When do you curl your lashes?

This Week's Poll

Before mascara

62%, 1,303 Votes


34%, 720 Votes

After mascara

3%, 70 Votes

Other -- I'll tell you in the comments

1%, 17 Votes

Total Voters: 2,110

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If I curl, it’s always before mascara but the simple truth is that I rarely curl my lashes and only slightly more often do I wear mascara.

When I curl my eyelashes, I do so well ahead of when I apply eye makeup. I don’t like curling my eyelashes after I’m wearing eyeshadow.

I once got an eyelash curler stuck trying to curl my lashes after applying mascara. Ouch!!

Curling is my second-to-last step, with the very last being mascara. I get powder all over my lashes during the rest of my application, so I squeeze tightly at the root of the lashes and then mostly release my grip and scrape the curler up my lashes so that it give them some additional curl and scrapes the powder off – double duty!

Every makeup look I do! After I tightlined, but before I apply mascara. Tightlining with MJ Blaquer Highliner or most other gel-like pencil liners makes the curl last all day long.

Nice tip. I’ll have to try that tomorrow. I have to curl my eyelashes or they rub mascara on my glasses when I blink.

For an everyday makeup look I will just curl before applying mascara but if I am really wanting to amp up my lashes I will curl and apply a eye lash booster. I allow it to dry and apply a coat of mascara. After that has dried completely I will curl again and apply another coat of mascara. Occasionally I will apply two coats of the mascara booster before the mascara and if that isn’t confusing enough, sometimes I will use two different types of mascara but always finish with the Cover Girl Lash Sensation Waterproof.

The best one is going to be the one that fits your eye shape and lash line so it doesn’t pinch or pull.
I have the Surratte curler and it doesn’t use a spring.

I found that it’s more important to find a curler that matches closely to the curve of your lash line. I found the Shu Uemura too wide and flat for me, but the pair of Shiseido ones are perfect for me. I have a post comparing the two brands on my blog.

I’ve never had a problem with the spring loaded ones and still prefer them because the spring forces the curlers open and not shut. 😉

Y’all are going to shoot me, 😛

I have naturally curly lashes!!! My lases are pretty darn short and stubby!! When I wake up in the morning, my lashes are curled up.

So I need a REALLY wet mascara to relax my natural curl, so my lashes look more normal!!

That’s really cool! I have naturally curly hair and my lashes curl a bit, though not as much as yours.

Do your brow hairs curl? THAT’S the kicker for me: if I don’t use super-intense brow gel, some of my hairs stick STRAIGHT out.

Hey lara!

I have super wavy/lightly curly hair, and it totally shows up in my brows and lashes ahaha. My brows are all over the place, Expecially in the morning!! I have to gel them down everyday!

(Also side note, my best friend of 14 years is named Lara!)

I never curl my eye lashes because I wear glasses and the effect would be lost. Secondly, without my glasses on to see what I was doing, it would be a disaster anyway.

I’m with you! Curling never works for me. My lashes just go back to their original shape in a short period of time. Wasted effort, in my opinion. Glasses magnify our lovely eyes anyway!

Every day that I’m wearing makeup. It’s my second to last step (last step being setting spray). I curl, then 1 light swipe of waterproof mascara to “prime” the lashes (literally only 1 swipe so it dries within a minute or so and I don’t have to worry about sticking), then I re-curl to really get a good upward curl) and then coat with 2 coats. The curl stays all day long!

Hey Christina!

You must be one of the busiest beauty bloggers of all times! Girl you WERK! Great posts, you have me wanting everything!!! No, but seriously – I So enjoy your honest reviews, you help SO much. Thanks for all of your hard work. I curl my lashes right up until (I’m spoiled right at this moment) I put on my Chanel mascara …. I’m loving life. If everything else could be as easy as my lashes, although it’s still a little bit on the “new” side – and I’m breaking it in yet. All is well, I don’t need falsies!!! I got them, but I don’t need them!!! Yeah!!!

Kudo’s to you. Happy Easter girl, enjoy your brunch, makeup, and dress up! Glad your pup is well, and family’s near.


On days I’m only wearing maraca and a little bit of eyeshadow, I never bother with curling them.

More dramatic looks I do it before mascara as I usually apply 2 to 3 thin layers. If I’m wearing false lashes I do the curling after to blend them in with only 1 layer of maraca on my real lashes to darken them. I found pre-curling my lashes make it very difficult to apply false lashes, so it’s 1 layer of mascara (just to colour them black from blonde/red), apply all my eyeshadow and liner, then lashes, then curl. lol

I curl my lashes every time I wear makeup, and always right before I apply mascara (I’m one of those people who cannot/will not curl AFTER mascara application – too much chance of breakage or pulling out lashes, and I loathe the feeling of having to pry my eyelashes off a metal clamp – yuck). I’ve been using an eyelash curler since I was 13; my lashes are stick-straight and they naturally point downward, so if I don’t curl them they look weird. I do have to use a good waterproof mascara to keep the curl intact, otherwise my lashes revert to stick-straight form almost immediately. 🙁

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