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I would love to have my nails long especially for swatching polish on my blog but since I work in a warehouse that just won’t happen 🙁 Sometimes I manage to get them long but then one breaks and I have to cut them all and start over again.

I actually prefer to file my nails to look the same length, so I do it before taking off my nail polish. This usually results in having my middle, ring and pinky nails with no white at all, my thumb with a little white, and my index with some white. My nails are ALWAYS painted, so the amount of white doesn’t really matter.

That’s how mine are too. If they all look even with polish on, they will all look super uneven without polish on! But I always have polish on anyways so it doesnt really matter 🙂

I like my nail shape, so it’s not square (width<length), so I don't grow them a lot, not more than 1mm usually. I tried growing them out slightly more (2-3mm), but found it very uncomfortable.
I personally dislike long nails on almost anyone.

What I prefer vs. what’s practical & realistic are two different things. While I would *love* very long nails, I have to keep them at a reasonable length. I wash dishes every night, laundry every other day (or it ends up being 5-6 loads at the end of the week), plus a myriad of other household chores, so the risk of my nails breaking is very high. I also had an accident in a shop class in college (I was a theatre major) where, somehow, I managed to drive a hammer onto my left pinky, shattering the bone; my nailbed was damaged through this, and the nail only grows to a certain length before it starts to change shape & crack (at least it’s a decent length). I was actually told by the doctor at the time I would likely lose the nail, and it would never grow back once it fell off. He wanted to remove right then, but I wouldn’t let him, and I’m glad I didn’t. If you look closely, there is a difference in shape, but at a “normal” distance, it’s not noticeable. Sally Hansen nail strengthening products are HG for me, as they actually put a thick enough layer over my nails to keep them from splitting, especially that one finger.

my actual nails (with flesh) are pretty short and they dont go to the tip of each finger so i *can´t* actually cut them and have no white as i would end up with almost flesh fingertips. but they are pretty high though, i push them and they have a lovely shape too!

I have a pathological hatred of long nails. If I go more than two weeks I’m super unhappy, and I’d also like to tackle and manicure people’s long nails. Something about it seems old fashioned to me.

I find typing and texting very uncomfortable once my nails get to a certain length, so I try to keep them right at the end of my fingertip and I don’t let them get longer than that. Also, if they’re any shorter than that, I look like I have teenage boy hands.

Add me to the group of those with a strong dislike of very long nails, especially if they’re the stiletto shape – ick!

Short, some white, and square filed. They take a beating so this length and shape have been a godsend! We got an Ulta and I went in and had to get a bit pushy but I have better stuff than drugstore now. My nails look incredibly better using finer grit emery boards, and this shape helps hugely.

No more splitting and breaking. I look like a lady.

I have very long nail beds as I was never a nail biter and on some nails (pinkies) the skin under my nails grows longer than my finger tips. But I LOVE short, squarish (squoval!) nails, especially with polish. It’s also more practical for typing, etc. I think some bloggers keep their nails too long and I cringe when they post nail polish swatches (I was following one and she would occasionally say, “sorry for the short nails, I broke one!” and I would think, “oh, thank god!”). Although, other ones must be nail biters because theirs are short and stumpy–not a good look either.

I’d love to have long, round shaped nails, but mine always break before getting there! It’s even worse because I have a very small nailbed, so I don’t like painting my nails when they’re short.

I have horses, so my nails are as short as they can be.. on purpose. I do love long nails, and was actually a nail tech in the past, but it does not fit with my lifestyle now.

I have a short, wide nail bed, so I like the look of long nails better, but I like the feel of shorter nails better. I don’t like super short nails because then my fingers look extremely stubby, and I also have skin on some nails that grows a little higher up, so I can’t actually cut them down too short. My nail length just depends on if I want comfort, which I got for short to slightly long, or if I want the appearance of longer nail beds, longer/thinner fingers.

I have acrylics and I keep them pretty long. I know they’re kinda tacky (coke wh*re nails) and that’s why I love them. They’re not the most practical, I do a lot of woodworking with power tools but I always say I’m actually safer with nails, I’d rather lose a nail than a finger!

