried-out eyeliner, if some lipstick is giving out an oil-like smell (that’s my sign of throwing it away), I usually end up throwing out at least several pieces. And of course foundations that have expired. By doing so it always clears up my stash and also my mind, to know better about what I really want and need.

I’m currently facing this dilemma lol. Unfortunately I keep shopping but not purging so I have to upgrade my storage. I purchased a few acrylic organizers recently but I’m going to need a lot more. Like maybe a makeup room may be in order lol. I could use it as an office too for my blog

I pretty much always downsize to make things fit, but it sort of depends what we’re talking about. I haven’t outgrown my makeup shoebox yet, so we’ll have to wait and see on that one 😉

Storage system? What storage system!? My mantel piece is full of make up and when it gets too much I just move it around to somewhere else! I am clearly not one of those organised people, although it would be good to consider it. Need a proper dressing table with plenty of storage but don’t really have the space for one in my bedroom. It really would be good to declutter my make up amongst other things, I wonder if I’ll ever do it?! May take a move of house to get there, ho hum!

I moved my palettes to z-palettes. Now I’m moving my off-season products to another location. I don’t need my light concealer when I have a summer tan. Any eye shadows that don’t look good on my I send in a z-palette to one of my sisters with the right coloring for it.

My make-up is getting out of control. I have a clear cube that’s basically full, extra stuff stored in a larget Bobbi Brown train case and then 3 Muji clear shelves on my dresser.

Basically, I change when new make-up comes up because I like the new colors, or the products have improved. I just can’t bring myself to throw out the old, sometimes I do give things to my mom and SIL. Really old things I just throw out.

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