I’ll generally let them grow until a bit of white is showing, but then I’ll cut them down again to short. I work in an IV room, so we’re not allowed to keep long nails as a rule. It’s also just entirely unfeasible – the soaps/alcohols we use to clean our hands tend to make nails brittle and breakable, and a lot of my job involving ripping open boxes, labels, etc. that also wears on nails. If I don’t cut them by the time the white is past the tip of my finger, they’ll usually break on their own.

I have no problem with how long nails look on others but personally, I find them pretty impractical. It just makes my skin crawl when I feel like dirt or anything gets stuck in there. It’s inconvenient when I can’t cook/play the guitar/type/do art projects comfortably. I’ve also always had the unfortunate tick of picking them when they feel too long–lots of reasons why long nails don’t work for me! The longest I’ll ever keep them is usually 2mm of whiteness unless I get lazy/busy 🙂

I like my nails short, and since I have long skinny fingers it suits me. I find that if I let them get beyond my fingertips, I have a lot of trouble typing. When my backspace key starts getting a major workout, it’s time to cut my nails.

I keep mine long, but I have gel nails so they’re always manicured. When I take my gels off my nails are short; they tend to peel and break on their own plus I bite them so they always look awful. But I get them done every two weeks or so and I keep them fairly long (I have no idea how long it would be if I measured it). I type a ton, but I’m used to typing with long nails and it doesn’t bother me.

When I was in high school, I couldn’t wear nail polish because I was in marching band, and I always envied the girls with the long, manicured nails. I promised myself I’d have them someday, and here I am 😉

My nail bed is quite long and comes up to just under the tip of my finger, so I keep mine just like 1/2 a millimeter over the tip of my fingers. Any longer than that, and I feel like my polished nails look super tacky, like they’re too long. But it’s just my nail bed, I swear!

I’m not blessed with naturally long/deep (idk what the right terminology is there) nailbeds, so I try to grow them so they elongate my fingers a bit, but I usually go through phases of being like “ugh these long nails are SO annoying!” and “ugh my short nails look ugly!”.

I keep my nails even with the tips of my fingers, and I always have a gel overlay on my natural nails. Between appts. I will file them down and shape them myself. I go for a fill every 3-4 weeks. It makes them really strong, otherwise they grow quickly but are very soft and bendy. I cringe when I don’t have the gel overlay, they rip and catch on everything and I get really irritable! On a side note, I get the best wear out my polish with the gel overlay. It never really chips at all, just kind of gets rubbed off near the tip, but thats after a week or more of wear!

I bit my nails for some 25-28 years (off and on at some points). I try to keep them long enough to go past the tips of my fingers and I HAVE to keep them painted or I bite them. I don’t like to have nail showing when I wear nail polish, so it keeps me from biting them to keep a nice finish on the color. It works though! The only thing that does 🙂

When I was wearing fiberglass, arylic and lastly pink & white (powder) faux nails, I had them long … You know the kind porn stars, coke whores and ghettofaboulus ladies wear? Now that I do them myself, they are short. I like to have them past my finger tips with some to a lot of white showing. Since the weather has cooled and become very dry, my nails have been tearing on the sides (esp when I wash my hair). So right now my nails vary between just to the tip of my finger to quite short and stumpy. As soon as I get another CVS beauty coupon and discount coupon I am going to pick up a gel nail polish. I am hoping that will strengthen my nails.

All my fingers have elegantly long nailbeds except for my index fingers… How weird is that? So I keep the index short (it breaks quicker than the rest if I don’t) and the rest I like to keep quite long, but not tacky, and filed into the squoval shape.

I have had very long nails ever since I just got into my teens-very long!I feel lost when I break one. They grow very fast though, so it doesn’t take too long till they get where I like them again. I’m very lucky, they’re very hard and thick so I can do alot of everyday chores, my work(Hairstylist) and I just love them! They’re filed nicely-not into a point-too garish! I love the look, experimenting with different polishes(hundreds of them!)

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